I wanted to check on you
Title: I wanted to check on you.
Summary: Since the ending of The Good Wife was pretty ambiguous about many things, including Grace and Alicia. Here is three different scenarios of what an extra scene could've been between mother and daughter.

I wanted to check on you (A)
Alicia knocks on the door and waits for a response. Howard Lynman opens the door and smiles. He’s wearing a cardigan and kakis, Alicia thinks it’s odd but at least he’s wearing pants.
- Hello, hello – He says – Come in, Gracie right here –
- Thank you, Howard –
Alicia enters Jackie’s home for the first time in 15 years, a home that now she shares with Howard; it feels like a strange planet for Alicia. The only thing she recognizes is the family photos.  In the living room, Grace is killing time watching tv.
- Hey, kiddo. Your mom is here – Howard announces.
- Mom – Grace gets up from the sofa.
- Grace. I wanted to check on you – Alicia looks at Howard but he doesn’t get the indirect. – Could you please give us a moment? –
- Sure –
Alicia waits until Howard leaves the living room then faces Grace. – I didn’t know you were here –
- Yeah, when I decided to not take the plane I couldn’t just return to the apartment with my luggage. You would’ve sent me back immediately – Grace smiles.
- Probably – Alicia smiles too.
- Sorry I blindsided you in court. I had to be there –
Alicia nods – I understand. Sorry I pulled you out of the court like that. I could’ve handled better. –
- We were all stressed out for the situation –
- Hey, did you watch the conference? –
- I did. We all did – Grace points down the hall – I watched with Grandma and Howard. She doesn’t want to see you –
-I know, Jackie doesn't like me anymore. Did you talk with your dad? –
- Yes, he called me. He sounded good. – Grace said – Have you talked with him? –
- Not yet, we’re giving each other some space. –
Grace’s phone beep. – Oh, I got go catch my flight. –
- I can give you a ride. Come on, get in the car – Alicia says – Hey Jackie, I’m taking Grace to the airport! –
Jackie doesn’t reply.
- She really doesn’t want to talk to you.  I’ll go say goodbye to her – Grace says.
- I’ll met you outside –
During the trip to the airport they talk mostly about Grace’s future: her summer internship, the courses she would pick, visiting Alicia during the winter break, and what food she would miss the most from Chicago.
They arrive to O’Hare Airport and Alicia parks in the dropping off area.
- Well, this is it – Alicia sighs.
- This is it –
- I love you Grace and I’m very proud of you –
- I love you too, mom – Grace hugs her. – Bye –
- Bye sweetie…and call me when you get there –
Alicia waits until Grace enters the terminal.
I wanted to check on you (B)
Alicia really wants to get home, to the secure walls of her apartment. The conference is over, Jason is gone and Diane just slapped her. Alicia’s okay, she won’t lose her posture, she won’t cry in her car, she won’t get drunk tonight. She just wants to get home; maybe read a book and she will think about tomorrow, when tomorrow comes. It doesn’t helps that Eli keeps calling her.
The phone rings a fifth time and Alicia is ready to turn it off but she sees is Grace calling her.
- Grace, is everything okay? – Alicia asks expecting another emergency, another problem that needs her attention.
- Everything is okay mom. –
- Oh-
- I’m calling from the airport. My flight is been delayed…I watched the conference and I wanted to check on you –
– Thanks, but don’t worry about me. I’m fine…and Eli keeps calling me so I’ll be busy eluding him –
- Maybe you shouldn’t avoid him. He’s friend, right?–
Alicia doesn’t know if Eli is a friend. – Grace, I’m driving I shouldn’t…-
- Oh sorry. Okay, bye mom –
- Bye Grace –
Alicia regrets ending the call so soon, but just a little. She thinks she left things weird with Grace but she’ll have time to talk to her. Right now she is just a few blocks away from her apartment. Just a few blocks and she’ll be fine.
I wanted to check on you (C)
Alicia shouldn't be drinking, or she shouldn't be drinking hard liquor. Why does she still have a bottle of scotch? For visits, of course.  Her phone rings and is Eli calling him.
- What? -
- Alicia, you left the conference in a hurry -
- So? -
- I need to talk to you, I want you to meet someone -
- Why? -
- Because I have an opportunity for you -
- I'm not interested - Alicia hangs up. She kicks off her shoes and sits down on the sofa. She likes having a drink in her hand.
She is alone in her home and laughs; maybe she'll put on a song and dance around in her underwear like the TV moms do it when they're finally free. But she isn’t alone yet, because Alicia hears keys and the door opening.
- Mom? –
- Grace? – Alicia stands up as Grace enters the living room. – What are you doing here? –
- I couldn’t get a flight until tomorrow morning, and I wanted to check on you – Grace sees the drink in her mother’s hand. – Are you alone? –
- Yes, I am…well, I was – Alicia shrugs. – I thought you were gone –
- I’m with grandma –
- Right, you’re with Jackie.  Jason isn’t here, by the way. – Alicia says – If that is one of your concerns –
- I was just here to see how were you doing . I watched the press conference, I saw you leave the stage abruptly and dad said you didn’t talk to him afterwards –
- It’s done Grace, the trial is done, the campaigns are done. You can go to school and don’t be on the spotlight, okay? – Alicia pats Grace on the arm and then goes to the kitchen for ice.
- But I’m still in the spotlight, kinda. Dad’s is national news and once the divorce is out there’ll be more questions –
- Sweetie, you’re going to the other side of the country where no one knows you. No one will care – Alicia puts two ice cubes on her drink and raises her glass. – Be free –
- From what? My name? Maybe you can change your name back to Cavanaugh but I can’t –
-Jesus, I kept your father from going to prison, I kept you from screwing up your future– Alicia sounds annoyed. – Be happy, I am – the lawyer takes a sip from her drink.
- You can’t…forget it. – Grace bits her lip. – Forget it. –
- Alright – Alicia walks to Grace and kisses her on the forehead – Be a good girl in college –
- Okay, you know what, mom? – Grace shows some anger in her eyes; very rare in the young woman, Alicia observes and waits the rest but Grace isn’t saying anything.
- What, Grace? –
- You can’t have it both ways mom – Grace finally says – You can’t say I’m an adult now; that I should understand you better and then treat me like a kid when it’s convenient for you –
- When have I treat you like that? –
- I found out about the divorce and Jason and I’m supposed to just take it because I’m all grown up now but when I wanted to delayed school you treated me like a child –
- I didn’t treat you like a child –
- You literally dragged out of court –
- Because you were making a mistake – Alicia raises her voice, she shouldn’t be drinking, she shouldn’t be getting into this argument. – I put you in a taxi to the airport and an hour later you were in court –
- My father was on trial, was I supposed to just walk away? He’s family –
- You’re supposed to think about your future –
- My family and my future aren’t mutually exclusive. It’s not one or the other – Grace has never argue like this with Alicia, it’s feels wrong to her but she can’t stop now, she’s angry and not sure where does the anger comes from or how to stop it. – And why does Zach get a pass? He dropped out of college and you’re okay with that –
- Don’t bring your brother into this. You’re like your father when you argue. – Alicia tells her
- What’s that supposed to mean? – Grace protests but Alicia ignores that part.
 - Grace things aren’t black and white, you don’t understand it yet. Yes, family is important but is a commitment, compromises, sacrifices –
- You think I don’t know about sacrifices? –
- No, you don’t. – Alicia chokes up – The things I did to keep you safe –
- You’re a mom. That’s your job; do you want a medal for doing the bare minimum? –
Alicia takes a step back, other people had accused her of being a poor mother. They did it because is an easy way to hurt a woman, but to hear the insinuation from Grace is shocking.  And she’s not backing down.
- The minimum? I did so much for you and your brother, for our family to stay together… –
- No… - Grace interrupts. – No, no, no...I never asked you to stay married to dad. You can't pin that down on me -
- I couldn't do that to Zach and you, you were too young. Your father hurt our family, hurt us. I wasn’t going to hurt you again while Peter was in prison –
- I didn't ask...We would've been better off...I told you many times that I just wanted you to be happy –
- But you always questioned me about me and your father, about the future; I could see the fear in your eyes of losing your family –
- I wanted the truth! That’s why I asked you about dad.  I also asked you about Will and Jason; but that's not of my business, right? – Grace said
- That's right – Alicia replies – Those relationships were personal, and independent from you –
Grace shakes her head. – Good thing I never asked about Elfman –
- Excuse me? Listen to me, nothing happened… – Alicia stares at Grace  – Did Marissa say anything? -
- Marissa knew? Of course, you trust her more than me. You like her more than me. I bet you wanted Marissa as your assistant instead of me –
- I don’t like Marissa more than you. I barely know her –
- You never wanted me as your assistant. You did want me to butt out of your life, you couldn’t wait until august for me to move out. The instant I told you I was accepted in Berkeley you pushed me to get a summer internship –
- I didn’t push you. I never forced you to do anything you didn’t want to. I suggested an internship because it’s a good way to start you college life. I suggested it to you –
- You suggested it to me three times, that was no longer a suggestion. It was an order –
- Then you should’ve said no.  You didn’t protest or say anything –
- What’s the point of protesting? I always ended up doing whatever you want. –
- Grace, you can’t try to please me all the time. You can’t please everybody, you have to learn to say no –
- I tried to say no yesterday.  I told you I was not going to college and you shot me down so fast –
- You were making a mistake. –
- But why mom? I understand, you thought I was making a mistake but why did you have to be so harsh? You weren’t that harsh when Zach told you he was getting married and dropping out of school –
- Don’t bring your brother into this. We’re not talking about him –Alicia cross her arms.
- Zach is your favorite, you also like him better. And he hasn’t been here to take care of you. When the election was over, when you had to step down and you were a mess again, Zach wasn’t here, Marissa wasn’t here, Elfman wasn’t here, everybody was gone but I was here for you –
- And you want a medal for being a good daughter? – Alicia replied, she wants to smirk but she doesn’t, but she keeps her poker face and takes another sip of her drink. The ice cubes water down the scotch and is easier to swallow.
- Oh, you got me there. I guess I’m a hypocrite, right? – Grace shrugs – All I need is to tell more lies and cheating on someone and I’ll be a complete Florrick –
Alicia remembers what Zach told her in the party: “Why are all secrets with this family?” Secrets, lies, cheating, hypocrisy are these the things her kids are taking with them? There were days when Alicia felt emerged in a moral bankruptcy; she was okay with it as long as it didn’t reach her kids, but what if it did?
- Be honest with me mom – Grace says interrupting Alicia from her thoughts.
- Of course –
- Years ago, grandma told Zach and me how you were already pregnant when you got married.  She also said, you only stayed with dad because you were pregnant with me. You said it wasn’t truth –
Alicia recalls that night and Grace’s sad eyes when she asked her about it. She also recalls Will’s sad eyes when she told him it was over.
- It wasn’t –
- That’s not my question – Grace says – You said you stayed with dad because of love, not because the moral commitment. I believe you –
Alicia nods and waits for the question; she’s not sure if Grace really wants an honest answer.
- So my question is: Do you regret marrying dad? If you had the chance to do it all again, would you? –
- Yes, I regret it. I would’ve chosen someone else –
Grace’s head hangs low when she hears the answer.
- But it has nothing to do with you –  Alicia adds – You’re my daughter and I love you –
- Sure, you love me. You just don’t like me, or value my opinion or respect my decisions –
- You’re putting words in my mouth –
- No, I’m putting context to your actions. –
Alicia throws the rest of her drink down the sink – We got to stop. I had a few drinks and I’m not myself right now –
- That sounds like an excuse Veronica would say – Grace says knowing how it would sting for Alicia to be compared with Veronica.  Alicia takes the hit, she let this argument go to far, she now wants to comfort Grace.
- Sweetie, I didn’t…- Alicia wants to hold Grace’s hand but the girl withdraws it.  – Gracie? –
- For how many years you and Veronica didn’t see each other? For six, seven years? I bet we can break that record –
Grace puts the key of the apartment on the kitchen counter and leaves without looking back. Alone again, Alicia gets another call from Eli.
- Please Alicia don’t hang up. I’m calling because it’s very important to keep the momentum going and…-
- I’ll do it Eli –
- You…I haven’t told you what’s my plan –
- It doesn’t matter, I have six or seven years to kill so I’ll do it –

"Talk less, smile more" - The Good Wife fanfic

Title: Talk less, smile more
Summary: Grace and Peter go to Illinois University in Champaign but things get tense as Grace realizes something is wrong with her father. Will this event change Grace forever?!
Rating: PG

March 2016. Grace Florrick Appreciation Month.

Karim Salah had imagined the Florrick's beach house more lavish and stylish, so he was gladly surprise when he saw it was a more practical home.

Even the old fashion library, with the tall wood shelves, heavy lamps, the scent of paper and old ink, had the sensation of constantly being use with

books out of place. The young writer, looked at the books and smiled, they were kid's books.

- Karim, there you are. I hope security wasn't too much of a hassle – Grace Florrick entered the room.

- Good evening, Madam President -

- No, Karim. I told you to call me Grace – The 60 something years old woman said. - I'm no longer in office. Ignore the protocol. I'm in my sabbatical year -

- You don't seem to be slowing down. A charity event this weekend, a conference, you're writing your biography -

- And don't forget my grandchildren are visiting -

- Yeah, I saw the children's books. You're reading the classics -

- We are in the middle of Alice in Wonderland – Grace sat down on her desk and pointed at him – And we are in the middle of writing a book. So I got

your email but I'm not sure I understand what's the problem –

- Oh - The young writer sat down and got his laptop out – I was going through the draft of the first chapters and...-

- It's not interesting? –

- It is very interesting but I noticed that in the first outline you submitted the part of your teen years was bigger. You cut out a lot –

- Yes, it felt repetitive. Hey, do you want anything to drink? We have lemonade –

- No, I'm good. Thank you – Karim shook his head – As I was saying there were anecdotes that I feel are worth to revisit –

- Anything in particular? -

- Yes, I read a blurb about a trip with your father, uhm, Governor Florrick –

- A trip? –

- It was a college visit to…– Karim checked his notes again – Illinois University –

Grace smiled - I remember now. –

- Do you mind expanding on it? –

- Okay…let see –

My father picked me up early that morning; and right away I knew it would be a long day because Dad didn't come up to the apartment and mom didn't

even seem to mind. The trip was tedious; dad was very quiet, too quiet.

When my brother was scouting colleges, my father couldn't go; he was campaign at the time. So when it was my turn, he made sure to have a trip with

me. It was in his schedule for weeks. So I didn't understand my father's apathy. He was just staring out the window.

- You didn't have to come if you didn't want to - I said.

- Uh? I'm sorry, I didn't hear you –

- I said: you didn't have to come –

- Of course I have to come to this trip. It's your future. I'm excited –

- You don't look excited –

- Sorry, I have something in mind. But I'm happy to be here. Just the two of us. I was a little bit jealous that you did your internship with your mom and

not in my office –

- Yeah, my internship in a law firm that no longer exists. It going to look great in my application –

- But you learn many things, right? And you spent time with your mom –

- It was fun –

- How's your mom these days? –

- She's okay – I assured him and waited for his reaction. He nodded.

- Good, good. And you keep in touch with Zach? –

- Yeah, we talk –

- You kids need to stick together. No matter what, family comes first –

- I know dad –

My relationship with my dad tended to be light-hearted. I'm not sure why, maybe because I was his little girl and he didn't want me to worry about

anything. He was always trying to make me smile but not that day.

- Is everything okay with you dad? -

- A few issues, but I'll be okay – He continued to look out of the window.

We arrived at school and dad turned on the charm for the people. He smiled, shook hands and let people take selfies with him. But I knew he wasn't


During the first part of the tour, we just went through the motions, his head was somewhere else. During lunch we talked again.

- What are you having? - My dad asked me as we waited in line at the cafeteria

- The Green salad and water. I'm trying to eat healthy. -

- I have an upset stomach, so salad for me too. -

Months later we found out his stomach ache was an ulcer caused by hypertension and stress.

The security team chose our table; two agents were observing the entrances and another one stood just a few feet away from us.

- How are we doing, Paul? - My dad patted him on the back.

- Everything secure, Mr. Governor. Enjoy your meal -

- Thank you -

We sat down to eat in peace.

- What do you think of the school, Grace? -

- I like it. Good facilities, green areas and they have great resources. -

- But this is your backup school, correct? You want to go out state -

- Yeah, well, no...I'm not sure yet – I shrugged – I kinda want to be closer to home –

- I understand, you still have time to decided. Do you still want to go to law school? -

- I do. I'm hoping choosing a law school is easier -

- I thought you wanted to go to Georgetown -

- Not anymore – I told him, I was afraid to see the disappointment in my father's eyes.

- It's okay –

- I know I said I wanted to go, I know it's like a tradition and you and Mom met there -

- Grace, it's okay. Zach is in Georgetown and is nice he decided to go but that's it. I don't expect you to follow my steps –

- I want my own experiences. –

- I got it - He smiled – Hey, how many times have you heard the story of how I met your mother? –

- I bunched of times. I memorized it -

- Do you want to hear the real story? –

- The real story? – I got curious instantly – Yeah, I want to know –

- Well, I'll start at the beginning. I was a TA and in the Comparative Constitutional Law class there was a girl named Freja from Denmark. She was tall,

blonde and gorgeous –

- You had a crush? –

- Big time. I flirted with her and she flirted with me. Sometimes she stayed after class to ask me things about the session, but it was just an excuse.

Freja was a very smart and bright student –

- Did you ask her out? –

- She did. After a few weeks of flirting, she invited me to a party. I was over the moon, I wear my best shirt, best shoes, I put my cologne and I was

ready for our date. I was very confident because, and I'm not trying to be arrogant, women like me back then –

- Dad, women still like you a lot –

My dad laughed, the only time he laughed that day.

- Thank you for the compliment. Anyway, we were in the party and it was more of a group date. My friend John told me they were doing a date game

and he was going to help me out, fix the game so I could be with Freja…uh…fix the game –

His mind wandered off for a second.

- Dad? –

- Yeah, sorry, so I was sitting ready to play the game and I saw Freja leaving the party. –

- She just left? –

- Yes, she just left. Meanwhile I was stuck playing a dumb game. I was disappointed and angry but I couldn't just leave. And I got an idea: If I do a silly

voice; the girl playing is going to think I'm an idiot, she'll eliminate me from the game first and I can leave –

- Oh my God, that is why you did the voice? You weren't trying to be funny? -

- No but Alicia laughed anyway. Her laugh captured my attention; there was something magical about it. And you know the rest of the story. –

- You never told mom about your crush on Freja, did you? –

- Oh no. It's better this way. Are you going to tell her? –

- No, dad. I don't want to open that can of warms – I said jokingly, I was looking to get another laugh from him. He didn't laugh.

- Getting back to you. What is going to be your major? –

- I'm thinking history or political science –

- Political science? – That got his attention.

- Or philosophy – I added. – Maybe…I don't know why I'm so undecided –

- Do you know what kind of lawyer you want to be? –

- Yes, I want to be a litigator. I love the idea of finding the way to defend your client and arguing it in court, you know, like mom does –

- And you haven't thought about defending the people? Or public office? –

- A politician? God, no! – I burst into laughter; my father didn't appreciate it – I'm sorry, I didn't mean to laugh –

- Why is it funny? – He leaned back and crossed his arms.

- Dad, I didn't mean to offend you. But being a politician is crazy. Your job is to fix everybody's problems, to figure it out what's best for the people and

make big decisions. It's a huge responsibility – I explained.

- That is the role of a leader. Jesus was a leader –

- Jesus led people in matters of love, faith and morals; he wasn't trying to figure it out the state's pensions for the next 20 years. And still, there were

people who hated him –

- Grace, people love, people hate me. My approval rating drops and month later is up. Popularity is an indicator but is not the goal. I'm not doing this

job to get a medal; I'm doing this because I'm convinced and committed to make the world a better place –

The way my father explained it, he wasn't trying to convince me; I believe he was convincing himself.

- What about all the corruption? –

- Power is addictive and is very easy to misuse – Dad stared at his salad, he hadn't touched it.

- Dad, did you really wanted to be President? –

He sighed deeply – I did –

- I never heard you say it. Before last year, I never heard you discuss it with the press or with us –

- You're not supposed to tell people you want to be President of the United States. Ambition in politics is important, but there is a time and place to

reveal your ambition –

- Talk less, smile more –

- Where did you hear that? – He frowned at me.

- Oh, it's from Hamilton the Broadway musical –

- Alexander Hamilton, now that is a man who deserves to be remember –

- Mr. Governor, we're moving to the recreational areas – Our guide informed us –Please join the group –

- Thank you. Are you ready Grace? –

- Yeah, but you didn't eat –

- I'm okay –

We continued the tour with the group, my dad kept quiet. When we were in the auditorium my dad got an important phone call and step outside to

answer. After a while, I went outside too. He was on the back of the building, he was looking for privacy.

- Paul, is everything okay? – I asked the agent.

- Your father is on the phone, Miss. Florrick –

I saw my dad walking back and forwards, he was angry, he was frustrated. – Goddamn Eli! – He yelled at threw his phone against the wall, shattering

it. I've never seen my dad lose his temper before.

- Paul, tell my dad. I can finish the tour without him – I hurried up to rejoin the group, dad didn't come back. We met again until it was time to go home.

We sat in silence at the back of the SUV; dad was drinking from a pepto-bismol bottle. After an hour, I couldn't take it anymore.

- If there is going to be another scandal, I would like to know before hand. – I told my father – I don't want to be blindsided in school –

He looked at me and started to cry.

- Do you need a minute? – Karim observed the former President. Grace had stopped talking and she was staring at the empty space.

- Have you ever seen your parents cry, Karim? From sadness? –

- Yes, I think so. In funerals –

- It's an odd event in life. When you're little and you cry, your parents console you. But when your parents cry, you don't know what to do. Do you

console them? Hug them? Do you give them a tissue? A glass of water? Do you talk to them or do you leave them alone? – Grace said. – I saw my

mother cried many times, but never my father. It broke my heart to see him cry. There's nothing wrong with crying, but my dad looked defeated. He was

tall and strong but in that moment he looked small –

- What did you do? –

- I tried really hard not to cry too –

- Dad, I'm sorry. – I put my arm on his shoulder – Please, I just want everything to be okay, I just want to know if you're okay –

- No, I'm sorry – He looked away, he didn't want me to see him like this. He gained his composure.

- What's going on dad? –

- The Feds are coming for me and I don't know why – He shook his head.

- What do you mean? Did you do something wrong? –

- I've been working in grey areas, and I don't know if I pushed it too hard or if I just pissed off the wrong person – He rubbed the back of his neck – I

shouldn't had try to get the nomination. I lost sight of things when I was campaigning; I opened myself to scrutiny –

- What do you have on you? –

- Plenty, depending on the point of view. And they're going after the people I care too –

- Eli? Mom? – I asked him.

- Grace, when you were working for your mom, did you or your mom get involve in a federal investigation? –

- Like a case? I don't think…- My blood froze when I remembered the Federal agent – Wait, there was a client, he…uh…he was an undercover federal

agent. Or at least we thought he was –

- How did you find out about him? –

- I did a background check on him, my mom asked me to find his friends. I looked him up and I found out he was lying, I ran a face-recognition software

and I got a hit: A photo of him with the FBI – I got nervous thinking about it, have I done something wrong? Illegal? – We stumbled on the truth, we

weren't trying to exposed him –

My dad held my hand to calm me down – Grace, you told your mom right? –

- Yes –

- Did your mom tell anyone else? –

- I don't know. Honestly, I don't know –

- It's okay – He hugged me tight – You're in not in trouble. They want me –

- Are you going to jail again? –

- Maybe – He said.

- I hope not -

- I'll be alright, I did once I can it again -

I broke the hug and very seriously told him.

- Dad, I understand if you aren't able to pay for my school -

- What? -

- You're gonna need all your resources for your lawyers. Mom lost money in the firm and she's not making that much money now -

- Come on, Grace. -

- I know college is expensive, and it wouldn't be fair for Zach to transfer to a cheaper school. He should graduate from Georgetown. I can go to a more

economical school, I'll ask grandma to help me and...-

- Sweetheart, stop. Everything that is happening right now is my fault. I'm sorry I behave like this today, I'm sorry I'm putting you, Zach and your mom

in this position again. But you won't have to sacrifice anything for me -

- But dad...-

- Grace, I don't care if I die in debt; I am sending you to college. Do you understand? -

- I understand dad -

- Those seven or eight years of my life were difficult for me but those same years were the hardest in my parents' lives. - Grace looked at Karim and

smiled - But of course you know the rest of the story -

- I do but...-

- Granny, Granny! - A 3 year old boy ran into the room. - Come play with me -

- Pete, say hi to Karim -

- Hi - Pete said quickly and continued in his quest to convince Grace - Granny, come out to the garden, I saw a...a ladybob -

- You mean a ladybug - Grace picked up her grandson - Let's go see that ladybug. Karim, do you mind if our meeting ends? - Not at all - The writer stood

up - But this anecdote is worthy of being in a book -

- Actually... - Grace grabbed one of the books from the shelves - it's already in a book -

Karim read the title - "The road to redemption. By Peter Florrick" Your father's autobiography -

- That book payed for my college education -

- Granny, the bug is gonna go -

- Alright, Pete be patient. See you next week Karim -

- Goodbye Madam President -

The end.

"Chance" - A Good Wife Fanfic

Title: Chance
Summary: Alicia is spending too much time away from home and think Grace is lonely so she asks Marissa to take Grace to a party.
Rating: PG

March 2016 Grace Florrick Appreciation Month

Alicia Florrick entered her home after a day in court. The lawyer had a rough realization a couple of weeks ago and she was trying to stay focus and making small

adjustments in her life, changing her priorities and not re entering the same cycles that lead her to a very low point in her life, work gave her the right motivation.

- How was your day, mom? – Grace greeted her with smile. She was sitting in the diner room with her laptop and some books.

- Good – Alicia nodded. – How was your day, sweetie? –

- Homework. – Grace closed her textbook and stretched out her arms – And I'm done with my report. What are we having for dinner? –

- Actually...- Alicia looked at her watch – I'm meeting Lucca at Silvester's at 8 – That was a lie, Alicia was meeting Jason at his place. They were supposed to meet

right after work, but the investigator had an errand to do. They'd me afterwards, but Alicia had to check up on Grace first.

- Okay – Grace smiled again – Can you bring back a piece of cheesecake? –

- You got it –

- Have fun mom – Grace kissed Alicia's forehead then she got her things off the table and went to her room.

- Thank you – Alicia smiled too. She had been wondering about Grace's future. In a few months Grace would move out and start her own life, in was a scary thought

but the lawyer was proud and also relieved that Grace didn't seem to have any of her harsh behaviors. Grace was more open, more jovial and Grace was friendlier.

So why was Grace spending her time alone on a Saturday night?

Alicia followed Grace to her room. – Are you done with all of your homework? –

- Yeah – Grace was putting her books on her backpack. – Well, I need to finished a book but it's only 40 pages, I'll do it tomorrow –

- What are you gonna do tonight? – Alicia leaned on the doorframe and crossed her arms.

- I dunno. I'll watch a movie. –

- Where's Jennifer? I haven't seen her in a while –

- She's working as a background dancer in Heathers the musical. She doing shows on the weekends. Do you want tickets for the show? I could call her –

- No, it's fine. And what about your Bible study? You used to host the meetings here, right? –

- They meet somewhere else now. Why are you asking? – Grace frowned.

- No reason – Alicia thought about it for a moment. – I saw Marissa today, you remember her? –

- Yes mom. I remember Marissa –

- She is going to a party and she wanted to invite you. She asked me for your phone number but I forgot to give it to her –

- Marissa has our home number, she could've called here –

- Right – Alicia tilted her head. – Let me call her anyway. Hold on –

- Mom, you don't have to. –

Alicia didn't listen to Grace and walked to the other room and former office to make the call.

- What's up, Alicia? – Marissa was putting make up on in front of the mirror; she put the speaker on and left the cell phone on top of the sink.

- Hi Marissa, you mentioned a party tonight, are you still going? –

- Yeah, I'm getting ready. Wanna come? –

- No, but would you please ask Grace to go with you? –

- Oh, Grace wants to come? –

- Yeah, I think so–

Marissa took a deep breath and then sighed – Alicia, what's going on? –

- Grace's been working really hard to get her grades up. I told her she had to focus on school more –

- You're her mom, that's what moms do –

- I know but Grace needs a break, get out and have fun. I haven't seen her with her friends for weeks. Also, I trust you –

- Okay, put her on the phone. –

- Thank you Marissa –

Alicia walked back to Grace's room and gave her the phone.

- Hi Marissa…yeah…a party tonight? – Grace kept her eyes on her mother; Alicia was smiling in an approving way. – Sure, I'd love to go –

Later that night Marissa and Grace arrived to the party. Grace observed the "Happy Birthday Ray" banner at the above of the mansion's door.

- This is a birthday party? You didn't tell me that. – Grace expressed concern – We didn't get a birthday present, I don't want to be rude –

- Oh don't worry about it. I don't even know Ray – Marissa knock on the door.

- Are we crashing the party? –

- No. I'm friends with a friend of a friend. I got an invite here – Marissa showed her a bar code on her cell phone. – See? –

An employee opened the door, checked the invitation, put them florescent wristbands on and let them in.

- This looks more like a night club than a party – Grace said as she looked around.

– Yeah and there'll be a show at midnight. Come on, you're gonna have fun – Marissa put her arm around Grace's shoulder

- Sure – Grace was very skeptical about it.

Marissa introduced Grace to her friends and they chatted for a while, they wanted to hear all about Marissa adventures in Israel again. They were older

than Grace some were college students, other were already working, one girl got married to Marissa's surprise, but Grace didn't really care, she was

tired and not paying much attention to the conversation.

- Hey, I know who you are – a young man approached the group of girls and pointed and Grace.

- Hi Russel – Marissa put herself between Grace and the young man. – This is my friend Grace…-

- Grace Florrick, I know who she is. Nice to meet you –

- Nice to meet you Russell. – Grace shook his hand.

- Are you drunk already, Russell? You never could hold your liquor – Marissa said and the rest of the gang laughed.

- I'm not drunk yet – Russell replied then he sat next to Grace – Anyway, you're dad is the politician who had sex with hookers –

- It was just one hoo… – Grace stopped herself – I think you all know about Governor Florrick, we don't need to rehash the story –

- What about the other stories? I heard he stole the election but he didn't get caught like your mom did –

- Hold on – Marissa said – Alicia Florrick was my boss and she never would do anything like that –

Grace smiled, it was nice to have someone else to defend Alicia.

- It's what I heard– Russell shrugged.

- Russell, those are just rumors – Grace said.

- Then why did your mom resigned? –

- She did what it was right for the county, for the office – Grace told him – She assured a smooth transition instead of an endless battle in court.

Because winning an election is important but doing what is right for society it always comes first –

- Nice speech, did Aaron Sorkin wrote it? – The man mocked her.

- Okay, how about this…Was anyone convicted? Was anyone even arrested? – Grace asked him.

Russell he shook his head – No –

– Then it didn't happen –

- She got you there – Some girl exclaimed.

- I'm getting another drink – Grace said to Marissa and got up of the couch.

- "It didn't happen" that is such a cynical response. Typical of politicians – Russell said.

- Russell, thanks for remind me why I stopped talking to you in high school. You're a dick – Marissa said.

Marissa went looking for Grace, she couldn't find her anywhere in the house because Grace found her way to the garden where a stage was set up.

- Oh no, she's crying – Marissa said to herself when she saw Grace with her head down on the garden table. She approached her slowly. – Grace, are

you okay? –

No response from the teen girl so Marissa tapped her on the shoulder. – Grace? –

- What? Uh? – Grace woke up.

- Oh my God, were you sleeping? –

- No, I was resting my eyes – Grace rubbed her eyes – What's going on? –

Marissa sat on the chair next to Grace. – I'm sorry about Russell, he's a jerk –

- It's okay. There is always someone like him; I know how to deal with people like him – Grace yawned.

- Alright, you're obviously tired, why did you accept to come to this party? You could've been home sleeping comfortably on your bed –

- Because mom asked me –

- No, I asked you –

- Because mom told you to do it – Grace said – Go ahead, go hang out with your friends. I'll wait here –

- Come on Grace, I'm not gonna ditch you. We can talk – Marissa said – You're right, Alicia asked me to take you to this party. Because she thought you

could take a break, have fun with friends, don't be so lonely –

- Jesus, why do parents do that? They tell you to do something and then they changed their mind – Grace crossed her arms. – Mom told me to focus on

school and my grades, well, I had to catch up and I don't have much time. And unlike Zach, getting straight A's has never been easy to me –

- So many unrevealed layers here. Keep going – Marissa leaned back on her chair.

- No, I can't. You're gonna tell mom –

- I'm not gonna tell her anything. I swear – Marissa raised her hand – What's bothering you? –

- The firm is gone and I just…I had my hopes up – Grace sighed – I was there from the very begging, since my mom had the idea. She had this sparkle

in her eyes, she was smiling. After the scandals I was worry about her but it looked like she was bouncing back and I wanted to be here for her. I

helped her pick up the furniture; I helped her paint the room, that weekend I was supposed to go on a collage-scouting trip with my friends and I blew

it off and I didn't mind because it was so much fun to paint the room with mom. It didn't matter in the end –

- It matter Grace – Marissa said –Didn't you save your mom from an eviction? –

- I did – Grace stood up and walked to the other side of the table – That's the other thing Marissa, I loved my job, it was exciting, and you know what?

I was great at it. I've never been great at anything. I mean, I was okay at soccer, I'm okay at school…-

- You're great at being Christian – Marissa interrupted and Grace smiled.

- Yeah, well, that's not exactly quantifiable. It felt good to know I was making money, mom and Lucca congratulated me for bringing clients and they

took me seriously. So when my mom fired me I thought I could be back after school is over. I could stay home, go to college in Chicago and continued to

work for the firm. And a week later she tells me she going back to work for Lockhart and Agos. –

- You were disappointed –

Grace sat back down and said softly – I was disappointed and angry, I wanted to tell her: You can't quit, you can't stop now. Wait for me; we'll be

Florrick & Florrick. But I had to remind myself that the firm wasn't mine. I shouldn't take it personally –

- What did you tell Alicia? –

- I told her that if she thinks it's the right choice, I support her decision – Grace sighed – It's true, but I'm still disappointed –

- Grace, I know I'm not the first person to tell you this but, you'll find your own path – Marissa smiled – Your own projects –

- Have you found your path? –

Marissa shrugged – Well, I'm working on it. But believe me, very few people know what to do with their lives. I went to Israel to gain experience

because I thought I was gonna be a writer, the next big American novelist. And look at me, I'm back in Chicago crashing a party with people who aren't

my friends –

- What do you mean they're not your friends? –

- They're Facebook friends. We were close in high school but now I'm not sure I like them or if they like me anymore –

- Okay, then why did you come to this party? –

- Honestly, the "surprise show" at midnight – Marissa used air quotes – It's supposed to be a secret, but we all know is Chance the Rapper. The

birthday boy is huge fan and his daddy paid for a special performance –

- Chance is coming? – Grace smiled – It would be nice to see him again –

- You've been to one of his concerts? He's great –

- I like his songs but I've never been to any of his concerts. I mean, it would be nice to talk to him again. I haven't seen him in a while – Grace tried to

clarify but Marissa was more confused, she gave Grace a puzzled look.

- Grace, are you telling me you know Chance the rapper? –

- Yes –

- Are you friends with him? –

- We're close acquaintances. We have each other's email. I send him a gift when his daughter was born –

- Get out of here! – Marissa pushed Grace – Are you serious? How did you meet him? –

- I met him in city hall event. Chance father is Ken Williams-Bennett, the Chief of staff for Mayor Emanuel. You didn't know? Your father and Bennett are

like sworn enemies –

- My dad? – Marissa was surprised.

- Yes your dad, anyway, I was in City Hall with my dad and I was bored, I saw Chance and I went talk to him – Grace said – We hit it off really quick. We

like the White Sox, we're Christians, our fathers are in politics, oh, and Chance's grandma is part of Pastor Isaiah's congregation –

- So you saw Chance the rapper and decided to talk to him? Did you know who he was? –

- This was years ago, he wasn't as famous back then. Besides, I was following Grandma Veronica's advice: "If you can't be the most interesting person

in a room, then you should talk to the person who is." –

- Uh, unbelievable – Marissa pondered for a moment – Do you think we can get a selfie with him? –

- Sure – Grace smiled – It's funny I never seen you act like this –

- Please, I'm a fangirl. I go crazy for all kinds of people like John Oliver, Anna Kendrick, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Beyoncé. Hey Grace, if you think about it;

you're two grades of separation from Beyoncé – Marissa had a face with sheer joy.

- Marissa, please be cool when we meet Chance –

- Sorry –

Short after midnight the artist and his crew arrived at the party, the girls got to see him before the show started.

- Gracie Florrick, how are you girl? – The rapper smiled and hugged her.

- I'm good, how are you Chance? –

- I can't complain. Working hard, getting my music out, a gig here, a gig there. You know, the true life of a true indie artist –

- You're doing honest work, more people known and appreciate your music – Grace said – How is Kinsley? –

- She's getting so big, you know. She already says dada – He smiled thinking about his baby daughter – But what are you doing here? Are you friends

with the birthday guy? –

- Not really, my friend Marissa brought me – Grace points at the girl.

- Hi...I'm Marissa and I'm huge fan. I love "Somewhere in Paradise" –

- Much appreciated it – The artist nodded.

- So Chance for Mayor of Chicago? – Grace asked in reference of a lyric of the song.

The rapper laughed – I'll run for Mayor if you run for governor like your daddy did –

- Chance, you're up in five minutes – A man informed the artist.

- Alright man –

- Can I...Would you mind taking a selfie with me? – Marissa asked.

- For sure. C'mon Grace, get in here – Chance pulled Grace into the photo.

- Thank you – Marissa said as she made sure the photo was okay. – Really, you're great –

- Hey, we're going to another party after the show, you girls wanna come along? –

- Yes! – Marissa said immediately – Uh, if you want to Grace –

- It'll be nice – Grace said.

- Alright, we got a plan. –

- Grace I love you right now – Marissa hugged her

- Okay –

Alicia Florrick felt sleep in the living room. She was waiting for Grace to come home, she last heard from her daughter around midnight when the lawyer

was leaving Jason's place and Marissa sent her a photo of them and a rapper, neither Alicia nor Jason knew who Chance was. Regardless of the

company, Alicia wasn't thrilled with her teenage girl going out so late. The last time she checked, it was close to 3 am.

- Mom, wake up –

- Uhm? –

- Mom, we're home. Marissa is staying tonight – Grace said softly.

- Oh, good. Did you have a good time? –

- I did mom. Come on, we're here you can go to bed – Grace said – You always hurt your neck when you sleep on the couch –

Alicia sat up on the couch and felt an ache in her neck – You're right. Good night, sweetie. Tomorrow I want every detail – she said still half asleep.

The next morning Alicia went to check Grace's room and found Grace and Marissa peacefully sleeping together. She decided to make them breakfast.

Scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes and orange juice. Grace was the first to get up.

- Good morning –

- Good morning, mom – Grace sat down. – The smell of bacon woke me up. I'm really hungry –

- Digg in –

- Thank you…Hmmm it's delicious –

- So, how was the party? –

- It was kind of boring, but later we went to an awesome party with Chance –

Alicia drank from her coffee – His name is Chance? –

- No, his name is Chancelor and his stage name is Chance the rapper –

- A rapper?...Were there any drugs in his party? –

- Mom, just because he's a rapper doesn't mean he and his friends were doing drugs. It's a stereotype –

- Were they? – Alicia insisted.

- I saw some people smoking pot. I didn't smoke or drink. –

- Alright –

- How was your night out with Lucca? –

- I...Uhm...We didn't go to Silvester's. Sorry I didn't get the cheesecake. –

- It's okay, I like your pancakes better. And mom thank you for making me go to the party. I did need some fun, but don't worry I'm becoming a hermit –

Alicia laughed. – Okay. Maybe I was feeling guilty because I'm back to work long hours and you're here alone. –

- Mom, I'm fine. We've been in this situation it before –

- Yes, we have – Alicia put down her coffee. – I'm back at the law firm and I know that in these past years I haven't given you a stable home. I was a

partner, I had new firm, I ran for office, another new firm. Half of the time I didn't know where I was going. I'm sure it wasn't easy for you and Zach. –

- Yeah, it hasn't been easy – Grace said with honesty.

- Oh –

- But it is your life, you're the only one who knows the right path. You can take your time –

- Thank you for your patience and support, Grace –

- So will you be patient and supportive with my future plans no matter what? – Grace's eyes sparkled.

- What kind of plans? –

- Well...-

- Good morning - Marissa walked in. Her hair was a frizzy mess. – I know, I look like when the Pink Panther comes out of the dryer. –

- Sit down, have some breakfast. – Alicia told her.

- Thank you –

- So why did you girls sleep in the same bed? We have a guest room – Alicia pointed at the extra room next to the kitchen.

- I was tired and I got in the first bed I found – Marissa shrugged.

- And I wanted to sleep in my bed, I didn't even mind your snoring –

- I don't snore –

- Yeah, you do –

- Maybe I do. – Marissa said – Hey, did Grace tell you all about last night? –

- We were just starting –

- Best party ever, I swear – Marissa looked at Grace and smiled – Remember? Fannin' the fire, hands is up higher, cannot believe it, damn I'm a rider,

riding on twenties, twenty years prior, I couldn't buy a –

- Forget it you get it, God is so awesome, devil's a liar. Take 'em to church but I need a choir –

The girls laughed.

- What is that? Is that a song? – Alicia felt left out for a moment.

- Yeah, I'll go get my phone so you can hear it – Marissa said.

- Okay, so we got to the first party and it's a birthday party… - Grace started to tell Alicia all about her night out.

The End.

Thank you for reading.

English is not my first language.

"Summer of Grace" - Final Chapter
Title: Summer of Grace
Rating: PG 13
Sumary:The Florrick household could face another scandal, and this time Grace decides she's not sticking around for it. So the teen girl goes on a road trip without her parents permission looking for answers.
Chapter 19: The Florrick Fiasco
In the year 2031, Alicia struggles with the idea of Grace running for SA, meanwhile Grace's old flame asks her out.
Also in fanfiction.net
At the end of long day at work and after checking with Marissa for the latest updates on the launching of campaign, Grace
meets for a coffee with Connor to catch up.
"I got my Philosophy degree and then Yale law school, then I worked for a law firm in New York and that kept me busy for 4 years until I decided to
come back home and work at the SA office. That sums it up" Grace tells Connor "What about you? I was sure you'd be traveling around the world"
"I had plans for traveling abroad but my mom died shortly after I graduated so I came back to Chicago for my sisters" Connor says "And before you
ask. Yes, we were the unluckiest family on our block"
"I'm sorry"
"It was a long time, I'm fine. Karen got married and moved to Phoenix and Mindy works with me in 'Painting the future' while she's finishing college"
"That's great…I can't believe Mindy is in college"
"Yeah, time flies by" Connor takes a sip of his coffee "I could ask you about your family but I know what the Florricks been up to"
"Is that so?"
"Your dad is the Mayor; I voted for him by the way, your brother has that software company that had trouble with the NSA last year and your mom
sued the city once"
"Yep, you got it right"
"Are you still Christian?"
"I am. Are you still atheist?"
"I am. Now I'm going to ask the important questions: Did you get married? And do you have any kids?" Connor asks.
"No and no" Grace replies quickly.
"Uh" Connor leans back on his chair. He always thought Grace would get married and have a family sooner rather than later.
"How about you? Did you get married?" Grace asks him.
"Yes, I did"
Grace tries hard no to react to his answer. She takes a sip of her coffee.
"But I got divorced two years ago. No kids"
"I see" Grace tries again to no react. "What happened? I understand if you don't want to talk about it"
"It just didn't work out. But I'm completely single now"
"Well, I'm not single. I have a boyfriend" Grace clarifies.
"Is it a serious relationship?" Connor raises an eyebrow.
"We've been dating for a year"
"What's his name?"
"Uh...Martin" Grace says "His name is Martin"
"You don't seem sure"
"I don't know why I blanked on his name" She smiles nervously. She can feel Connor's gaze.
"Well, I wasn't wrong on my assertions years ago; you turned to be a fantastic person"
"Thanks. You did great too"
"I got my act together" He smiles and Grace almost sighs. She founded him attractive as a teen, but now he was a handsome man.
"I got go" Grace suddenly says, she gets up and quickly gets money from her purse "Here for the coffee"
"Are you sure? We could order another cup of coffee; we could share a piece of pie. It's still early"
"Sorry, I have work at home. It was nice seeing you, Connor. Goodnight"
"Wait" He catches her hand as she tries to leave. "The coffee is on me"
"Okay" Grace accepts back her money.
"And when can I see you again? You have to visit 'Painting the future'"
"I'll call you" She replies before leaving.
The next morning in the Mayor's offices, Alicia pays a visit to her ex husband.
"Hello Alicia" Peter welcomes Alicia to his office. "What can I do for you? You're not suing the city again, are you? We're still broke"
"I did that ONE time" Alicia jokes "Actually I'm here to talk about Grace's plans"
"I know, isn't fantastic?" Peter says it with so much proud.
"No, it isn't" Alicia replies "Grace shouldn't run"
"Grace is the right person for the job. She's educated, she's qualified, and she cares for the people in this city."
"Are you practicing your statement with me?"
Peter chuckles "It is my statement and is how I really feel about it"
"Did you put her up to this?"
"Alicia, we both know Grace does what she wants"
"Fine, but I think it's a bad idea and you shouldn't encourage her" Alicia tells him "When I got her the job at the SA office, I thought she wanted to see
the side of the law"
"I got her the job" Peter protest is ignored.
"And now she wants to be a politician?"
"Have you asked Grace what she wants? Maybe she just wants to be the State's Attorney"
"I saw that twinkle of ambition in her eyes; she wants to go higher places. The same tinkle you had the first time you told me you wanted to run"
"I resent that. You liked my ambition"
"A lifetime ago, Peter"
"And what's wrong with being a politician?" Peter asked "You tried it once"
"And it wasn't for me, just like it isn't for Grace"
"Are you jealous that she wants to be like me and not you?"
"Peter, I'm not jealous of anyone. It just doesn't make sense to me" Alicia says "Between Zach and Grace I always felt Grace got hurt more because of
our life in the spotlight. Why does she want to go through that again?"
"I don't know Alicia. But Grace is a grown woman and if she wants to do it I'll support her" Peter says "Would you?"
"I'm not sure if I can"
Days later in the offices of Florrick & Associates, Alicia returns from a meeting with a client.
"Patrick, did Mr. Terry call?" Alicia asks her assistant.
"No Mrs. Florrick and you have a visitor in your office. She said she's an old friend of the family, I'm sorry Mrs. Florrick she was very persistent" Patrick
takes Alicia's coat.
"It's okay" Alicia enters her office and finds Marissa Gold looking out the window.
"You have a magnificent view" Marissa says "I can see my hotel from here"
"Marissa, hello" Alicia nods to Patrick to let him know is okay and then closes the door. "Gosh, I haven't seen you in a long time. How are you?"
Alicia gives her a hug.
"I'm fantastic. How about you?"
"I'm okay. How is your dad?"
"Still working hard. Too bad you couldn't visit him while you were in D.C."
"It was a busy trip" Alicia smiles.
"You have a class action against a pharmaceutical and you had depositions with the lobbyists" Marissa shrugs "It's my business to know these things"
"Is it?" Alicia perceives this isn't a social visit "What are you doing in Chicago, Marissa?"
"I'm managing a local campaign with a first time candidate"
"You're here for Grace. You're her handler" Alicia realizes.
"I am. Now, if understand correctly you don't want to endorse her?"
"I'm having flashbacks to conversations I had with your father 20 years ago" Alicia shakes her head. "Grace didn't mention an endorsement"
"I'm asking you; would you endorse her?"
"I can't. My law firm often clashes with the local government; I can't play favoritism with a potential government official"
"I see" Marissa narrows her eyes. "It's an ethical decision"
"Yes. I have to stay neutral"
"We're doing campaign video; a profile on Grace. We want to interview you, you know, ask you how she was as a child"
"I won't do interviews on her behalf"
"Not even for the free exposure? Imagine Florrick and Associates at the bottom of the screen in a viral video"
"Sorry, no"
"Okay. I was just checking. It was nice talking to you" Marissa says. "Keep in touch"
"You too"
The days pass by slowly and Grace's nervousness is growing. She think once she is in the actual campaign she'll be okay. Before going to bed; Martin
and Grace talk over Skype.
"Then everything is alright over there?" Martin asks her.
"Everything is alright" Grace answers.
"You don't seem anxious"
"It's my poker face. I'm practicing for the debates"
Martin laughs "Well, you're good. I don't know if I should trust you, woman"
"You shouldn't; I'm a lawyer" Grace yawns "I'm sorry"
"It's the time difference. Go to bed. I'll see you in a couple of days with a surprise"
"A surprise? I'm intrigued"
"Really? Maybe you'll dream of me" Martin uses his flirting tone.
"Maybe. Goodnight Martin"
"Sweet dreams, Grace"
At 5:36 am, Grace wakes up cover in sweet. She had a sex dream and it wasn't about Martin, it was about Connor. For 10 minutes Grace lays on her
bed rationalizing the dream; it was her brain playing tricks on her, it was the novelty of seeing Connor again, her subconscious is bored or maybe she
needs to masturbate. Her train of thought is interrupted by a phone call.
"Marissa, why are you calling me so early?"
"Kirby is in a sex scandal!" Marissa is laughing "It was between you and him and now you're going to win the party nomination. I mean, you were going
to beat him anyway but this makes things easier"
"I'm their candidate"
"Yes, you are!" Marissa says.
"What did Kirby do?"
"Oh, he has two children with two different domestic employees. How crazy is that? His press conference is in two hours if you want to tune in"
"I'll pass"
"Hey, now is a good time to tell me if you're screwing someone you shouldn't"
Grace laughs "No, I'm not screwing anyone at all"
"Good, expect a call from the party today"
When Grace goes to work, she finds Joan Cordero watching Kirby's conference.
"Kirby is out of the race before even started it" she says to Grace.
"I know"
"Jesus, the maids and the kids are on the stage with him. You gotta see it, Grace"
"No thank you. I'm familiar with that kind of conferences"
"Oh right, I forgot your parents had scandal or two" Joan says.
"Funny, when I started working here you remembered it well. You found the video of me when I was 13 years old saying: 'It was one hooker' and
shared it with everyone on the office"
"Yeah, that was fun…I was a bitch to you back then"
"Because I thought you were an entitled rich girl" Joan shrugs "You proved me wrong. Well, see you later; I'm going to an arrest"
"Good luck" Grace continues with her work, but then there is a glitch on her computer. She calls the IT apartment "What do you mean the system is
"We're working on it. If you need the file now…"
"No, it's not urgent"
"Okay, then in two hours tops"
"Thank you" Grace hangs up the phone. She doesn't have anything to do work or campaign related it. She decides to go out for an early lunch.
"I was happy to get your call" Connor says with a smile.
"I have free time for lunch. Why do you want to meet here?" They're standing in Michigan Ave.
"Oh, I want to show you my building" He points at the construction on the other side of the street. "My first building actually, so far I've only done
houses, renovations or small projects"
"Wow, you designed it?"
"Yeah. Come on, I'll give you the tour" Connor says.
"Do I get to wear a yellow helmet and an orange vest?"
"You got it"
After the tour of the building, they went to get a lunch and then headed for 'Painting the future' organization.
"So basically we give art classes for teen agers in risk. They come from low income households, domestic violence, drug abuse and you know, the
usual stuff"
Grace observes the mural on the wall. "Did they paint this?"
"Yeah, it was our first generation 4 years ago" Connor says "We have other murals on the neighborhood"
"It's wonderful. There is something special when people help each other" Grace tells him "So you work here a few hours every week?"
"Well, I've been spending most of my free time here because I live upstairs" Connor points to the ceiling. "Right above us is my kitchen"
"After my divorce I didn't want to live in a big house so I moved here. Want to check it out?"
"This has been an elaborated plan to get me to your place, hasn't it?" Grace tells him.
"Absolutely, first I impressed you with my building, I took you for lunch, I showed you all my good deeds and finally there is a puppy in my bedroom"
"Then I have no choice but to go upstairs" They go to the second floor. "Well, I'm disappointed there is no puppy here"
Connor laughs "Sorry"
"I like it, a minimalistic style" Grace looks around.
"I just haven't bought much stuff since I moved here. My books, photos, pretty much it"
"Remember the first time you showed me your room?" Grace asks him.
"Yeah, I thought it was funny how you reacted to my stuff"
"You had a weird room. Posters of bands I didn't know, beer cans on the shelf and you had a gun"
"Uh, I forgot I had it" Connor says. "It freaked you out because you thought it was real"
"It looked real"
"You wanted to run away and I was telling you it was very realistic BB gun made in Chine" They both laughed at the memory.
"Hello?" Someone yells downstairs.
"Mindy, up here!" Connor yells too.
"Hey, what are you doing here?" Connor's sister says.
"I was showing Grace the place. Mindy, this is Grace Florrick"
"Hey" They shake hands.
"Oh God" Grace stares at the young woman she used to know "You don't remember me, do you?"
"Not really, sorry. Connor showed me a photo of the two of us when I was like 5. We were at the Shedd Aquarium"
"That's right! You were fascinated with the rays" Grace recalls.
"Anyway, I was just picking up my laptop I have class. Nice meeting you again" Mindy tells her.
"Yeah, me too"
"See you later bro"
"Bye Mindy"
"I met her when she was 4 years old and now she's finishing college" Grace still is amazed "She was just a kid, well, we were kids too"
"I was a kid, but I really loved you"
"Connor" Grace says as a warning, she doesn't want the conversation to go in that direction.
"I regret not telling you back then" He gets closer to her and Grace doesn't step back "I knew I was in love with you. I never told you because I
thought it would come out as silly"
"Silly how?"
"Like a silly boy who thinks he knows what love is" Connor caresses Grace's face "God, I want to kiss you so badly"
"We can't" Grace pulls back.
"Why not?"
"Because I'm not a cheater" Now Grace steps back and puts distance between them. "We can only be friends"
"I like you too much to be only your friend"
"That's remarkable" Grace laughs "You told me the same thing in high school. You said it was due to immaturity"
"Alright, I guess I'm still immature in that aspect" Connor replies "But we were a good couple, we understood each other"
"Oh my God, you can't just…You broke up with me because, according to you; it was the best for me"
"I stand by it. I was punk" Connor replies "I'm not a punk anymore. I'm a grown man, I have a job I'm proud of, I'm responsible and I don't steal
stuff…because I have money now"
"So now you're right for me? Have you been carrying a torch for me all these years? Please Connor, this is nothing but nostalgia"
"Go out on a date with me. If its just nostalgia we'll know for sure" Connor says
"I have a boyfriend"
"I'm not asking you to break up with him. I'm only asking you on a date, one chance Grace. Listen, you can take sometime to think about it. Maybe next
"I'm running for State's Attorney, I'll announce in less than a week. I can't date you while I'm campaigning"
Connor has a big smile on his face "You're going to be a fantastic State's Attorney, you got my vote."
"Thank you, but did you listen to the part where I told you I can't date you? Having a boyfriend and going out with another man isn't good for a
"Is that why you're choosing Martin? For stability?" Connor says "You're gonna compromise everything for the rest of your life at least find someone
who makes you happy at home"
"And that would be you? We go out to eat twice and now you're Mr. Right?"
"Maybe. Don't you want to find out?"
"This is ridiculous not romantic. I'm leaving" Grace says "Goodbye Connor"
"Wait Grace...damn it" Connor sighs.
Once Grace is in the street, she realizes that she's late for court and hurries up to make it on time.
"Your honor, the prosecution doesn't seem to care about this case. They aren't ready…" Cary Agos argues to the judge.
"We're ready your honor" An ASA scrambles to find the right file "The system was down this morning and…"
"You still have hard copies of everything, don't you?"
"Yeah but…"
"Your honor, I'm sorry I'm late" Grace enters the courtroom and walks to the prosecution table "Find the deposition for December 13th, 2030" she
whispers to her coworker.
"This is unacceptable your honor" Cary says "ASA Florrick can't just barge in"
"Mr. Agos don't worry about me. Worry about your client" Grace says.
"We lost enough time, let's go already" The Judge tells them.
After the court session is over, Cary goes to talk with Grace. "Pissing off the judge isn't a good strategy"
"She wasn't that angry"
"Let's make a deal, Grace" Cary says "One year in prison and one year in probation"
"I can't go that low with a felony. 2 years that's the deal"
"You're as tough as your mom" They step out of the courtroom "By the way, I heard a rumor about you"
"Yeah, what did you heard?"
"That you're running"
"I'm not running anywhere" Grace says. "Talk to your client Cary"
That same evening, Martin comes to the office to pick up Grace.
"Surprise" Martin has a bouquet of roses with him. "For you"
"Thank you. I thought you were coming home tomorrow"
"I finished my work sooner than I expected. I didn't ruin your plans with your other boyfriend, did I?"
"Ha ha, that's funny…Are you hungry? I'm starving"
"Good, because I made dinner reservations"
Soon after, they arrive to the restaurant and the hostess welcomes them.
"Do you have a reservation?"
"Yes, but our party is already here" Martin says "The name is Weston"
"Who is joining us?" Grace asks.
"My moms are here." Martin points at table inside the restaurant. "That's them"
"They came all the way from Hawaii, uh?" Grace feels uneasy when she sees the two ladies at the table.
"They want to meet you"
"Sure, sure. But now isn't really a good time, I mean, with my…you know what"
"Grace, relax" Martin rubs Grace's shoulder "It'll be okay. It's the right time for the next step"
"Next step?
"This way please" The hostess tells them.
"One moment please" Grace tells her and then continues her conversation with Martin "What's the next step? Do you want to move in together?"
"If we were in our twenties, but we're not that young. We talked about what we want, Grace"
"We talked in a general ambiguous way"
"Grace, let's just have dinner. My moms are waiting"
"Martin, are you going to propose to me?"
"Well, it was supposed to be a surprise" Martin sighs and takes the ring from his pocket "I want to marry you Grace Florrick"
"Aww" The people who are waiting for a table reacted.
"Oh God" Grace looks around the lobby "Let's talk outside" They step out of the restaurant.
"That isn't a good sign" Someone says.
"Grace, what's going on?"
"I can't marry you, I'm sorry"
"You can't or you won't?"
"I won't marry you and we should break up"
"What?! Where is this coming from? Is this about the campaign? I love you and…" Martin sees Grace is looking down at the pavement "You don't love
me. Shit…Did you stop loving me? Or you never did?"
"I like you, Martin. You're fun and smart"
"Oh stop it. I don't want to hear it." Martin says "Damn it, my moms are waiting for us, the happy couple"
"I'm really sorry"
"Whatever, Grace"
The lawyer watches Martin enter the restaurant then she calls for a cab but she doesn't go home.
Grace meets with her friend Joan at a bar.
"Break ups suck" Joan says "So drink up Grace"
"Okay" They drink their shots of vodka.
"I never like Martin…and apparently neither did you" Joan laughs "Come on, it was a good joke"
"If you say so" Grace smiles.
"Is there another person?"
"No, well, no"
"Come on, who is it?"
"I met with my high school boyfriend. He's not the reason I broke up with Martin"
"Keep telling yourself that"
"He wants a date with me"
"That's not a good idea"
"Right?! It's exactly what I'm thinking" Grace drinks another shot "I don't want to talk about him. Tell me how was your arrest? I didn't see you again in the
"The guy tried to outrun the police; he jumped a fence and landed on his face"
"Yeah. I was in the hospital trying to get him to talk then I had to give my statement to collaborate it wasn't police brutality. A long day and I didn't
accomplish anything. I see a lot of days like that in your future, Grace."
"Why do you want to be State's Attorney?"
"Because I want to help people and this is the best way I know how"
"You could do volunteer work on the weekends, doesn't that help people too? Give money to charities"
"I like the idea of dedicate my life and work for a bigger cause: I want to inspire people, I want to be larger than life" Grace says "That's the truth"
"You can't tell people that! Lie to them, tell them you're doing it for the money"
"Alright, I'm doing it for the bribes" Grace raises her glass "Cheers for that"
"Cheers for corruption"
27 hours before the announcement and Marissa Gold is rubbing her hands with excitement. But she knows the candidates need reassurance at this
stage and pays Grace a visit.
"Good morning Grace"
"Good morning, Marissa. You're here early"
"I wanted to catch you before work. I have fresh juice, a cup of coffee and croissants. The best in town"
"Thank you"
"You're welcome. Listen take it easy today. Spend time alone, clear your mind, have three meals and go out for a walk because tomorrow the real
battle starts"
"Okay, Marissa"
"Now, what is that box over there?" Marissa points at the cardboard box next to the door obviously out of place in Grace's tidy apartment.
"Martin's stuff. We broke up and he's going to pick up his stuff later" Grace drinks her orange juice "This is really good"
"Whoa, hold on. Grace, I'm your handler I need to know these things. We're going to spend a lot of time together and you have to trust me"
"It was an unexpected break up" Grace shrugs "With zero possibilities of reconciliation"
"Alright, boyfriend is gone" Marissa says "I'll bring Martin his stuff. Give me his address"
"You don't have to"
"No problem. I don't want you upset today"
"Do you think I should call my mom?"
"You haven't talk to her?"
"Not since I told her about my political intentions"
"Let my try her first" Marissa takes the box "See you tomorrow at seven AM"
Grace follows Marissa's advice and tries to have an easy day. Almost an impossible task for an ASA in Chicago, but Grace takes one thing at a time
and appreciates the alone time she gets. During the day Grace gets emails from Peter, Liz and Zach wishing her good luck. The lawyer plays with her
cell phone, wondering if she should call her mom or not. Instead she gets a text from Martin telling her he got his stuff back and he's sending her
belongings within the next day or two.
"What the hell, why not" Grace sends a text.
In the offices of Florrick and Associates, Alicia is reminded of Grace's upcoming announcement thanks to her partner.
"A little bird told me Geneva Pine isn't going for another term and your daughter Grace is running instead of Kirby" Simone Canning asks Alicia.
"I heard that too"
"Well, is it true?"
"She's announcing tomorrow" Alicia replies.
"You don't seem happy bout it"
"I'm not, and I really should be more support of her" Alicia sighs "What if I send her flowers?"
"Flowers?" Simone frowns "Really?"
"What flower says: 'I don't support your choices but good luck'?"
"Alicia, call your daughter" Simone tells her. "I'm sure is easy to talk to her now that she's an adult"
"Just when I think I understand her, she throws me for a loop"
"Kids do that. Your job is to love them"
At the end of the day, Grace leaves work and Connor is waiting for her.
"Hey" Grace smiles to him "Thank you for coming"
"No problem. I'm glad you contacted me again, I didn't want things to end badly between us"
"Me neither. Walk me home?"
"I'd love to"
"Can you please hold my purse?"
Grace sits down on the stairs and changes her shoes.
"I can't walk 15 blocks on high heels"
"Of course not"
"Okay, I'm ready. This is could be my last normal day in my life, you know."
"Then thank you for sharing this last evening with me" They start to walk. "I forgot to ask you if you watched the Sox winning the World Series in 2025"
"I did. I was in business trip in San Francisco at the time. I watched Game 6 in my hotel room; the next door guest complained when I started to
scream of joy. They suck for decades and then they have one championship season"
"Still better than the Cubs" Connor says.
Meanwhile at Alicia's apartment Luke and Alicia are getting ready to have calm and relaxing night, something they do at least once a week.
"The movie is about to start" Luke yells from the living room.
"Pause it!" Alicia yells back "The pizza is almost ready"
The doorbell rings interrupting their evening. Alicia sighs and goes to see who it is.
"Hello Alicia!" Marissa says with a big smile "May I come in?"
"Hi Marissa, sure come in"
"I brought a present: Ritual Pinot Noir 2028. It's Chilean and it's fantastic"
"Are you trying to bribe me?" Alicia takes the bottle.
"I'm being generous" Marissa sees Luke in the living room. "Good evening, Luke"
"Hey…how do you know my name?"
"We should talk in a place more private" Marissa tells Alicia. They go to the lawyer's bedroom.
"You want me to change my mind about Grace, right?"
"Last chance, tomorrow is the big announcement" Marissa says "People will ask you directly about your daughter"
"I already told you I'll be neutral"
"Okay, that's bullshit."
"This is personal to you"
"Of course is personal for me. Politicians become public figures" Alicia says "I don't want the world to scrutinize Grace's life"
"Don't worry; Grace is clean as a whistle. She was vetted and nothing came up…well maybe a thing in France…Anyway, she has nothing to hide, you
know how rare that is in a candidate?" Marissa tells her "She's good"
"Then why matters what I say about her?"
"Because her opponents are going to look for anything they can use against her. Like how come renowned lawyer Alicia Florrick isn't supporting her
daughter? Is it something wrong with Princess Florrick? Why didn't you pay for her college education?"
"We were going to pay for her full college education. She refused our help. I never understood why" Alicia shakes her head "She started her life with
"See, you can't make comments like that to the public"
"I won't comment at all. I'll remain neutral" Alicia crosses her arms.
"Did I ever tell you I met Obama when I was 14? It was at a fundraiser, my dad was working in his campaign."
"How is that relevant?"
"In my life I've met a lot of wannabes politicians, including you, and Grace is the real thing. Have you seen her give closing arguments in court? The way
she delivers speeches is amazing. She's charming and she's witty. She likes to talk to people; she's good at remembering names…"
"A good friendly candidate doesn't always translate to being a good politician" Alicia interrupts her.
"But she will be a good politician. Grace is always thinking ahead, she's knows how to create a network…"
"Marissa, stop. Politicians are cynics and liars. They don't want to change their world, they just like power, so don't tell me Grace will be good at it"
"Grace definitely wants power. Listen she had a billionaire boyfriend in law school; he proposed and she said no. Even though she could've done a lot
with charities as Mrs. Richie Rich; she said no because Grace wants the kind of power that inspires people, as a public servant"
"You just made that up" Alicia crosses her arms.
"Maybe. Come on, let's go talk to her" Marissa says "Forget about the endorsement, I just want my candidate happy. She wants to be in good terms
with you"
"I'm in the middle of a date"
"Do you really care more about a guy than your daughter?"
"Luke, I'm heading out!" Alicia yells.
"Alright, I'm taking the wine" Marissa grabs the bottle on her way out.
Grace and Connor arrive to the building.
"Is this where you live? I'm pretty sure my apartment is bigger than yours and my apartment is tiny" Connor says as they walk upstairs to Grace's floor.
"Hey, I live on an ASA's salary" They stand outside the door.
"So...was this an elaborate plan to get me to your place?" Connor asks.
"No, but I do have something to tell you" Grace says "I broke up with my Martin"
"Oh" Connor grins.
"But it wasn't for you, I mean, there were other factors. And I need some time alone"
"I get it" Connor keeps smiling.
"I'm not going to ask you to come in; we're not going to have sex"
"I didn't ask you"
"You're right...You can't stop smiling, can you? You're happy about my break up"
"Yeah, because it means I can do this"
Connor kisses her.
"You won't regret it Alicia, a good talk and you'll feel better" Marissa says.
"Whoa" Alicia sees Connor and Grace kissing outside the apartment. "I think Grace already feels better"
"Excuse us?" Marissa says out loud and the couple breaks the kiss.
"Hey Mom, Marissa" Grace blushes.
"Good evening Grace" Alicia says.
"Mrs. Florrick, I never had the pleasure" Connor says. "Nice to meet you, I'm Connor Doherty"
"Nice to meet you" Alicia shakes his hand.
"Do I know you?" Marissa finds him familiar.
"This is the third time we met Marissa. Well, I'm gonna go. Goodnight ladies"
"Goodnight" Grace says. "I'll call you"
"Okay, bye" the man leaves them alone.
"I'm really disappointed in you Grace" Marissa says "Kissing a guy outside your door, days after your break up while wearing tennis shoes. That's not
the right behavior for a candidate"
"I know. Come in" Grace opens the door of her apartment.
"So Martin and you...?"
"We broke up mom"
"And you're dating that guy?"
"Not yet. Why are you here?" Grace puts her purse on the sofa.
"I convinced your mom to talk to you. Clear the air before the campaign starts. I'll open the wine while you gals talk" Marissa goes to the
kitchen, which isn't too far, she can still see them.
"Grace, I didn't react well to your plan for running. But I want to make perfectly clear that I will always support you, even if I don't do it publicly"
"Why won't you endorse me?" Grace crosses her arms.
"Because I'm the head of my law firm and I have to be neutral. It's ethical"
"Ethics doesn't matter when it comes to our family. We all have crossed the line of ethics to protect our family. You just don't want me to be a politician.
"For more than seven years you were hurt by campaigns, scandals, unwanted attention and…I'll admit it, at times Peter and I neglected Zach and you"
"Mom I don't have skeletons in my closet and I don't have kids in danger to be collateral damage. This is my decision and I'm well aware of the
"Is that the reason why you don't have a family?"
"Did you plan it that way? You don't have kids so no one else gets hurt"
"So what if I did? Not everybody wants kids"
"I don't care about everyone else, I care about you. Do you want a family?"
"Someday. But I have other plans first"
"Why didn't you let us pay for college? What's that part of your plan?"
"I told you before. I wanted to be independent; I wanted to strive on my own"
"And your pristine past it's a coincidence too?"
"I'm sorry; did you want me to get arrested? Would you be happier if I had 3 kids, living at home and with rap sheet?"
"I want you to be happy. I want you live life to the fullest."
"Mom, you have to understand this is my Plan A. Maybe running for State's Attorney for you it was Plan B or C. But for me this is the goal, this is my
calling" Grace says "I don't mind
making sacrifices, I don't mind being in the spotlight."
Alicia sits down, she needs a breath deep and calm down.
"So, who wants wine?" Marissa puts three glasses on the table. "I let it breathe a little"
Alicia takes one of the glasses and drinks it all.
"Mom, are you okay?"
"The Veretti case. 4 year old girl was kidnapped, raped and murdered by a neighbor. I inherited that case from Castro. But the pre trail motions, the
trial and the appealing were all under my authority. I lost the case on a technically, the man walked away and not even 3 months later he tried to
kidnapped another girl in Michigan. The media ripped me apart for that case. Suddenly everything I did was wrong, no good enough, not fast enough. I
was a disappointment as a SA and they were so happy when I proved them right by not seeking a second term. The Florrick Fiasco"
"I'm sorry mom. I know it was hard on you"
"Everything is under a magnifier glass. Win or lose they'll hurt you, Grace"
"I have thicker skin than you might think" Grace replies.
"Maybe. But I still don't want to see it happen." Alicia hugs her. "And I don't want to see you change too"
"Mom, listen, I don't really need you endorsement"
"Weeell…" Marissa says.
"And I don't need your approval. I only want your acceptance"
Alicia smiles "You got it, Grace. Good luck tomorrow morning"
"You're leaving?"
"I don't have any advice for you tonight, Grace. Listen to Marissa say, she's an expert now"
"Thank you mom"
"Goodnight girls, don't stay up too late" Alicia says before leaving the apartment.
"She'll be alright" Marissa tells her "My dad struggle to when I joined the family business"
"Thanks Marissa"
"You're welcome. Now, do I need to vet your high school sweetheart?" Marissa remembered where she knew Connor from. "Am I going to find
"Oh yeah" Grace drinks from her glass of wine.
Very early the next morning Grace goes to church to pray with Pastor Isaiah, then Marissa picks her up for the conference.
"How are you feeling?" Marissa asks Grace as they wait behind the stage for Geneva Pine to finish the presentation.
"I'm perfect"
"…and with that I introduce you Grace Florrick"
"Go get them" Marissa tells her. Grace gets on the stage and shakes hands with Geneva.
"Good morning. I want to thank Ms. Pine for a wonderful introduction. I've learn so much from you these years."
Geneva nods to Grace.
"People like her have inspired me, taught me the importance of public service. So today I'm happy to say I'm running for State's Attorney of Cook County"
In Peter's office they're watching the announcement live. The Mayor smiles during the entire conference and Eli calls him to congratulate him. At her school, Liz is streaming the video on her phone, informing her classmates that Grace is her big sister. Zach is also keep an eye of the conference, but he keeps laughing at the idea.
In Florida, Owen and Veronica watch the event not to sure what to think of the life ahead for Grace.
At his office Connor follows the news; he likes the idea of being the man who can help Grace to reach her goals
The people at Lockhart, Agos & Zepps take the news with cynicism, another Florrick running for office. While in the Seattle the woman formerly known as Kalinda Sharma chuckles when she checks her emails.
"What is it, Lyla?" Her girlfriend asks.
"Nothing, I have this old Chum Hum alert. I actually forgot about it and now I got an alert and it's funny"
"Let me see...'Florrick runs for State's Attorney'...I don't get it"
"Don't worry about it"
At the offices of Florrick and Associates, minutes after the announcement is over, Alicia is getting calls for reporters. Patrick puts through a call for Alicia
from a local news site.
"Good morning"
"Good morning Mrs. Florrick. This morning your daughter Grace just announced she's running for State's Attorney, care to comment?"
"I believe she'll do great job as SA, I'm definitively voting for her" Alicia answers to the reporter.
The end.
Thank you for reading.

"Summer of Grace" - Chapter 18
Title: Summer of Grace
Rating: PG 13
Sumary:The Florrick household could face another scandal, and this time Grace decides she's not sticking around for it. So the teen girl goes on a road trip without her parents permission looking for answers.
Chapter 18: Sweet Girls Don't Get Elected
It's the year 2031 Geneva Pine is the State's Attorney and Grace Florrick works for her, but the young lawyer has other ambitions.
Also in fanfiction.net

3 years later in the Cook County State's Office
"I like to thank all of you" Geneva addresses her employees. "This was a hard case, an exhausting quest for justice but we did it, we did it for the
Suarez Family"
The lawyers clap and cheer for the State's Attorney.
"And a very special thank for my second chair: Grace Florrick. Come here" Geneva reaches Grace's hand. "You did a fantastic job"
"Thank you Geneva"
"4 more years! 4 more years!" Someone yells and more cheers follow.
"Let's enjoy this victory and work to get another one tomorrow. Don't worry about my future" Geneva tells them. "So get back to work"
Geneva returns to her office and Grace is behind her.
"May I have a minute, Geneva?"
"Sure Grace" The SA sits down at her desk. "What is it?"
"Are you going to run for another term?"
"What did I just say out there? Focus on your job"
"Is it because of Michael's health problems? No one would blame you if you want to spend more time with your family"
"The cancer is back"
"How is he taking it?"
"He has a more positive attitude than me"
"Geneva, you can count for my support anytime"
"Thanks Grace"
"But, if you're not running for another term…I want to run for State's Attorney"
Geneva leans back and crosses her arms "What is it with you Florricks and the SA office?"
"SA Florrick has a nice ring to it"
"You're being opportunistic right now"
"Yes, I know. But I'm also right for this job" Grace tells her.
"No you're not. You're too young and you don't have enough experience""
"Marilyn Mosby was 35 years old when she became State's Attorney and look at her now" Grace says "I have enough experience. And you can't deny I've
done an excellent
job as ASA"
"That's arrogant"
"That's confidence. I'm proud of my work, I'm proud of the strong relationship with my peers and my commitment to the city"
"Nice speech you got there. I always liked your closing arguments" Geneva says "But you can't be SA not yet anyway."
"If you tell me you'll run again, I'll back down and I'll wait my turn. But if you're not, I'll throw my hat on the ring. Who are the other alternatives?
Barnes? He an asshole. Alderman Kirby? He's been eyeing your seat for years"
"So did you, apparently"
Grace smiles "Remember Wendy Scott-Carr?"
"Yes, I do"
"She was a good prosecutor, she was a black woman who connected with minorities but she didn't win the election, you know why?"
"Because she didn't have your last name?"
"She tried to play politics in this town and she was destroyed" Grace says "Instead we got my dad who left the office two years later. Geneva, this
town is incestuous. Our SA became Mayors then Senators and their kids and protégés grow up to be Governors and Attorney Generals. Nepotism and
conflict of interest don't matter"
"And what? You can beat them at their own game?"
"I don't know but I must try"
"All right. I need to talk with my family but...I'm 99% sure I won't run"
"Okay...would you tell me when you're 100% sure?"
"I will"
"But soon, right? I need to get some affairs in order"
"Jesus Grace, I'll tell you right away"
"Thank you. I'll go back to work" Grace heads for the door.
"You used to be a sweet girl" Geneva tells her.
"Sweet girls don't get elected" Grace replies before leaving the office.
The next Sunday Grace visits Pastor Isaiah at his church. After returning to Chicago, Grace had joined his congregation.
"Please Grace, sit with me" The Pastor sits on the last bench of the church. "Tell me what's in your mind"
"I'm running for State's Attorney for Cook County" Grace tells him with a smile.
"I see. And you want my endorsement?"
"Your endorsement would be fantastic, if you're offering it but that's not what I want to ask you"
"Then ask"
"Pastor, I believe this is my calling. Not just to prosecute criminals, but to represent the people, serve the people"
"You wish to be a politician, like your father"
"You understand how hard can be to follow your father's steps"
"It's true"
"But that's not my concern. Pastor, I'll compromise my views, I'll face unethical situations, I'll bend but I won't break. I want your support Pastor, I want
you to guide me through those dark paths"
"Are you sure you have the right motivations? Do not be deceived: Bad company corrupts good morals." Pastor Isaiah quotes the bible.
Grace ponders for a moment and replies with another quote. "Loyalty and truth preserve the king, and he upholds his throne by righteousness. Pastor, I'll
confess I'm little bit conceited but it's a requirement for the job. I'm going to ask thousands of people to trust me, to vote for me because I'm better
than the others. I have to believe that. Just like I believe I won't let power corrupt me with some help from you"
"Grace, I known you since you were a child I have no doubt your faith is strong and real. I believe you when you say it's your calling. Of course you can
count on me for guidance"
"Thank you, Pastor Isaiah. Now, I'm going to ask for your endorsement"
That same Sunday, Grace goes to see her father and have a family dinner.
"Listen to this!" Liz Florrick, now 16 years old, is a drummer in a psychedelic punk all girls band. She's proudly showing Grace the latest track of 'The Pretty
Poison Pills'. Peter and Ramona made a music room on the garage for Liz and her drums set that Uncle Eli got her.
"What do you think, Grace?"
"It sounds different. What did you change?"
"We change the tempo. Now its: dun dun dun. Let me show you"
Liz stops the song then she sits on the drums and reproduces the beat.
"I like it better" Grace says.
Ramona enters the room "Girls dinner is ready"
"Is dad home?"
"He's running a little bit late"
Peter arrives just in time to join them. Most of the chat during dinner is Liz talking to Grace.
"Do you think you can go to the music festival with me?" Liz asks her big sister.
"Wait, we still haven't given you permission" Ramona says.
"But mooooom." Liz complains.
"Elizabeth, we made a deal. You get an A on your English test and you can go" Peter said.
"I'm sure you can get an A if you study hard" Grace tells her.
"Okay, let's go Liz" Ramona says "I need to check your homework and then bed time."
"Alright, goodnight Grace"
"Goodnight Liz" she hugs her. "Goodnight Ramona, thank you for dinner"
"You're welcome. Night"
Now are only Peter and Grace at the table.
"You're very strict with Liz"
"Well, her grades are down and she tried to run away twice"
"To my apartment"
"Still, she needs a lot of attention. Thank God Ramona has more energy than me"
"Too much for you to handle, old man?"
"I'm the oldest dad at the school recitals. Anyway, would you like a scotch?"
"Yes, thank you. Neat"
"That's my girl"
Peter serves the drinks and then they move to the living room. Peter sits down on his favorite leather couch in front of the chimney.
"What do you want to talk about?" Peter asks her.
"Mr. Mayor, have you heard the rumors that State's Attorney Geneva Pine won't run for another term?" Grace waits for Peter to nod and then she continues
"The rumors are true. Personal issues"
"I see"
"I'm going to run for State's Attorney"
A smile forms on Peter's face. "Are you sure you want to? After I lost the re election and your mom didn't seek a second term people called us the
Florrick fiasco"
"I know, but you made another political come back. You're the Mayor of Chicago. Think about our legacy. Your grandfather Councilman Florrick, your dad
the Judge, you and now me" Grace says "The Kennedys, the Clintons, the Florricks"
"Oh you're good at telling people what they want to hear"
"Dad, I want to do this and I want your help" Grace tells him "I've been networking, shaking the right hands and making acquaintances but on a low
level. They're important to build a base, but I need to get to the next level and quick"
"I can arrange something for you" Peter nodded "I'll work out the details and I call you tomorrow morning"
"Thank you dad"
"Hey, do you have a campaign manager? I have a few suggestions…"
"I'm keeping the tradition and I'm going with Gold" Grace raises her glass.
That night as Ramona and Peter get ready for bed, she notices her husband is very quiet.
"What did Grace want?"
"She wants to be State's Attorney" He smiles.
"Seriously? Uh…Are you happy about it?"
"I am. I never wanted to push my kids to politics but I always wish one of them would follow my steps. I used to think it was going to be Zach"
"You're proud"
"I am proud of all my children"
"But right now you're very proud of Grace"
"Yeah" Peter goes to sleep with a smile on his face.
Monday night Grace welcomes to her apartment her campaign manager Marissa Gold. After Peter lost the re election for Governor, Eli Gold moved to
Washington and started a PR agency specialized in politics. Marissa worked for him in local elections around the country.
"Okay, I'm ready when you are" Marissa has everything lay down on the table.
"One moment" Grace tells her. She is saying goodnight to her boyfriend Martin.
"It's seems all very important" Martin says.
"It is important, so remember you can't tell anyone about it"
"All right, but I don't know why you're so worry. This is Chicago, people see Florrick and automatically vote for you right? Like Pavlov's dog." Martin
expects a laugh from Grace.
"I know that you're joking, but you can't joke anymore, got it?"
"I got it" Martin kisses her "See you Wednesday"
"Bye" Grace closes the door and goes to Marissa "Okay, I'm ready"
"You need to warn Martin, he still doesn't get it"
"I will" Grace sits down with Marissa. "Let's go"
"We'll start with money. You don't have enough, you can only afford me for a month and that includes the family and friends discount"
"Give me a list with names and a phone and I'll raise money, don't worry about it"
"Then it's time for the most boring vetting ever." Marissa looks at her computer "You're clean, not skeletons in your closet. It's kind of scary; because
either you're good and boring or you have been planning every step for years like a evil master mind"
"It doesn't matter, it only matters how people perceives it"
"I like politician's kids; you already know what's up. But seriously, you haven't done anything wrong? You have to tell me now"
"When I was in France I had a purely sexual affair with a Parisian, but I didn't tell him my real name so we're good"
"Ha, ha very funny Grace…"Marissa observes the seriousness in Grace's face "I'll make a note of that...Now your family, the little hic ups your brother had
recently with his company were already addressed in your father's latest campaign; so we follow that course. Jackie and Veronica moved to Florida, we don't
care about them. Also, your mom's cases don't involve the city anymore, so that's good but check on her…We move on to appearances"
"You're pretty"
Grace laughs "Thank you"
"And very photogenic"
"Where are you going with this, Marissa?"
"You're too young for the job. You don't have enough experience. We'll have to embellish your resume. Find a case we can exploit, a case that makes
people sees you as more than a pretty face"
"I'm thinking a couple of cases of gang violence and Geneva is backing me up"
"Good, next thing: You're not married and you don't have kids"
"Come on" Grace rolls her eyes.
"Listen people don't have a problem with single or divorce politicians, although they do prefer candidates with family. The one thing they hate is
engaged candidates. The voters think an engaged person is going to waste time planning a wedding or is going to elope after taking office. So don't get
engaged with Martin"
"I wasn't planning to"
"Perfect, next your student loans…"
"Are we going back to money?" Grace asks "I finally paid my debt. It was really, really hard. What's the problem?"
"The problem isn't the money. The problem is the loans existed. You come from a wealthy family, so why did your parents pay for your brother's college and
not yours?"
"I thought this was a good thing. People can identify with me"
"Of course, every time someone says you're a brat with a silver spoon we'll use the 'She paid her way through college' card. But the rest of the voters like the
idea of you being Princess Florrick"
"Please, don't call me that. Where does that even comes from?"
"A reporter wrote a story about the Vazquez case mentioning you and someone in the comments called you Princess Florrick, it stuck"
"It's silly"
"You're Princess Florrick, Grace. Your family is been serving the fine people of Chicago since the 1930's. They like your family and they want to know
why you spit on their face and didn't accept their money for college"
"What? That's ridiculous"
"I agree with you, but you don't have skeletons in your closet so your enemies are going to nit-pick everything else. Like, when Jackie Florrick died she
left you an important amount of money and you turned it down"
"I didn't turn it down, I gave it to Zach. He was starting his company, he just had a baby, and he needed it more. Everyone pitch in"
"You had loans to pay, you had needs too"
"I was living according to my means and money didn't seem that important"
"Wrong answer. What? You don't like money? Are you a hippie?"
"I saw it as a long term investment in my brother's company, because I believe in people starting their own business" Grace replies.
"Good and why didn't you let your parents pay your school?"
"I wanted to be independent, to face the world on my own. But I knew I had my family's support at anytime, no matter what."
"Okay, that's better. Make sure everyone is in the same page" Marissa checks her list "Moving to your dad's event. What are you going to wear?"
Their meeting continues.
Days later, Grace Florrick visits her brother's software company. They are at the garden on the roof top of the building; Grace likes the view of the city from
"I like to have lunch here" Zach tells her.
"I can see why"
"How are you doing Grace?"
"I'm doing fine, how is Andrea and the kids?" Grace asks "Are they enjoying the suburbs?"
"Andrea really likes it, I miss the city though. But it was that or moving to Michigan with her family. Now I'm just complaining, sorry. What's up, Grace?"
"Remember the money Jackie left us on her will?"
"I remember she gave more money to Lauren Lytton"
"It was fair, Lauren took care for her in the end. Anyway, my part of the money that I gave it to you…"
"You want it back? Just give me a few days and I'll transfer it to you"
"No, I don't want it back. I want to ask you a favor if anyone questions you about it, I need you to tell them that I invested in your company
and I don't have a feud with our parents"
Zach frowns "Why would anyone ask me about it?"
"Because I'm running for State's Attorney of Cook County"
"You..." Zach laughs "Yeah, alright. I think its great"
"Do you?"
"I wouldn't do it. I don't want the spotlight, but I can see you in that role, go for it Grace"
"Thank you"
"Have you told mom and dad?"
"I told dad, he's pretty happy about it"
"And mom?"
"She hasn't return from Washington, I'm going to wait" Grace says "Tell her in person"
"You don't want to tell her because she's not gonna like it"
"Come on Zach"
"I'm just saying" Zach laughs again "You're insane Grace"
Days later Grace visits Alicia's law firm. After her term as SA ended, Alicia formed a law firm that focus on civil right cases and class action lawsuits
against big corporations. Alicia got tired of defending criminals and she got tired of bureaucracy, this is the best option Alicia came up with to practice
the law.
"Ms. Florrick, your mother will be here in 5 minutes" the assistant tells her.
"Thank you, Patrick" As Grace sits on the waiting room she feels very proud of her mom. She sees the photos of her mother shaking hands with
activists and community leaders.
"Grace" Alicia enters the room. She still is a beautiful elegant woman but now she has some gray on her hair.
"Hello mom" Grace stands up and hugs her mother. "How was Washington?"
"The city is beautiful as always, the politicians living there not so much"
"Come in" Alicia opens the door of her office "Want a coffee?"
"I'm fine, thank you"
"Patrick, please coffee for me" Alicia sits down at her desk "Please take a sit. Let's catch up. How is work? Hey congrats on the Vasquez case. I send
you and Geneva and email"
"Yeah, I read it. Thank you"
"How is Martin?"
"Actually mom, I'm between court appointments I don't have much time"
"Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to keep you waiting but the traffic on the freeway was awful"
"It's okay"
"Here is your coffee Mrs. Florrick" the assistant leaves the cup on the desk "Anything else?"
"Hold my calls, please. Thank you" Grace waits for Patrick to close the door and Alicia notices it. Her mother instincts kick in. "Is everything alright?"
"Mom, I'm running for State's Attorney for Cook's County"
Alicia stares blankly at Grace "You're kidding, right?"
"No, I'm announcing in two weeks"
"You…But Grace…I mean…Why?"
"Growing up in this city I know the importance of public servants determine to…"
"Stop, stop" Alicia sees Grace knows answers are for dopes "I'm your mom not a reporter. Give me an answer, why are you running?"
"Because I believe I'm the right person for the job" Grace says. "I want it"
"I don't think that's the right choice for you, Grace. Why don't you go back to the private sector? You could start your own firm." Alicia smiles "It would be
"I don't think so"
"Or why don't you take some time off? Go to Europe like you always wanted"
"I studied a semester in France"
"You were in school; you didn't have time to really enjoy the country. What do you say? I'll pay for the trip"
"I have to decline your very generous offer"
"What about you and Martin? You've been together for a year now, right? Maybe it's time to tie the knot, have a baby"
"Are you seriously advising me to get married and have kids instead of a big career move?"
"You're right, forget it. I'm sorry" Alicia shakes her head "Grace…I don't think the world of politics is for you. And believe me, the State's Attorney office is
nothing but politics. You'd be wasting your potential. If you want to help people you can join Florrick and Associates, come work for me. We do a lot of good
"You don't exactly…" Grace shakes her head. "Never mind"
"What were you going to say?"
"You don't take cases because you want to help people. You do it because you're more comfortable practicing the law that way. And you found a way to be
profitable taking your part out of the settlements you get"
"And becoming a politician is so noble? Are you going to look for the little people?"
"Okay. Mom, I have to go" Grace gets up from her seat "I was here to make sure we were on the same page in case the media came asking questions,
but mom, I beg you if anyone asks you say: No comment"
"Fair enough. No comment"
"Bye mom. I'm late for court"
Alicia remains in a bad mood for the rest of the day. It affects her romantic dinner with her boyfriend Luke.
"Is there something wrong with your food? We can send it back" He raises his hand.
"What? No, the food is fine. Don't call the waiter" Alicia leans back on her chair. "I'm not hungry"
"What's wrong?"
"My daughter wants to get in to politics" Alicia sighs "I think it's a bad move for her. Politics is a coldblooded environment; they chew you up and spit
you up. I spend a week in Washington deposing lobbyists and I hated every minute of it"
"Does she want to be a lobbyist?"
"No, she wants to run for office here in Chicago"
"Well someone has to do it. Maybe Grace would do a good job, she's a nice person"
"Nice people don't last in politics"
"Wait, are you worried that Grace is going to enter politics and get hurt or that she's going to be good at it?"
"Both" Alicia replies "Can we get drunk tonight?"
"We sure can" Luke raises his hand again "Waiter?"
The next day in the South side of Chicago, a man arrives to a little non profit organization call 'Painting futures' that helps teens through arts.
"Mindy, did we get a response for the Mayor's office?" He puts his jacket on the back of the chair and sits at his desk "My phone isn't synching with our
email account. Stupid 5G"
"Yes we did. We're invited to the event." Mindy stands on the doorframe and reads the email from her tablet.
"But the Mayor won't attend it"
"The Chief of education will be there. That's who we want, right?"
"Yeah, but I want a chance with the Mayor. I have the perfect anecdote so he'll remember us" He sighs "Who is going to give the speech?"
"His daughter" Mindy replies "Not the teenager, the old one"
"What? Let me see" He takes the tablet away from Mindy "Holy shit! It's Grace"
The night of the gala at Grace's apartment, the lawyer is on the phone with her boyfriend.
"I'm sorry I can't go with you" Martin tells Grace.
"I understand, you had your business trip scheduled for months"
"I'll be back in a week"
"I'll be waiting. Good luck"
"Bye Grace, I love you"
"Me too" Grace hangs up the phone.
"Are you done?" Marissa says.
"I'm done with my phone call, Marissa. What you got for me?"
"Here are the final design of the web site" Marissa shows her. "The names and tags for your social media"
"Looks great"
"We'll shot your video this weekend"
"Got it"
"I did some polling, I'm very happy with those numbers" Marissa says "By the way, my dad find out I was doing polls for a Florrick and he got real
happy about it. He gave us his blessing"
"Dad and Eli still talk to each other every week"
"It's a strong bromance. Speaking of your dad, I got his statement and I approved it"
"Is your mom going to send me her official statement?"
"No because she doesn't want me to run" Grace answers "'No comment is her official statement"
"We need her"
"We need her? You told me to get my mom on the same page"
"Yes, so she could endorse you"
"No we don't need her. I have Geneva, Pastor Isaiah, my dad and tonight I'm talking to the chairman Democratic committee" Grace says "I'll be fine"
"Do I need to explain the Princess Florrick thing again?"
"Marissa, she hates the idea of me running"
"She hates it? Why?"
"Forget it. I'll kiss more babies and hug more old people if I have to, okay?"
"Okaaaay" Marissa isn't satisfied with the situation and makes a mental note to talk with Alicia. "Come on, go get ready. You don't want to be late tonight"
They arrived on time to the hotel ballroom; Grace has to give the welcoming speech of the night.
"You got this, Grace" Marissa tells her "Peace of pie. Easy breezy"
"Marissa, I'm fine" Grace smiles then she's introduced and walks to the podium.
"Good evening, I know you were expecting Mayor Florrick but there is a Cubs game on tonight so dad stayed home to watch it"
The audience laughs.
"But in all seriousness the Mayor and the city of Chicago care about higher education and that includes our seven community colleges and the private
schools in the city area..."
Grace delivers the speech perfectly, making Marissa really happy.
"You nailed it" the campaign manager tells Grace when she steps down.
"Thank you but it's an easy crowd"
"Hey, take the compliment" Marissa tells her. "Dinner will be served in 20 minutes. You have time to mingle, shake hands, and tell them your name
again. I'll go get the photographer and then the chairman"
Grace sees a familiar faces at one of the tables and goes to say hello.
"Mrs. Lockhart, good to see you here"
"Ms. Florrick, hello." Grace shakes Diane's hand.
"How is teaching at Chicago Law School?" Grace asks.
"It's been a wonderful experience so far, I might be retired but I still love the law. But I'm here for my law firm internships"
"Right, right I remember your interns"
"A few months ago you vehemently reprehend it one of them"
"Actually, your lawyer tried to blame the intern for his mistakes on a official document" Grace says "I told him off"
"Well he probably deserved it then" Diane tells her "Nice talking you"
"Had a nice evening Ms. Lockhart"
Someone taps on Grace's shoulder making the lawyer turn around.
"What was up with that Cubs reference? Go Sox"
"Connor?" Grace eyes widen.
"Hey Grace" Connor says with a smile. "It's been a long time."
"I can't believe is you" Grace hugs him and Connor accepts the gesture.
"Believe it."
"What are you doing here?"
"I'm working for an architecture firm but I'm here because I work part time in a NPO called 'Painting the future' I didn't pick the name by the way."
"I see, you're networking"
"Actually tonight I was planning to talk with your dad. Tell him: Mr. Mayor, did you know I went to school with your daughter" Connor says. "But talking
to you is so much better"
"I like talking to you too" Grace says "You look…You look nice. I never saw you in suit and tie before"
"I changed my style, but I still have my earring" Connor points to his ear. "You look good too. The shorter hair looks good on you"
"Thank you" Grace has her hair down to her shoulders. "Hey…"
"Grace" Marissa interrupts them, doesn't even notices Connor "I need you now!"
"Okay...one second"
"Go, you're busy" Connor says.
"Let me give you my number"
"Okay" Connor gives Grace his cell phone and she saves the number for him.
"We'll catch up" Grace tells him but Marissa is already taking her away.
"Yeah, we'll catch up." Connor nods.
"Madam Chairman, this is Grace Florrick" Marissa makes the introductions.
"Nice meeting you" Grace tells her. After a quick chat the photographer takes their picture together.
"You're doing great" Marissa whispers to Grace.
"I know" Grace can help but to look back and see Connor. "Everything is going according to plan"
Joan Cordero is sitting at Grace's desk waiting for her friend and coworker.
"Good morning Grace, how was your event last night?" Joan shows her the photo of Grace at the education gala.
"It was fine. Thank you"
"Cut the crap Grace. Do you want to be next State's Attorney?"
"I don't know what you're talking about" Grace takes of her coat.
"Grace, come on. Do you want to my boss?"
"Listen Joan, I'm considering it"
"Really? Is that why you're doing favors for the Mayor?"
"You mean my dad?" Grace smiles to put her friend at ease. "Joan, in politics nothing is spontaneous. If I want to run I can't just announce it to the
winds, there are many steps on the way, many people had to know in advance"
"A long way to say: Yes I'm running, please keep the secret"
"Yes, I'm running, please keep the secret"
"Fine, I'm not going to respect you as my boss anyway" Joan says "I don't even think you'll win"
"Okay, I got it, you're mad at me"
"Good morning ladies" Geneva Pine stops by the office.
"Good morning Geneva" The ASA say.
"Joan, you're going to take the Curry case"
"That is my case" Grace says.
"Not anymore. I have a special task for you. Update and double check all the files for next months appeals" Geneva says "Ask Graham to send them to
"Then go to work" Geneva leaves them alone.
"I think she's punishing you for going after her job"
"I better star working on it" Grace knows Geneva is helping her; the Curry case is going to be long and difficult. Grace can't handle it while campaigning.
Then she gets a text from Connor interrupting her thoughts.
- Coffee tonight?
Grace replies with an "Okay"
To be concluded…

"Summer of Grace" - Chapter 17
Title: Summer of Grace
Rating: PG 13
Sumary:The Florrick household could face another scandal, and this time Grace decides she's not sticking around for it. So the teen girl goes on a road trip without her parents permission looking for answers.
Chapter 17: The Last Lunch
Grace arrives safe and sound to Chicago.
Also in fanfiction.net

At the swearing in ceremony, Alicia looked one more time at the door, she was hoping that maybe, just maybe. Then she saw her daughter entering the
room. "Grace's here, Grace's here"
"What?" Eli looked at the girl on her way to the stage. He made a gesture to hold on the ceremony.
"Let her through" Alicia said from the top of the steps to the police men guarding the place.
Grace walked up the steps very quickly "Hi mom"
Alicia hugged her daughter very tight. "I missed you so much, Grace"
"Me too, mom"
"And just because I'm happy to see you it doesn't mean you won't get grounded"
"I'm sorry to break up the moment but the ceremony is starting" Eli told them.
"Right, the ceremony" Alicia let go of Grace "Do you know what to do?"
"Yeah" Grace replied.
"Then come with me"
"Uhm...are you sure? You looked very...uh...casual" Eli said looking at the girl in jeans, snickers and the hoodie.
"I don't mind"
"You can't wear advertisement for a University" Eli point at the Sycamores logo.
"Oh" Grace took off the hoodie and gave it to Eli. "I'm ready"
"Let's go"
Grace couldn't stop smiling during the ceremony.
"Please, rise your right hand" The Judge told her and Alicia obeyed. "Now repeat after me: I do solemnly swear that I will support the constitution of the
United States"
"I will support the constitution of the United States "
"And the constitution of the state of Illinois"
"And the constitution of the state of Illinois" Alicia looked over at Grace and can't help to smile too.
"And that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of state's attorney according to the best of my ability."
"And that I will faithfully discharge the duties of the office of state's attorney according to the best of my ability."
"Congratulations, State Attorney Alicia Florrick" The Judge shook her hand. The flashes of the cameras fill the room.
"Thank you"
"Congratulations, mom" Grace hugged her mom.
After the ceremony she and other members of the community answer questions for the press.
"Mrs. Florrick what are your priorities today?"
"We have to start working, review cases like the Veretti murder and make sure everything is working like supposed to"
"Mrs. Florrick, your ex husband was here, how's your relationship with Peter now?"
"I'm in good terms with Governor Florrick"
"Is it true your son Zach had a baby with a former intern of the senate?"
"I don't comment on rumors, speculations, or personal issues"
"Mrs. Florrick, how many terms do you see yourself in the job?"
Alicia smiled "I'm taking one day at the time"
4 years later.
Alicia walks through the empty office space. She checks the windows, the door and she switches on and off the lights.
"It's small" Simone Canning walked behind her.
"And I don't like the color of the rug" Alicia looks down to the floor.
"But the location is great"
"Yeah" Alicia smiles "I think this would do. What do you say partner?"
"I think it's perfect for Florrick & Associates"
"I thought you wanted Canning & Associates" Alicia says. "People are associating Florrick with failure"
"No. I don't want to use the name of my dead husband…also, I don't want to attract the kind of clients he had" Simone says. "Let's take a chance with your
"Are you sure?"
"Or we could use only our initials" Simone suddenly has the idea "F&C?"
"I'm not a fan of initials"
"Alright, Florrick and Associates it is." They shake hands
Between interviews and getting photographed Owen and Veronica congratulated Alicia.
"We're proud of you, sis"
"Thank you Owen…Mom, are you crying?"
"I got a little bit emotional, can you blame?"
Owen and Alicia looked at each other, they knew how odd it was for Veronica to cry in these type of ceremonies.
"It's okay, mom" Alicia told her.
"I'm all right" Veronica blew her nose "I'm going back to the apartment; Owen is giving me a ride"
"Hey, Marissa gave me your car keys" Owen handed over the keys to Alicia. "She said she called you later"
"Alright then, see you later"
Meanwhile Grace took the opportunity to talk to Geneva. "Good morning, Ms. Pine"
"Good morning Grace"
"So you're going to work with my mom now"
"Dad always said you were an excellent lawyer"
"Good to know my work had an impact" Geneva's husband waved at her, he was leaving.
"Who's that?"
Geneva frowned; she didn't know why Grace was interested in her.
"My husband Michael"
"You got married? Congratulations"
"Thank you. It was last year"
"Do I keep calling you Miss Pine? Or maybe I could call you Geneva?" Grace smiled.
"Once you graduate from law school, you can call me Geneva"
"How do you know I want to be a lawyer?"
"Call it a hunch"
"Grace" Peter and Zach approached her. "There you are"
"Hi dad, hi Zach"
"Peter, nice to see you"
"Geneva" Peter shook her hand "I'm happy to see you're getting your due. You'd be a great deputy"
"Thank you. Now excuse me"
Geneva left the Florricks to themselves.
"She always seems angry" Zach said.
"No, she's just dedicated" Peter told him
"She's awesome" Grace said.
"Come on, let's go with your mom" Peter told them.
10 years ago in the State's Attorney Office.
"Did you call Peter?" Matan Brody asked Geneva.
"Yes, he's on his way" Geneva stood up from her desk.
"Are you going to meet him?"
"To brief him as soon as possible"
Geneva headed for the main entrance, Matan followed her close behind.
"What are you doing?"
"What? We're briefing Peter"
"Are you really that desperate to impress him?"
"I don't know what you're talking about"
"Damn it. Childs is already at the door." Geneva saw Glen Childs standing next the entrance.
"Good morning" the man said very dryly. "I can take that file Geneva"
"It's not necessary"
"I'm up to speed, I can brief Peter"
"Hello everyone" the State Attorney walked in with his daughter by his side.
"Peter we got new info from the hit on Cincotta last week" Childs told him.
"The word on the streets is that it was Bishop to gain territory and..." Geneva continued the briefing.
"Hold on" Peter told his subordinates. "This is my daughter Grace. She wanted to come with me to work this morning."
"Oh...hi" Geneva said.
"Good morning" Grace told them.
"Hello young lady" Child said "My son Glen Jr. is around her age. It's important to spend time with them, bond with them"
"Don't you have stay home nanny?" Geneva said.
"Excuse me?"
"As I was saying" Geneva ignored Childs and continued "Detective Mathew's C.I. said Cincotta and Bishop made payments to people in city hall."
"Our private Investigator confirmed at least 3 names" Childs said.
"Now Cincotta is dead they're unprotected" Geneva told him.
"This could be the break we needed" Its all Matan contributed to the conversation.
"Let's go with the Judge now, we need the arrest warrants" Peter said. "Oh, Geneva would you please take Grace to my office and look after her?"
"Thank you" Peter kneeled down "Gracie be a good girl and stay with Miss. Pine, okay?
"Alright daddy"
"Okay, let's go" the men left them alone. Geneva was sure Peter only asked her because she was a woman.
"Boy's club" Geneva said.
"What?" Grace asked her.
"Nothing...uh...do I need to hold your hand?"
"Then follow me"
Geneva didn't like kids, she didn't want to have kids and she deeply dislike anyone who told her she wasn't a real woman unless she was a mother.
"Miss. Pine, wait for me."
Grace's voice took a moment to register in Geneva's head.
"What did you say?" She stopped and looked back.
"You walk too fast" The ten years old complained. She was holding tigh to her back pack.
"Sorry" She waited for Grace and then she put her hand on the girl's shoulder. "Walk next to me"
"Okay...are you a lawyer too?"
"You catch bad guys like my dad?"
"You like it?"
"Yes" Geneva sighed.
"Hey Geneva, are you a babysitter now?"
"Save it, Kalinda. I'm not in the mood" They passed by the investigator. "Okay, this is Peter's office. You can sit down on the couch and..."
"I'll sit here" Grace sat down on his dad chair. The desk looked especially big with the piles of files on it.
"Don't touch anything"
"I won't" Grace took out of her backpack her copy Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows and began to read in silence.
"All right, let's read" Geneva grabbed one of the files on the desk and read in silence too. That afternoon Peter's administration started a series of arrests of
corrupted officials, earning him the nickname of 'The Hammer'
"Mrs. Florrick, can we get a photo of the family?"
"Governor, a photo with the State's Attorney" The press asked the Florricks when they saw them together.
"What do you say, Alicia?" Peter asked her.
"I'd love that"
Without hesitation Peter put his arm around Alicia, and they held Zach and Grace for the photo. Soon the excitement died down and the Florricks were
ready to go on with their lives.
"Peter, would you take the kids with you? I got to go to my new office, Geneva is waiting for me"
"Wait, this is it? We see each other five minutes and move on?" Grace asked them.
"I have to go back to Georgetown"
"You don't have classes yet. You could leave later today" Grace told him.
"I have an office to run" Alicia said.
"Me too"
"Come on, when is going to be next time we're all together?"
"You left the day we were supposed to be all together" Zach said.
"Considering everything that was going, it would've been a catastrophic family reunion. We're fine now, we could have lunch together" Grace told her family.
"Mom, dad, you're still need a break to eat, right?"
"It's my first day, I'm not gonna go out for a lunch break"
"We could order in and eat in your office" Zach said "You don't have to go anywhere"
"My office?"
"I have business near your office today, I could drop by around 1 pm" Peter told her.
"Please, mom" Grace said.
"I'm willing to stay. I want to know Grace's punishment for running away" Zach said.
"Okay" Alicia smiled "Go get the food at meet me at the office. I have to go"
"Great! See you later, mom"
Alicia left to start her job, leaving Peter, Zach and Grace to plan the lunch.
"So what are we ordering, kids?"
"We could have Harold's" Grace told them.
"Harold's?" Zach frowned.
"Yeah, fried chicken from Harold's chicken shack."
"I know what it is, but I never had any"
"Really?" Peter asked "Let's rectify that."
"Is that good?" Zach asked them.
"It's not the best fried chicken in the world but when you're in the mood for Harold's" Grace said. "You can only have Harold's"
The Florricks had their lunch in Alicia's office; they appreciated every minute of it. They had the feeling it wouldn't happen any time soon, and they were
right, that was the last time they had time together, just the four of them. They we'll see each other in all the graduations, birthdays, holidays and weddings
to come, but it wasn't ever the same.
That night, Eli walked to his apartment and found Marissa doing her laundry again. He didn't have the energy to scold her about it.
"Hi dad"
"I didn't see you at the ceremony. You abandoned your boss" Eli took of his tie; he always seemed so alien to Marissa when he wasn't wearing a tie.
"I gave Alicia her car back and went home. I needed a break from the Florricks"
"Uh...I had that feeling before" Eli sat on the couch, closed his eyes and rested his head.
"You really like your job, don't you dad?"
"I do. What's your job status now, Marissa? Is Alicia putting you on the pay role?"
"About that..." Marissa put down her laundry basket and sat down on the coffee table.
"I'm not going to like this" Eli opened his eyes.
"I don't want to be an assistant or an intern. I want to be you"
"No, you don't"
"Dad, I loved it. The elections, the polls, the interviews, fixing problems on the fly. I want to be like you"
"Marissa, I just want you to be happy"
"I think this will make me happy, dad" Marissa told him "So where do I start?"
Grace was happy to be home again. She took a long bath, called her friends Sarah and Jennifer, took a nap and helped Veronica pack her bag. She made
dinner and waited for Alicia to get home.
"I think this belongs to you" Alicia entered the apartment carrying Grace's backpack. "It was in the trunk"
"Oh thanks" Grace took the backpack. "How was your first day?"
"It was very busy. Which is exactly what I need it after all these days of doing nothing" Alicia put her purse on the table and took off her coat.
"I'm happy if you're happy, mom"
"Well, I'm happy right now" Alicia kissed Grace's forehead "Where is grandma?"
"She took a sleeping pill and turned in early. Her flight is early tomorrow."
"Okay, Zach called me, he arrived at Georgetown"
"Are you hungry? Want some pasta?"
"Did mom cook it?"
"No, I did" Grace answered.
"Then yes, I want pasta"
Alicia got a glass of wine and they sat to eat on the dinner table.
"I guess you don't care, but I read some articles about your ceremony and they were mostly all positive"
The lawyer sighed "I wish I could have the job without the media's scrutiny"
"They have to inform the people"
"But sometimes they go overboard, they get it completely wrong or they make it up"
"Like Zach being a new dad"
Alicia tilted her head "That's not entirely the media's fault. Grace, do you know why it had to be you in the ceremony?" Alicia asked her.
"Hmmm...because swearing by the bible doesn't mean anything to you"
Alicia smiled "No, is not that. You believe in me more than anyone in this world. Even if I disappointed you more than once..."
"No, mom…"
"It's true, Grace. You left with Jennifer for a reason. You didn't think this was your home, did you?"
"But it's my home, I know that now, mom. And as a family we'll made mistakes. I should've spoke up sooner, try to talk to you and dad."
"Well, I'm working on getting over some issues I have."
"What do you mean?"
"I'm going to therapy. So, hopefully, I'll learn something, some personal growth" Alicia raised her glass "Always place for improvement"
"I think I grew up quite a lot this summer. I understand our family better"
"You finally met your Aunt Adeele. Did she tell you all the dirty secrets?"
"Yes, she told me about my great grandfather murdered by the mob"
"I thought that was a legend"
"No, it's real. She showed me the news articles. Thanks to Aunt Adeela I understand Jackie better and I figured it out why dad doesn't talk much about his
"Oh, the Judge was an imposing character" Alicia poured more wine on her glass.
"Look" Grace opened her backpack "Aunt Adeele took this photo of me. I should frame it."
"You look beautiful" Alicia looked at the photo "I think I have the perfect frame for it."
"I have a bunch of stuff to show you, mom. I did interpretive dance with Jennifer, I got it on video. Here's the SD card" Grace got the gadget from her
bag, she connected it to blu ray player and show Alicia the dance.
"What do you think?"
"Those are bold dance moves" Alicia chuckled.
"Don't laugh"
"I'm not laughing. If it's interpretive dancing, what were you interpreting?"
"The dance is about me. It's called 'Summer of Grace', is about my search for freedom…I think. Jennifer came up wit it"
"Very flattering to have a dance named after you. What else did you do this summer?"
"I visited Fargo; I met a former White Sox player in Miami. All the colleges I visited with Uncle Owen are beautiful"
"Have you picked what college are you going next year?"
"I don't know. They were all great but I think it's going to depend on my major"
"And then law school?"
"Yes mom. I still want to be a lawyer but I'm not going to Georgetown"
"Why not?"
"I don't want to follow that family tradition" Grace answered "I'll find my alma matter somewhere else"
"I understand" Alicia was a tad disappointed "Are you going to Indiana State? Is that why you visited it?"
"No, no, no. That would be a slippery slope for me. I'll tell you my plans soon"
"I can't believe it. Our last year together before you go to college"
"We'll always have the Holidays to get together" Grace said. "By the way, I told dad and Ramona I'm spending Thanksgiving Day with them"
"And what about me?"
"We'll have Christmas together mom, you like Christmas better"
"I do" Alicia smiled. "I love you Grace"
"I never doubted that mom. I love you too." Grace smiled too.
"But you're still grounded" Alicia said.
"I'm okay with being home for the next weeks."
Year 2028 at the Cook County's State's Attorney.
ASA Joan Cordero is conducting a job interview to a female lawyer. "Please sit down" Joan says with politeness.
"Thank you" the woman in her late twenties says.
"I have your resume uploaded here" Joan scrolls down on her tablet "So Florrick? That name in this town...Uff"
"Is it good or bad?" The interviewee asks.
"Depend on who you ask. Anyway, you studied philosophy in Wellesley College and then Yale Law School. Didn't President Rodham Clinton study in those
same schools?"
"I think so. Merely a coincidence"
"Then you work for two years at Godwin and Associates in New York. You like to move around, uh?" Joan continues reading the CV "What did you do in that
Law Firm?"
"I was a junior associate; I mostly work on criminal law and litigation" She smiles "I know my way around a court room"
"Aha, tell me, why do you want to work here?" Joan puts away the tablet.
"I was born and raised in Chicago, I love this city and I want to give back to people here"
"I'll be honest with you; you are overqualified for this job. You shouldn't be an ASA"
"Well I..."
"Grace?" Geneva Pine walks in.
"Madam State's Attorney, nice to see you again" Grace Florrick stands up to shake hands with Geneva.
"You can call me Geneva now" The SA smiles "How's your mom?"
"She's very happy I'm back in Chicago"
"I'm sure she is. You're here for the ASA job, right?"
"Yes but apparently I'm not right for the job" Grace looks at Joan.
"Nonsense" Geneva grabs the tablet and reads Grace's resume "Everything looks good. You know how little we pay right?"
"Okay you're hired. When you can start?"
"Today if you want me to"
"You just arrived to town, so I let you settle in. Come in tomorrow morning" Geneva tells her "Joan will show you around the office"
"Thank you Geneva, Ms. Cordero I'll see you tomorrow" Grace leaves the room.
"She's overqualified; she's a rich girl who wants to feel good about her self by catching bad guys. Why did you hire her?" Joan asks her boss.
"Didn't you catch her name?"
"She's related to the Florricks?"
"Their daughter"
"I thought the Florricks didn't have any more pull in this town"
"They both called me and let me know she really wanted the job"
"Yay for nepotism" Joan says sarcastically.
"At least she's not underqualified. Come on; give her a chance"
"I give her 3 months before she quits" Joan says.
To be continued…
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"Summer of Grace" - Chapter 16
Title: Summer of Grace
Rating: PG 13
Sumary:The Florrick household could face another scandal, and this time Grace decides she's not sticking around for it. So the teen girl goes on a road trip without her parents permission looking for answers.
Chapter 16: Run, Grace, run!
Grace confronts her ex boyfriend about their abrupt breakup, but will she make it on time for Alicia's  swearing in ceremony?
It was Connor's first weekend in the college campus, he felt like a fish out of water and so far he hadn't met any potential friends. So he was happy to see Grace there, but then he was very confused.
"You came all the way here to say 'F' you' to me?" He asked Grace.
"Yes! You broke up with me because it was the best for me? Really?" Grace walked to him and poked his chest, she regretted the poking, but she carried on"You're a jerk"
"I'm a jerk?"
"And fine whatever, we didn't have to date anymore. But I could use you as a friend when everything was going to hell"
Connor half smiled "I told you before I like you too much to just be your friend"
"Wait, this is your ex boyfriend?" Marissa saw the earring, the hair cut, the rings, the dark jeans, the black jacket and for some reason purple and pink nails. She was smiling amused by the situation "Man, I knew there had to be something behind your goody two-shoes image, Grace"
"What are you talking about?"
"Come on Grace, you're Sandy Olsen and he is…" Marissa observed him again "Not Danny Zuko, more like J.D. from 'Heathers'"
"Who the hell are you?" Connor asked with annoyance.
"Marissa Gold, executive assistant and friend of the family. Nice to meet you"
"Hey Marissa, ain't a sociopath planning to blow up the school, got it?"
"The attitude and the attire says otherwise"
"And I need to talk to Grace alone, so take a hike"
"Whoa, I'm not listening to you"
"Why can't you just meet a person without starting an argument?" Grace asked Connor.
"Me? She compared me to a murderer" The boy complained.
"Oh please, it was a fictional murderer" Marissa looked over at her friend "Grace, do you want me to stay or go?"
"Its okay, you can go" Grace told her.
"Okay. I'll be in the car. But if he starts talking about bombs and society, call 911" Marissa left them alone.
Grace crossed her arms "I want an explanation from you."
"Alright, I'll tell you but let's get away from all these people"
Grace didn't move. "Why are your nails painted pink and purple?"
"Mindy was sad I was leaving for college so I played with her all week. Including being her model for nail polish" He scratched the paint off his thumb's nail "I forgot to take it off"
There it was the boy Grace liked so much, without the tough guy attitude. "Where do you want to go?"
"The fountain is a nice spot"
"Okay, let's go"
In Chicago Alicia got a call from Marissa.
"There was traffic when we left Chicago, we got lost for a while and we made two stops that's why we got here so late"
"Marissa, if it gets too late you should stay there. I don't want you driving at night, okay? You can came back tomorrow"
"What about your ceremony?"
"It doesn't matter, your safety is more important"
"Alright, I'll call you back. Bye"
"Bye" Alicia sighed deeply.
"Are you okay, sweetie?" Veronica offered Alicia a glass of wine; it was past 5 o'clock after all.
"Thank you, mom"
"Don't worry about Grace, she'll be fine. A little rebellion doesn't hurt anyone" Veronica told her "I remember when you rebelled"
"Mom, I never rebelled as a teen. That never happened"
"Then what do you call leaving on graduation night? You ran away to college" Veronica put her hand on her hip "It is what kids do; they leave to have experiences and adventures. Gracie took this summer to do exactly that"
"It's hard to let them go"
"I know" Veronica said "You should talk it over with your therapist"
"How do you know I'm in therapy? Owen!"
8 years ago.
Alicia saw a white object fly by her kitchen.
"What was that?"
"Sorry, that was my soccer" Grace ran to get the ball.
"Don't play inside the house"
"Okay" Grace went to the backyard to kick the ball around.
"Hey, we went shopping" Peter walked in the kitchen and put a shopping bag on the table "Got her the whole kit"
"The soccer shoes, soccer ball, jersey, shin guards, she's joining the soccer team in school"
"Peter, you didn't have to buy everything"
"She asked me and I'm happy to please her. What s wrong with that?"
"Nothing but Grace changes interests every six months. She's been into anthropology, watercolor painting, photography, swimming, and astronomy. We have
a telescope nobody uses"
"She's discovering her likes. I support her"
"Me too but I don't think she should get too deep into this if she's going to abandon it in a few months"
"But what if she doesn't? What if she's the next captain of the National Team? She could win the World Cup"
Suddenly the soccer ball crashed through the window.
"Sorry!" Grace yelled.
Alicia looked at Peter and he just smiled. "Well, she's got a powerful kick."
Grace and Connor walked to the Dede Plaza, they sat down on the concrete bleachers.
"So?" Grace said first. "You broke up with me in the rudest way possible"
Connor kept his gaze on the fountain. "It worked. You were angry instead of sad."
"That's very manipulative of you"
"No, listen, I didn't want to hurt you" Connor looked at her.
"I was angry and hurt"
"Becca's idea was way worst. She wanted to tell you that she and I had sex"
"Jesus" Grace shook her head.
"My plan worked. You are better off without me as an obstacle"
"Obstacle for what?"
"Things" Connor shrugged.
"Things?" Grace raised her eyebrows.
"You're going to do other things with your life, you know, bigger and better things"
"You gotta be kidding me. You don't believe in destiny"
"It isn't about destiny; it's about wasting your potential…Hey, where did you go this summer? You have a nice tan; it looks good on you"
"Don't give me that look. I'm angry at you, when things got worst I didn't have my friends"
"You have more friends, what about Sarah?"
"Sarah and her family spend their summers in Martha's Vineyard"
"Men, her family are loaded" He said "What about your church group?"
"I quit my church group"
"Oh, well that's not my fault"
"Connor, you don't help people by walking away from their lives"
"In this case, yes" He told her "Hey, remember when you told me you never had Harold's chicken, so I took you to the one in Wabash Ave. with the
bulletproof glass?"
"Yes, I remember. What does that has to do with this?"
"I was trying to shock you but you didn't mind the place" Connor said "Later you told me we had to be discrete in public places because your dad's campaign
and it was better to keep our relationship secret"
"Alright, is that what this is about? I'm sorry Connor" Grace said "It was wrong for me to ask you to keep us a secret"
"No, you were right. Your parents wouldn't give you permission to go to that Harold's; they wouldn't let us date at all. And they would've been right because
I'm not good for you. Seriously tho, did you go the beach?"
Grace sighed deeply. "I was in Miami with my grandmother, you see, I sort of ran away from home"
"You finally did something reckless and rebellious"
"And you missed it"
"Tell me about it"
2 months ago.
"Are you sure you're going to be okay during the summer?" Sarah asked Grace over the phone. "I know you can't talk about it, but this thing with your
parents is getting rough"
"I'll be fine. Have fun on your vacation, Sarah"
"You too, bye Grace"
Grace wasn't fine. The Chum Hum alerts she was getting were worrisome. She needed to keep her self distracted, so she called another friend who didn't
know anything about politics.
Grace met with Jennifer at a coffee house. The eccentric girl told Grace her plans for the summer.
"It's a summer dance tour. We'll dance in festivals, street fairs, malls from Milwaukee to Seattle, we already got the van. It's so rad."
"Are you going to make money on the tour?" The teen girl asked.
"No, I'll probably lose money but I'm doing for the art, I love to perform"
"Grace!" The employee said out loud, her order was ready. Grace went to the counter and got her ice coffee.
"Are you Grace Florrick?" A man asked her.
"Uh..." Grace looked at him trying to guess his intentions.
"Your parents are corrupted"
"Okay" Grace walked around him.
"Hey, I'm serious. They think they can steal elections and getaway with it. I'm tired of corrupted politicians!" The man knocked the coffee out of Grace's
hand. The cup hit the floor and the coffee splashed the girl's jeans.
Grace looked around to see if someone was recording them, she thought it was a setup, but it wasn't. Grace saw the man's eyes, he was truly angry.
"Back off mother flopper! Back off!" Jennifer jumped in; she put Grace's behind her. "Don't touch her"
"I..." the man realizes he yelled at a teen girl, people stared at them. "I'm sorry. Let me, uh, let me get you another coffee"
"No, thanks" Grace left the coffee shop.
"Wait up, Grace" Jennifer followed her. "What's going?"
"There was a new article accusing my father of stealing an election. It snowballed and now he could get impeach" Grace sighed "And there's other thing with
my mom"
"Ooohh, I don't follow politics. Are you okay?"
"Yes" Grace said "Listen, I have to go. I don't feel like hanging out"
"Okay, no problem. But call me if you need anything"
Instead of going home, Grace headed to see Alicia. Grace stepped into the offices of Florrick, Agos & Lockhart; the receptionist spotted right away.
"Miss Florrick?"
"Everybody is recognizing me today"
"Excuse me?"
"Nothing, is my mom here?"
"Yes, you can go in" the receptionist said "Do you know where her office is?"
"I think so" Grace adventured into the halls of the law firm. A couple of lawyers walked by her and she thought she met them before when the firm was in the
apartment. Thanks to the glass walls, the girl saw Alicia in Diane's office.
"It's what is fair for Alicia" Finn was also in the office.
"Your exit package is fair" Diane replied.
"You wouldn't take this deal" Alicia said.
Grace observes the argument from a safe distance, she felt her timing was wrong and left the office. When Grace was in the building's lobby she ran in to the
firm's private investigator.
"Hi Grace" Kalinda said.
"Hey" the girl said without enthusiasm.
"Are you okay?" Kalinda saw something in Grace's eyes.
"Yeah, are you okay?" Kalinda looked like she had missed a couple of nights of sleep.
"I'm okay" The investigator replied.
"Really? Because I'm not okay. It just the polite thing to said when someone asks so they can go on their way and forget they see you that day"
Kalinda half smiled "I'm having a crappy day too"
"What happened?"
"I made a bad man my enemy. What happened to you?"
"My name felt very heavy today"
"I'm going to tell you a secret Grace. I wasn't born Kalinda Sharma I changed my name "
"Why did you change it?"
"I didn't like who I was, or rather I didn't want to be the person others wanted me to be"
"Did it work?"
"To a degree. Do you want my advice?"
"You don't need to change your name, use it. If it feels heavy on your shoulders, just imagine how much your name means to others"
"But..." Grace couldn't ask her another question, Kalinda's phone rang.
"I got to go Grace"
"Okay, hope you're safe"
Grace went to her father's office where Lauren dropped a bomb on her. Ramona was pregnant and Peter was the father.
The next day Grace got a called from her father. He confirmed the situation with Ramona and tried to comfort Grace. It didn't work very well after hanging
up, Grace felt anxious, she knew this time she wouldn't be able to put on a brave face to the world. Grace wanted to scream at the top of her lungs or ran as
fast as she could. She called Jennifer.
"Jennifer, when are you leaving for your tour?"
"In two days"
"Can I go with you? I can help you with your shows and I can pitch in for gas money"
"Of course you can come with me. That would be great, I'll tell the girls"
After Jennifer gave Grace the details, the teen girl kept thinking about the show in Minnesota. It reminded her of the Christmas card Jackie send to that state.
Maybe it was to keep her mind busy, but Grace snooped around Alicia's directory and she found a phone number from Minnesota and the same initials from
the card, with great curiosity Grace dialed the number.
"Hello?" A woman's voice.
"Hi, I'm Jackie Florrick's granddaughter"
"Well, I'm Jackie Florrick's daughter"
In the campus of ISU, Grace continued to tell Connor her summer adventures.
"And I met Ozzie Guillen in the airport of Miami. I took a selfie with him" Grace showed her the photo on her cell phone.
"Ozzie is awesome"
"By the way my brother was an intern for the Cubs this summer"
"He's such a yuppie, he's perfect for the Cubs" Connor said "Wait, did you went from Miami to Chicago to here?"
"No. I was in Peoria for a few days for a family event"
"A wedding or something?"
"No. Promise not to tell?"
"Scout's honor" Connor raised his hand.
"You were never boy scout. You were in juvie, 'Mr. No Good for me'"
Connor laughed "I was in juvie only for a couple of weekends and I never snitched so you can trust me"
"Okay, my dad and his girlfriend had a baby girl. Her name is Elizabeth I call her Liz"
"You seem happy about it" Connor saw Grace's smile.
"I am. I like having a baby sister"
"You're not mad at your dad? Your parents just got divorce, which means your dad was already…"
"The circumstances were complicated. It wasn't black and white" Grace cut him off "I don't judge my parents"
"The press is going to judge him"
"He can take it. He'll take every punch if it means he can protect us. Anyway, I talked with Becca in Chicago and then came down here to hear your ridiculous
"You mean my very logical and solid explanations"
He smiled at her and Grace realized that after all these months, she still like him very much.
"What about you? You picked ISU? It was your least favorite" The girl asked him.
"Well, I wasn't accepted in my first choice, I got in my second option but without a scholarship. Then ISU, my fallback option thanks to you, gave me a full
scholarship. I wanted to go outside the state, so here I am" he shrugged. "Beggars can't be choosers"
"You don't seem happy about it"
"College is weird to me, I have to live here in my first year and I have to adjust some aspects of my personality. I can't be a loner"
Grace heard music behind her. "What's going on over there?"
"An expo for the freshmen or something"
"Let's go. I want to check it out" Grace stood up "Come on, don't be a loner"
Grace and Connor walked through the stands showing the different activities, clubs, and festivities for the upcoming semester.
"Go sycamores" Connor picked up a hoodie "Look Grace, I can have school spirit if buying this"
"Now that I'm not your girlfriend, your grumpiness isn't cute" Grace told him.
Connor put the hoodie back on the stack "If you're mad at me, leave already. Go back to Chicago and I'll stay here. Move on with our lives"
"That's exactly my problem. At the end of the semester we were going to break up anyway, I was prepared for that. Instead you punched Evan in the face
and ruined everything"
"If I had been your boyfriend at the end of school, you would've run away with me instead of Jennifer. I would've got us in trouble and ruined your life. You're
a good person and deserve better"
"God, just stop!" Grace told him "I'm not as good as a person as everybody thinks. My mom, Becca and you have this wholesome vision of me. I'm selfish, I
lie and I'm vain"
The person behind the stand turned the other way when the young couple started to fight.
"Your faults make you human, Grace"
"But your faults make you worthless?"
"I drink, I smoke, I get in fights, last year I slashed Ms. Slavick's tires for screwing you over with that note, I was detained during the Cole Willis' protests for
throwing a bottle at a police car, I stole the liquor for your party" Connor took a quick look at the vendor then he whispered to Grace "And now I'm gonna
steal this hoodie"
The boy grabbed the blue hoodie, put him under his jacket and walked away.
"Wait...you can't...oh crap" Grace followed him.
At a safe distance, Connor took the hoodie out.
"It's a small. I think it fits you. Blue looks good on you" He unfolded the hoodie and measured it up against Grace's frame.
"Did you steal it to prove your point?" Grace scalded him.
"Yeah" He smirked.
Grace took the hoodie then looked up at Connor. She only had a question for him.
"Did you ever cheat on me?" Grace wanted to hear a 'no' right away instead she got a:
"Define 'cheating'"
7 years ago.
At their house in Highland Park Grace was serving as look out for Zach. Alicia disconnected the cable TV and Zach was searching online for the news story of
Peter's scandal.
"I found it" Zach said.
"What does it say?"
"Damn, it's loading..."
Grace heard her parents coming up the stairs. "They're coming"
Zach and Grace sat down and acted normal.
"Zach, Grace" Peter entered Zach's room. "I need to tell you something"
Alicia stayed behind him, with her arms crossed. She looked sad and tired.
"What's going on?" Grace asked.
"Tomorrow morning I'm going to resign my job"
Peter explained the situation the best way he could. Peter asked if they understood and both kids nodded, but Grace didn't quite get it.
That same night when they were supposed to be sleep, Grace knocked on her brother's door.
"Zach? Are you awake?" She whispered "I need to ask you something"
"What is it?" Zach turned on his flashlight so Alicia wouldn't notice they were up.
"I don't understand what dad did"
"They're accusing him to help criminals. But it's a lie, dad didn't do it"
"No, I got that but...he slept with someone?"
"Oh" Zach scratched his head. "Yes, he did"
"With a prostitute?"
"Yeah, you pay a hooker to sleep with her"
"So dad cheated on mom"
"I'm sure he didn't mean it" Zach said.
"Then why did he do it?"
Zach didn't have the answer "Go back to your room, Grace. It's going to be fine"
The girl left her brother's room, on the hallway she saw the lights of the master bedroom and the guest room were on. Her parents were sleeping in different bedrooms.
"Define 'cheating'" Connor said.
"Damn it" Grace dropped her arms to her side. "Alright, I'll leave you alone"
Grace started to walk away.
"Wait; don't go let me explain" Connor chased after her.
"Explain what? You wanted me to think I'm better off without you, I agree with you."
"Stop, Grace, please"
Grace reluctantly stopped and listened to him.
"I didn't have sex with anyone while we were together, okay? I swear." He told her looking directly at her eyes.
"You didn't have sex…" Grace frowned. "But you did other things?"
"I went to a couple of parties with my friends and I made out with some girls. That's all"
"It's still cheating. Why did you do it?"
"I dunno, I was feeling horny I guess. But I didn't take it any further, doesn't that count for something?"
Grace wondered for a moment. "Have you had sex since we broke up?"
"We're not together anymore you can't be mad at me"
"I won't, I just want to know"
Connor sat down in a nearby bench. "You're going to be mad anyway"
Grace sat down next to him. "After we broke up I went out on date with Evan. We kissed"
"That sneaky motherfu…"
"Sorry. Are you together now?"
"No. He's very pro-life and I don't think I could go out with him"
Connor burst in laughter "Oh man, I'm extra happy I punched him"
"No one deserves to get punched for their beliefs"
"Come on, a pro-life rich white boy kind of deserved it"
"A little bit"
They chuckled.
"Grace, after we broke up I hooked up with a girl because I was in the mood. I wasn't looking for a new girlfriend"
Grace observed the orange sky, the sun was setting. She had been talking with Connor for a long time, but she didn't notice it. Time fly by when it was just
the two of them.
"After my birthday party, I felt ready to go all the way with you." Grace said.
"For real? You told me you weren't going to do it while you were in high school"
"I changed my mind. Too bad you broke up with me" Grace shrugged.
"I see what you're trying to do but it's not going to work. I don't regret it, you know why?"
"Because it would've been terrible sex. I was out of the practice, I would've lasted 30 seconds and you would've been disappointed"
"I dodged that bullet"
"But now is different" Connor gave her a flirtatious look.
"Are you seriously suggesting we have sex?"
"You brought up"
"Not to reconsider it" Grace exclaimed.
"Hear me out, I'll tell you why is tonight is the perfect moment. We liked each other, a lot and we have chemistry together that hasn't changed. We're
comfortable with each other, we trust each other" Connor smiled "I'm not out of practice anymore, I can give you more than 30 seconds Grace, believe me."
Grace snorted.
"When you go to college and you hook up with a guy you already know what the deal is. You satisfy your curiosity and the pressure is off"
"I have no pressure whatsoever" Grace told him.
"It would be romantic too. We were high school sweet hearts and we're together one last time and my DA told me my room mate won't be here until Tuesday
because his grandma died. We have the room for ourselves, its bunk beds but whatever we can make it work. Grace, its perfect"
Connor kept giving her that special look.
"No, it is not perfect. But then again, nothing is" Grace smiled to him.
November 2012
"Do you believe in the devil?" Connor and Grace were walking to the bus station after school.
"No, I don't believe in a guy with horns and tail" Grace said.
"Do you believe gay people are against God?"
"But the bible has that Sodom story, right?"
"Not exactly. The story only says that the people of Sodom and Gomorra were unjust and unkind. A man threats a foreigner to hurt him, some people
interpreted as vague rape threat. And with time people twisted the story and coined the term 'sodomy' for...uhm"
"Butt sex"
Connor smiled, he liked how Grace didn't coy away from the questions and she knew what she was talking about.
"But even if the bible is the word of the Lord passed on to the disciples, for centuries it was transcribed by hand, it had translation mistakes, kings and
popes changed stuff at will. And after the printer was invented there were different versions. The bible you read now is a version from the 1900's. What do
you say about that?"
"Oh...I...feel weird" Grace stopped walking, she put her left hand on Connor's arm and her right hand on her chest "I'm cured! I'm an atheist now. Thank you
Connor, you showed me the way"
"Okay, okay. I got it" Connor said.
The girl chuckled. "Anymore more questions?"
"Only one more: would you be my girlfriend?"
"Yes" Grace replied.
In Chicago, while Alicia was making pop corn, she got a text from Marissa.
"Hey guys, Grace and Marissa are staying in Indiana for the night" She told the rest of the family.
"If she can't be in the ceremony, I could hold the bible for you" Zach told his mom. "I know the drill"
"I'll consider it" Alicia put the popcorn in a big bowl.
"I could do it" Owen said. "I'm your brother"
"I'm her mother; I got dibs, right honey?" Veronica said.
Alicia didn't want to disappoint any of them "I think the judge can hold the bible for me if I asked her. Anyway, do any of you know why Grace went to
Indiana State? She said she was seeing a friend but I have no idea who"
"Maybe she went to see her boyfriend" Veronica said. Owen and Zach froze waiting for Alicia's reaction.
"Don't be silly, Grace doesn't have a boyfriend" Alicia laughed at the idea and left the kitchen. "Come on lets watch the movie"
The next morning in the parking lot of Indiana State University, Grace tapped on the car window "Marissa?"
"Mmm?" Marissa woke up "Ouch my neck"
She saw Grace standing there with two coffees and a brown bag.
"Good morning. Breakfast?" The girl smiled.
"What the hell Grace?" Marissa stepped out of the car. "Do you have any idea what kind of night I just had? I got a text from you at 7 pm saying: 'See ya
tomorrow' I tried to call you back and my phone died, I didn't know where to go so I stay in my car until 10 pm when campus police told me to leave. I went
looking for a 24 hrs. restaurant because I had to pee and I was hungry. I borrowed a phone charger but I only got 15%. I tried to sleep in the car but then a
cop told me it was too dangerous and I had to move again, I found a motel and got 2 hours of sleep before you texted me again telling me to meet you in
campus again."
"I'm sorry" Grace told her "I got muffins from the cafeteria. They're still warm"
"Give me, I'm starving" Marissa started to eat the muffing "So good"
"Yes!" Marissa took a sip of the hot beverage and felt better "Did you pay for all of this?"
"With the card dad gave me."
"We're such brats. My dad pays for my apartment" Marissa said
"Does it make you feel bad? Using your family's money"
"Sometimes, but I try no to be a jerk to the world to compensate...Hey what's with the Indiana State hoodie?"
"Connor gave it to me"
"Oh, he gave it to you, alright" Marissa teased her.
"Shut up"
"I'm not judging you, it's all love"
"Love, uh. What if I was in love and didn't see it?" Grace said.
"Well, you're a teen, what do you know?"
The girls ate in silence while rested against the car.
"Come on, I'll drive back to Chicago so you can catch some sleep" Grace finished her breakfast "We have to hurry"
"Forget it Grace, we're not going to make it to your mom's ceremony"
"It's still early. Let's go"
"Marissa, we're going to make it" Grace puts her hand on Marissa's shoulder. "Don't worry"
"I only need one hour of sleep, after that I'm driving again" Marissa gave her the keys.
"Alright, let's hit the road"
In Chicago, Alicia was ready for the ceremony.
"You look nice, mom" Zach told her. "Like a real State Attorney"
"I'm the real State Attorney" Alicia smiled "You got your pack ready?"
"Yeah, I'm ready" There was a knock on the door, it was Owen.
"Hello beautiful" He hugged his sister "You're going to be the hottest SA ever"
"That's exactly the legacy I want: Alicia Florrick, hottest SA"
After Veronica was ready, the family left the apartment heading for the ceremony. Meanwhile Marissa and Grace were on the highway approaching Chicago.
"We're going to make it" Marissa said with joy "Text your mom, tell her we're in the city"
"Okay" Grace sent the text when she looked at the road and again it was full with traffic "Where did all these cars come from?"
"It's Monday morning, all these people commute to Chicago" They had to slow down "We're not going to make it"
"We have to. I promised my mom I'd be there for her" Grace sighed.
In the auditorium, Alicia greeted her friends, colleges and supporters.
"Finn, hi. Where did they sit you?"
"I'm in the back with the non important people. I just want to congratulate you"
"Thank you"
"Aren't you going to introduce us?" Veronica asked.
"Finn, this is my son Zach, my mother Veronica and my brother Owen"
"Nice meeting you"
"Are you marry or do you have a girlfriend?" Veronica asked Fin.
"Go find your sits mom" Alicia pushed her.
The greeting continued for Alicia.
"I'm praying for God to light your way, Mrs. Florrick"
"Thank you, Pastor Jeremiah" Alicia smiled and nodded like she was supposed to "Now if you excuse me. Diane, Cary"
"Hey Alicia" Cary didn't hesitate to hug her. "How are you feeling? Are you excited?"
"I'm very excited"
"We're proud of you, Alicia. You came from our law firm" Diane told her.
"Well, you and Will were a great part of my growing as a lawyer. Thank you"
"Oh, I see the Mayor is eager to talk to you" Cary nudged her "You're a big shot, now"
"Duty calls. Thank you for coming"
After talking with the mayor, Alicia met with Geneva Pine.
"Geneva, are you ready?"
"I am ready to get to work" She said very confidently.
"Me too" Alicia got closer and told her "These kinds of ceremonies aren't my cup of tea"
Geneva smiled "I think you ex husband loved them"
"You're right…and talking about the devil" Alicia saw Peter and his entourage entering the auditorium.
Alicia and Peter greet out in the public and then they went behind the stage to chat in privacy.
"Seriously, I can't believe you're here, Peter"
"I wouldn't miss your ceremony. You were there for mine" He told her.
"Thank you"
"I saw Zach out there with your mother, avoiding the press but, where is Grace?"
"She's not going to make it" Alicia said "She and Marissa are in Indiana"
"Why is Grace in Indiana?"
"What?" Eli, who always kept his distance from the governor, heard it too.
"I'm not sure. Is that bad parenting?"
"No at all."
"By the way, I can congratulate you personally for the birth of your daughter"
"Oh, thank you"
They feel an awkward moment building up so Alicia talks again.
"I already talked with Ramona; she seemed very happy about it"
"You talked with Ramona?" Peter asked "When?"
Alicia picked up his nervousness. His instinct telling him it was a red flag if Alicia and Ramona talked. "Oh, I called her the other day. We talked for a while"
"Really" Alicia said "Maybe I'll visit her and we could have coffee"
"You're pulling my leg" Peter said.
"You should've seen the look on your face" Alicia laughed.
"Alright" Peter relaxed again.
"Peter come on" Eli said "You need to be out there"
"Okay. Good luck Alicia"
Now it was just Alicia and Eli waiting for the ceremony to start.
"Thank you for staying with me Eli"
"Marissa shouldn't have left you alone" Eli said "She was supposed to get you ready"
"She's just a kid"
"She's a young woman and this is her job" Eli replied. "Do they have your speech ready? Did they ask you if you want your water cold or room temperature?
These little things matter. You don't want people making gifs or meme of you in your ceremony"
"Gifs? Are those the animated thingies?"
Marissa and Grace were merely blocks away from the auditorium, but the traffic was still heavy.
"Grace, I don't where I'm gonna park" Marissa said "And it's almost time. We're not going to make it, so close and yet so far"
"I'll run" Grace told her. Marissa pulled over and Grace got out of the car and started to run.
"Run, Grace, run!" Marissa said from her car. "She actually has a good stride"
Grace ran as fast as she could to the auditorium, but at the door a policemen stopped her.
"Where do you think you're going?"
"I'm Grace Florrick, my father is the governor and my mother is the SA, so you're going to let me in"
"Go in, Miss Florrick"
Inside the auditorium everything was ready for the ceremony to start.
"1 minute Alicia" Eli told her.
"Okay" Alicia looked one more time at the door, she was hoping that maybe, just maybe. Then she saw her daughter entering the room. "Grace's here!"
To be continued...
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Finally Gracie is home! It only took me 16 chapters. And look, I explained the coffee stain from chapter 1.
Next chapter: the ceremony, fried chicken, one more flashback and one very important flash forward!
No ficathon this year, uh?

"Summer of Grace" - Chapter 15
Title: Summer of Grace
Rating: PG 13
Sumary:The Florrick household could face another scandal, and this time Grace decides she's not sticking around for it. So the teen girl goes on a road trip without her parents permission looking for answers.
Chapter 15: Happy Birthday Madam President
Grace is finally back in Chicago, but she and Marissa take a little "detour"

Also in fanfiction.net
Marissa arrived early to Alicia's apartment with a box of fresh donuts, a bag of bagels and cookies that her boss asked her to get.
"Good morning, Marissa" Alicia let her in "You can put those on the table, please"
Marissa looked at all the food and the three jars of orange juice. "Are you sure you have enough orange juice?"
"My mom is also here, my brother is coming, Zach, you and me"
"So it's a party for Grace" Marissa said.
"Mom almost put on 'Welcome back' banner. Can you believe it?" Zach entered the kitchen and grabbed a bagel. "I was away in college for a year and I didn't get a party"
"Poor little you" Marissa mocked him.
"Zach, I'm just happy I'll have both of my kids here, even if it's just for a day" Alicia looked at the kitchen's clock. "Okay, it's time to pick her up"
"I go with you" Marissa said.
"Alright, Zach please wake up your grandma and make sure the coffee is hot" Alicia put her coat on "Let's go"
On the hallway, Alicia stopped in front of the elevator but didn't push the button.
"What's the matter?" Marissa asked her.
"You go pick her up from the bus station"
"Marissa, I want to see Grace...What if is awkward at the bus station or we don't talk in the car?"
"You're afraid of awkwardness?"
"More than you would think"
"I think you're a wuss." Marissa told her.
"Excuse me?"
"You have been waiting for a month and now you getting cold feet? Therapy isn't working for you."
"You realize I'm still your boss, right?" Alicia looked at her very seriously.
"Sorry, ma'am" Marissa said
"It's not the awkwardness, is more what the awkwardness means. When Zach came home we didn't had to talk, we understood we were fine with each other"
Alicia told Marissa "I don't know where I stand with Grace, I never know what to expect. Please, go pick her up and taste the waters for me"
"Alright. Give me your keys"
"Thank you"
"I'll text you or something" Marissa pushed the elevator's button. "But I expect cake when we come back"
"Good idea" Alicia snapped her fingers.
At the bus station Marissa wrote down 'Grace' on a paper and waited for the teen girl to get out of the bus.
"Hey" Grace frowned when she saw Marissa holding the paper "I know you, you don't need the sign"
"It makes more official. Welcome back to Chicago. I know you were expecting your mom but I'm your ride home"
"Its okay, actually, I want to go somewhere else first. Would you drive me there?"
"Uh…okay. But it has to be fast"
The girls arrived to an apartment building.
"My friend lives here." Grace rang the door bell.
"What if your friend isn't home?"
"Sunday morning, she's home"
"Grace?" What are you doing here?" Becca opened the door.
"Hi. May we come in?"
"Fine..." she let them in. Becca was having brunch, she liked to treat herself on Sundays "You could've called first"
"You don't answer my calls anymore" Grace replied.
"Who is this?" Becca pointed at Marissa.
"I'm Marissa Gold" Marissa shook her hand.
"Any relation to Eli Gold?"
"He's my dad"
"You don't say. I'm friends with old Eli" Becca smirked.
"Well, my dad always says he has friends everywhere, but I don't see you being friends with my dad"
"Sure, he slut shamed me when I was 17 years old but if you ask him, I'm sure he'll say I deserved it for meddling with his campaign"
"Okaaay" Marissa frowned.
"Becca, come on" Grace said. "She's not her dad"
"Its all just fun" Becca shrugged. "Why are you even here Grace? Don't you go to church?"
"I want to know why you stop being my friend"
"Are you serious?" Becca said.
"Seriously?" Marissa also said.
"Yes, I am. You just cut me off. It never made sense to me. We were good friends; despite all the things you said to undercut our friendship."
"Take this as a lesson. People enters and leaves your life at random"
"Just like that?"
"Yes. Get over it Grace"
"I don't believe you." Grace crossed her arms.
"You really think highly of yourself, don't you? Friendships end, I ended it"
"Okay, but I was still an asset for you" Grace stated "The daughter of the Florricks. I was your 'Get out of Jail Free card'. Why would you let that go?"
"This is a weird conversation" Marissa said. "I'll stand over there and pretend I'm not listening"
"Damn it Grace. Why can't you let it go?"
"Because I care"
"Ugh, of course you do. Because you're a loyal like a dumb puppy"
"Loyalty is a good thing"
"Sure, loyalty to your friends is important. Hold on to that believe for as long as you can, puppy" Becca smiled.
"Stop calling me puppy, tell me what happened."
"I let you go Grace because I was going to disappointed you one way or another. I'd sell information about your family to a newspaper, I'd steal your boyfriend or I'd make up rumors about you."
"Why would you do that?"
"Because this is who I am."
"The frog and the scorpion story? That's a cliché" Marissa said; still paying attention to the conversation.
"And the worst part is that you would probably forgive me" Becca said.
"That is a ridiculous reason to end a friendship. This might go wrong, so I'll end it now?"
"But is the best for you. It's what we decided" Becca shrugged.
"We? Who is 'we'?" Grace asked.
"I didn't say we"
"Yeah, you did" Marissa said.
"Wait…" Grace had a realization "You mean Connor? Is that why Connor punched Evan? Is that why he broke up with me?"
"Yes. We thought you were better off without us in your life"
"What's wrong with you?" Grace with annoyance.
"Exactly, I'm not good" Becca took a sip of her coffee.
"Stop it! You're not a bad person. You can't live your life thinking you don't deserve to have friends or any kind of fulfilling relationship"
"Thank you Dr. Phill, you have changed my life. Now beat it"
"Listen to me" Grace put her hands on Becca's shoulders "I saw you overcome and incredibly painful experience"
"Grace, don't..."
"You didn't let it define you as a person. So don't let this idea of being a bitch define you. I know you have to be tough but don't be tough on
"You're getting good at the pep talks"
"I mean what I said"
"I know" Becca looked longingly at Grace's eyes "Why did you have to fall for the guy and not me?"
Grace frowned "What do you mean?"
"I love you" Becca took a step forward and gently kissed Grace on the lips. Marissa couldn't look away.
"You don't have to say anything" Becca told her "I made my decision, we'll go separate ways. Goodbye Grace. You have better things ahead of you"
"Okay, goodbye Becca. Good things are coming your way too" Then they hugged.
"Hey Marissa, do you want to see your dad go crazy? Tell him I kissed you"
Grace and Marissa left the apartment and headed for the car.
"So you and that girl?" Marissa raised her eyebrows.
"It wasn't like that" Grace said.
"Hey it's all love. I don't judge" Grace didn't respond, she was sad and Marissa noticed it. She patted Grace on the back "Come on, lets get you home. There
is cake"
"Wait…I need to do a phone call real quick" the teen girl took her cell phone out of her pocket.
"Call from the car or better yet from your house"
"It'll be just a minute" Marissa rested her arms on the car's roof while Grace made her call. The conversation didn't last long.
"Yeah, okay. Thank you, Karen. Bye" Grace hung up the phone
"Ready?" Marissa asked.
"Actually, I'm going to Indiana"
"Indiana Avenue?"
"Terra Haute. I'm going to Indiana State University"
"What?! Are you kidding me?"
"Marissa, I need to talk to someone there"
"Then call them from your apartment. 'Cause I'm taking you to your mom"
"No. I'm going to Indiana, what Becca told me changes things. Could you drive me back to the bus station?"
"No, I'm not driving you back to the bus station"
"Fine, I can go by myself" Grace started to walk away from the car.
"Grace, you're not going to Indiana!"
"What are you going to do? Stop me?"
"Yeah!" Marissa threw herself at Grace and grabbed her by the waist.
"What are you doing?!" Grace tried to get free from the grip.
"I'm taking you home, damn it! Your family is waiting for you; don't be selfish, Grace"
"Sometimes is good to be selfish"
"You had all summer; it's time to come home" Marissa pulled Grace to the car.
"I can't go home yet. I need to see him" Grace kept fighting.
"Him? No man is worth it. Whoever he is, get over him"
"It's not like that!" Some bystanders stopped and stared at them.
"We're sisters; don't worry" Marissa told them.
"We're not sisters!"
"She's adopted but we love her equally"
"Marissa stop joking and let me go!" With one final pull Grace was free. The girls felt down on the street, they needed to catch their breath.
"Grace, go to Indiana next week"
"It has to be now, otherwise I'll lose momentum" Grace said "Also I have school and I'll probably be grounded for a month"
"Grace, no boy is worth traveling 200 miles on a bus instead of going home"
"Well I'm going. I've been traveling all summer, I'm used to it. And is only 181 miles" Grace got up and started to walk down to street. "Don't worry I'll call mom and explain it to her"
"Stop! I'm taking you to Indiana" Marissa yelled.
The teen girl stopped and turned around "Promise?"
"Yes, I promise. Help me up"
In Alicia's apartment the elected State's Attorney was reading her speech for the ceremony the next morning. Zach, Owen and Veronica were her audience.
"I will earn your trust and we will work together for a better Chicago…uhm…I don't like how the last part sounds" Alicia walked around the living room "What do you guys think?"
"I like it mom"
"You deliver is good" Owen said.
"It is a nice way to end your speech" Veronica adds.
Alicia stood in silence for moment "No, I'll re write it"
Everyone sighed then Alicia's phone rang.
"Marissa, did you pick Grace up? How is she?"
"Yeah, she's with me right now but there's been a change of plans. She's going to explain you."
"Hi mom"
"Hi Grace, what's going on?"
"We're going to Indiana State University"
"Huh…Come again?"
"Don't worry; we'll be back tonight. I promise you, okay mom?"
"Why are you going to Indiana?" Alicia asked still very confused "You are already in Chicago, right?"
"I'm meeting a friend. I'll tell you all about it when I comeback"
"A friend? Who?"
"It's important to me mom"
"I...uh...alright" Alicia sighed "Be careful. Can you put Marissa back on the phone?"
"Okay, bye mom"
"Bye sweetie"
"What the hell, Marissa?! You were supposed to pick her up and bring her home" Alicia yelled.
"No, you're not blaming me for this one. You were supposed to get her. I literally try to drag her home, but Grace is feisty" Marissa replied "Anyway, I'll take
care of her and you can stay home thinking on ways to punish her for being so unconsidered to her family"
"I heard that" Grace complained.
"Thanks Marissa. Bye" Alicia hung up the phone. She looked at the cake they just bought for Grace; she got a fork and started to eat it.
"Why are you eating the cake?" Zach asked when he entered the kitchen.
"Because Grace is taking a detour to Indiana and she's not coming home yet"
"Oh come on" Zach said.
"Here" Alicia gave him a fork "Eat cake"
Two days before Grace's 17th Birthday.
In Alicia's apartment, Grace had just arrived from school and she wanted her mother permission to go out late tonight. But catching her mother's attention
was hard during the campaign. Alicia, Melissa, Elfman were in the kitchen discussing something with Josh and Eli over the phone.
"Hi mom"
"Hi Grace" Alicia smiled "How was school?"
"It was good"
"Everything is so bla bla bla right now. You should come to the HQ's immediately." Josh said.
"We're on our way"
"Can you come to my office first?" Eli asked
"No dad, you meet us in our offices" Marissa told him.
"I'm busy" Eli replied.
"So are we. Bye Eli" Elfman hung up on Eli and then he headed for the door.
"Hey mom, so my birthday is this Sunday" Grace put her hand on Alicia's hand to make contact.
"I know. We'll go to a restaurant for brunch" Alicia told her "I won't forget. It's on my agenda, right Marissa?"
"Yeah, it's on the agenda" Marissa said.
"We have to go Alicia" John Elfman said from the door.
"You go get the car, I'll be right there" Alicia put on her coat "Do you want something for your birthday?"
"No. Brunch is fine. Actually, my friends are having a gathering tonight, for my birthday" Grace said.
"That is nice"
"Can I go? I know it's short notice but my friends wanted to surprise me"
"Are there going to be boys in this gathering?"
"I guess"
"Are they going to drink alcohol?"
"I don't know…maybe"
"So it's more like a party"
"I really don't know" Grace shrugged.
"Fine, be home at midnight. Or do you want me to pick you up?"
"No, it's okay. Thanks mom" Grace kissed Alicia.
"Let's go" Marissa gave Alicia her purse.
"Bye Grace. Be a good girl" Alicia and her body woman walked to the door.
"Why did you inquired her like that?" Marissa asked. "She's Grace, what do you think she'd do? Read the Bible to hard?"
"Don't say that" Alicia closed the apartment door "She could hear you"
"I'm defending her from your paranoia. She's not gonna get in trouble"
Unfortunately, Grace heard Marissa's comment and she didn't feel like she was defending her. The teen age girl couldn't ponder too much on the conversation, she had to get ready. An hour later, Grace was leaving the apartment.
Outside the building Grace waited for her ride. She smiled when the green volkswagen beetle arrived and the windows rolled down.
"Get in loser! We're going to your party" Becca yelled from the driver's seat and Grace got in.
"Hi Becca"
"Hi Grace. You look pretty today" Becca started to drive "Ready for your party?"
"When you say party, you mean like a party, party?"
"It's your birthday isn't? You're getting a party"
"Actually, my birthday is this Sunday"
"Good, because I didn't get you anything"
"It's okay. I was just wondering about this party, because I feel like a small reunion is better, you know? I mean, who did you invite?"
"ZZzzzzz" Becca faked to snore.
"Becca, you're driving!"
"Oh, I'm sorry. You bored me with your questions. Just enjoy the day, okay Grace?"
"Okay" Grace kept smiling all the way to the party. The last time she actually had a birthday party was when she was just a kid, but after her dad's scandal the birthday parties stopped.
"Whose house is this?" The teen girl asked when they parked in front of a one story house.
"Don't worry"
"I recognize that car" Grace said "Who is here?"
"Who else? Your friends"
Grace entered the house and felt happy. The living room had colorful balloons, a happy birthday banner over the fireplace, a table had chips and sodas for everyone and Jennifer was already there acting as a DJ. Grace's friends from school and church were mixing together, having a good time.
"Wow" Grace she said.
"Hey Grace"
"Happy birthday"
"Great party"
"Hi...thanks...have fun" Grace greeted her guests. Then she saw Connor in a corner away from everyone and she headed that way.
"Hey birthday girl"
"I didn't know people from school were going to be here" She told him
"I know. Surprise!" Connor smiled "What do you want to do?"
"Hey don't just stand in the corner" Becca came for her "Come with me. Connor, keep an eye on the door"
Becca took Grace to the open kitchen, where she set an improvised bar.
"What do you think? I delivered or what?" Becca gave Grace a soda.
"Yes, you did. Thank you very much"
"Just a heads up, I'm charging for the hard liquor. But everything else is free for your friends, okay?"
"Okay. Who paid for everything else?"
"Don't worry about it"
"Who was in charge of the guest list?"
Grace looked at Jennifer who was dancing to the beats.
"I'll go talk to her" Grace went to her friend. "Jennifer!"
"Hey Grace, happy birthday!" Jennifer gave her a big hug. "I have a rad mix of your favorite tunes"
"Thank you. Listen, how did you come up with the guest list?" Grace had to raise up her voice, they were to close to the speakers.
"I looked through your contacts on your phone"
"I'm sorry Grace, this was a surprise party. I had to send the invitations without you knowing"
"This wasn't exactly a surprise party. Forget it, who did you invite?"
"Your church group, but I didn't invite Pastor Cam. I knew that" Jennifer smiled "All the girls that were on the choir video we made"
Grace sighed, the girls from the choir were from school, and people at school didn't know she was dating Connor, only her church group knew that. She had
complicated her life in an unnecessary way.
"You invited Sarah?"
"Cute little black girl? Yeah I invited her. She's bringing cake"
"Oh no"
"Did I make a mistake?"
"No, is okay" Grace gave her a thumb up "Keep the music going"
After dealing with some traffic, Marissa and Grace made to the the highway.
"Thanks for doing this for me Marissa" Grace said.
"Yeah, yeah, whatever" Marissa replied "If we're going to Indiana, can we at least have waffles at J.J.'s diner?"
"We're not going to Pawnee"
"Hey, you got the reference. I didn't think you would"
"Why not?"
"Because I didn't think you watch sitcoms. You read the bible all the time"
"I do not" Grace exclaimed "And you spend 2 years in Israel, if anyone should be out of touch with pop culture is you"
"God, just admit you don't like me."
"I don't have a problem with you" Grace replied.
"Fine, don't admit it...I'll just drive you to Indiana State so you can act like freaking Felicity"
"Felicity from the homonymous TV drama"
"It doesn't ring a bell" Grace said.
"Felicity follows a guy to college because she had a crush on him. It's the same actress who is a Russian spy now"
"It must be an old show"
"An old show?
"Well, you're old"
"How old do you think I am?" Marissa raised her voice in indignation.
"I'm 22! Oy, this is going to be a long trip"
Grace's party.
"Why do you have that look on your face?" Becca asked Grace.
"My friends from school didn't know about me dating Connor, so I either ignore him all evening or I tell everyone and face the consequences"
"Good lord Grace. Listen, all these people are here for you. They are your friends and if they want to start rumors then they're not really your friends" Becca
smirked "But just in case we confiscated their cell phones. No one is going to take a photo of you if you don't want to. We got you back"
"And they agreed to that?"
"They have to or we kick them out"
"Thank you"
"You're welcome. Now enjoy your damn party" Becca shook Grace by the shoulders in a playful way.
"Alright, alright"
At the door Carey Zepps arrived and refused to obey Connor "No, I'm not giving you my phone. Grace! Grace!"
"Hello Carey" Grace met him at the door. "So you got an invitation"
"Yeah, I thought it was a family affair but I can see you are teens" the lawyer looked around "so I'm leaving. Happy birthday, here is a gift certificate. Bye"
"Don't tell my mom"
"Believe me I won't" Zepps ran from the party. Grace and Connor watched him leave.
"Who is that guy?"
"He's partners with my mom. Jennifer invited everyone"
"Okay" Connor said "Have you decided what you want to do? People from school are staring me at me. They think you hired me as muscle"
"What do I want to do? Drink!" Grace and Connor went back to the kitchen where Becca was selling her drinks. "I want a shot"
"Are you sure? You don't drink "Becca said.
"Come on, it's my birthday. It's a special occasion. My first birthday party in years"
"Alright...There you go." Becca served Grace alcohol on a plastic cup.
"Well, I don't want to drink alone" Grace told them.
"You heard the birthday girl, hit me" Connor said.
Becca served another two shots. "Cheers" They all drank up.
"Aah…what is that?" Grace stuck out her tongue "Oh God, it burns"
Becca and Connor laughed.
"It's Vodka"
"Are you okay?" Connor asked her.
"My stomach is getting warm" Grace smiled and then she kissed Connor. "Let's go dance"
"So you don't care what people say?"
"No. I want to have fun" She took his hand and they headed to the center of the room to dance.
Outside the house Sarah arrived with a cake for Grace.
"Need any help?" A young woman told her.
"Please, ring the bell for me" Sarah's cake was big and heavy for her.
"Of course. I'm here for Grace's party too. I'm Shannon"
"Hi I'm Sarah. Where do you know Grace from?"
"We went to the same school before she transferred to Capstone" Shannon smiled "I was surprised to get her email"
Connor opened the door. "If you're here for the party, I need you to give me your phone or any recording devices. You can get it back when you leave"
"Why?" Shannon asked.
"Company's policy"
Shannon took a look at the party and decided it was worth it. "Fine"
"Thank you. Next!" Connor finally noticed Sarah "Oh…hey Sarah. Let me help you with the cake"
"No" Sarah moved the cake away from him. "Why are you here? Where is Grace?"
"I'm here!" Grace ran to the door "Sarah, thank you for coming and for the cake. I can't believe you didn't say anything this morning in school. Please, come
"No" Sarah took a step back "Why is he here?"
"Because…Connor is my boyfriend"
"Him?" Sarah sounded very offended.
"Hey, I'm the cream of the crop, I rise to the top I never eat a pig cause a pig is a cop"
"What?" Both girls stared at him.
"Nothing. I'll let you guys talk alone" Connor returned to the party. Grace stepped outside to talk with Sarah.
"I can't believe you" Sarah said
"Sarah if you just let me explain"
"For how long have you been dating him? I mean, did you at least wait after Grace Banskin's funeral?"
"Come on that's not fair"
"Not fair? You didn't know Grace Banskin. I did, okay? I remembered Grace at 14 destroying her reputation for having sex with Connor behind the bushes.
The entire school knew about it"
"You're right I didn't know her" Grace said "But that was years ago"
"You know what? Forget about him, this isn't about him. This is about you lying to me, we're friends, we trust each other"
"We don't tell each other everything"
"I told you about my very bad first kiss with Darryl, Taylor told you she had a crush on your brother and you never said anything about your boyfriend. Who
does that? Seriously Grace, what kind of person does that?"
"Everything in my life is tainted. My family, my school, my church. I got to keep my guard up all the time. I can't share a note in class, I can't make
comments about politics, I can't take photos in my party because everything can be use against my family. Everything is taken out of context"
"You think I'd hurt your family?"
"Not you but people could try to use you, use Taylor's drug problem or use Connor's past. I saw it happened to my brother's girlfriends" Grace told
her "Everything is tainted"
"I dunno Grace. If your life sucks so much you could use a real friend to trust. Here is your damn cake" Sarah handed over the cake "Bye"
Grace stayed for a while holding her cake. It said 'Happy B-day' and it had a bee smiling. She returned to the party feeling sad.
"Are you okay?" Connor asked her as he helped with her cake.
"I need another drink"
"No, I don't think that is a good idea"
Grace ignored him and took another drink, and then she went to dance next to Jennifer on the couch. Becca and Connor observed them.
"Why is Grace friends with her?" Becca asked.
"Beats me"
After an hour and half of driving Marissa and Grace stopped for gas and food.
"Well, we're half way there" Marissa said. "Or we can turn back and forget about it"
"No. I must go" Grace told her. Then she got food from the store. "I'm not sure what you like so I bought you a hot dog and a coke"
"Thanks" Marissa accepted the food "Listen Grace, I told you I wasn't trying to replace you"
"It was an unnecessary comment. You work for my mom, I'm her daughter"
"But you don't like me"
"Not everyone in the world has to like you"
"Aha, so you're admitting you don't like me"
"I didn't like that when I came back from school, you were already there. I didn't like that mom gave you her keys to the apartment, or that you spend
Election Day with mom playing videogames"
"It was for the campaign…and where were you that day, by the way?" Marissa put her hand on her hip "You didn't think it was important to support
your mom on Election Day?"
"You made me feel awkward at my own home. Elfman, the bla bla guy and you fighting to get my mom's attention"
"You know what? You stole my dad!"
"My dad used to move from job to job. He moved to the next candidate, the next PR crisis, the next campaign and he never looked back. It changed with your dad; he's stuck with the Florricks"
"Eli likes working for my dad"
"You think he likes to fix your scandals every 5 months"
"I don't know why he stays with Peter. It's like they have the hots for each other…" Marissa wondered for a second "Wait…they're not, right?"
"Well, you never know with my dad" Grace shrugged.
Marissa stared at Grace "Did you just make a joke about your dad?"
"Yeah" Both girls laughed.
"I hope you don't really think we stole your dad from you" Grace said "My dad and Eli are good friends"
"I didn't try to steal your mom from you" Marissa tells her.
"I know. It wasn't about you, I was jealous that you could talk to her about anything"
"Maybe if we go back to Chicago…"
"Get in the car Marissa, we're going to Terre Haute"
Grace's party.
After two hours, the party was still going strong. There were no fights, nobody was too drunk and the birthday girl was having the time of her life.
"Are you complaining about the booze prices?" Becca confronted a guest in the party "You're a minor, get the hell out of here"
"Fine" the boy waked away.
"Excuse me?" Another boy approached Becca.
"Ugh, what?"
"I brought this gift for Grace" The boy had a pink and orange box on his hands "I'm leaving but there isn't a table for presents, I was wondering if I could
leave it with you"
"Why don't you give Grace her present…" Becca read the card on the box "…Evan?"
"I don't want to interrupt her"
"Come on Evan, I'm sure Grace is going to be happy"
Becca took Evan to the dance floor and they interrupted Grace and Connor.
"Hey Grace, your friend Evan is leaving and he wants to give you his present" Becca said "Connor, have you met Evan?"
"No, hey man"
"Hi, I saw you wait for Grace outside the church" Evan shook his hand. "Well, here is your present"
"Oh...thanks Evan" Grace gave him a hug.
"Connor, what did you get Grace for her birthday?" Becca asked knowing the answer. Grace reacted quickly and held Connor's hand.
"This party is my present from you and Connor" Grace said.
"Anyway, goodnight Grace" Evan said.
"Bye Evan"
Grace took a break from dancing and talked to Becca on private.
"You did that on purpose. Did you want them to fight?"
"No...Maybe. A good party must have drama"
"I already had drama with Sarah. I don't need more" Grace said "I probably lost my friend"
"Grace, for what you told me about Sarah she's a good friend and she's going to forgive you. Just tell her you're sorry" Becca said "Like I'm sorry for trying to
start a fight between Connor and Evan. Okay? Go back to dancing with Connor"
"No, it's my turn to dance with you" Grace grabbed her hand.
"I thought you'll never ask"
Later that night, the guests were starting to leave. Connor was giving back the phones and Becca was closing the bar.
"So Grace is drunk" Becca said.
"Yep, what did she have like 3 drinks?" Connor said.
"Well she never drinks so she has little tolerance for alcohol"
"We should sober her up and take her home"
"Yeah…You know? I was thinking about what you told me yesterday when we were stealing the liquor; concerning Grace"
"And?" Connor took a sip of his drink.
"I didn't see it before but now that her mom is running for office. It all fits together. Grace is going to be a politician when she grows up"
"Right?" The boy smiled with satisfaction.
"The political family, the higher education, the issues she's interested in"
"She actually cares about people" Connor said.
"She is getting better at talking to people, dealing with them. When I first met her she was this awkward little thing" Becca recalled.
"She is getting better at lying too"
"She's gonna need it at her job as... US senator, Attorney General or Secretary of State?"
"Freaking President of the USA" Connor said and then finished his drink. "Florrick 2048!"
"Aww. You're so cute feeling proud of your girlfriend. I bet you picture yourself as the First Gentleman. Keep dreaming boy, we won't even be foot notes on
her Wikipedia page"
The young woman observed Grace dancing with Jennifer and then she sighed.
"Becca, do you have feelings for Grace?" Connor asked her.
"Please Connor, keep your male fantasies about girls kissing to yourself."
"I didn't say it was sexual. I just think you have feelings for her. Maybe because you're an awful person with no real friends, so you cling to the one person
who is nice to you."
"You're the one who is clinging to her to get out of the 'hood." Becca laughed "Girls like her end up with boys like Evan; you're nothing
but a distraction"
"Hey guys?" Jennifer interrupted them "Grace needs a time up"
"Okay. Jennifer, go change the music for something calmer and you go get your girlfriend. Let's kill this party" Becca order them.
"Why is Grace friends with her?" Jennifer asked Connor.
"Beats me" Connor answered then he went for Grace. "How you're feeling Grace?"
"I feel perfect…bye guys" She waved at the last guest leaving and almost fall down.
"I got you" Connor said.
"The music changed, let's dance" She held him closed.
"Aren't you tired of dancing?"
"We haven't slow dance, come on"
"One song" After the song ended, Connor carried Grace to a bedroom and put on the bed.
"Oh God, the room is spinning" Grace shut her eyes "Make it stop"
"I can't" Connor sat on the bed "You need to get some sleep."
"Fine" Grace hugged the pillow "Wait, whose room is this?"
"Don't worry about it" Becca said.
"But there are photos of people…."Grace couldn't point at the night stand "over there. You're not getting in any trouble are you, Becca?"
"I'm not in trouble Grace"
"Drinking was a bad idea"
"Then why did you do it?" Connor asked her.
"I wanted to be cool"
"You're cool"
"No. I'm lame"
"I wouldn't date a lame person. A lame person wouldn't have this birthday party"
"I lied to my friend"
"Everybody lies, Grace. It doesn't make you a bad person"
"Of course everybody lies…the question is who do you lie to and about what" Grace poked Connor's nose and giggled "I really like you"
"I like you too"
"Aright that is enough" Becca said from the door. "We have to take the rest of bottles to my car"
Grace slept for an hour then their friends woke her up, gave her food with plenty water and then took her home.
"Do you feel better?"
"I do. Thanks"
"You don't have bad breath; but still, don't get to close to your mom tonight" Becca recommend her.
"I will, goodnight guys"
Becca and Connor waited for Grace to enter the building.
"Connor, I'm only taking you to the L. No way am I driving to your neighborhood"
"What if something had wrong tonight?"
"What do you mean?"
"We stole liquor and sold it to minors in a party for governor's daughter; how stupid is that?"
"I agree, I barely make a profit"
"I'm serious; can you imagine how damaging that could've been for Grace?"
"I see" Becca nodded "Connor what I said about Evan and Grace, I was just joking"
"Well, I'm not joking. I…I think we should leave her alone because we're nothing but bad company"
When Grace woke up the next morning, Alicia was there holding a cupcake with a birthday candle on it.
"Good morning"
"My birthday is tomorrow"
"I thought this could be your birthday weekend"
"Thanks, mom"
"Go ahead make a wish"
"Okay" Grace blew the candle. "There"
"I'm sure your wish will come true. I have to go, but I'll see you before dinner, okay?"
Grace stayed in bed for another while, she was tired from dancing. Then she remembered something and called Becca.
"Grace, I dropped you home 10 hours ago. What can you possibly have to tell me?"
"It was your father's house, wasn't it? I saw his photo in the bedroom"
"Yeah, he wanted me to keep an eye on until he sales it"
"Did you trash the house because you're angry at him?"
"Pretty much"
"I'm here for you if want to talk about it"
"I'll call you" Becca hung up on her. Grace didn't know at the time, but Becca wouldn't call her again. That same day, Grace didn't waste any time and went
to see Sarah to apologize.
"Hello Mrs. Peppers. Is Sarah home?"
"Hello, Grace. Please come in, I'll get Sarah"
Grace stepped into the luxurious home of the renown surgeons.
"Hey" Sarah walked in to the living room.
"Hi. I don't want us to be mad to each other" Grace said first. "Well, I don't want you mad at me. I'm sorry I kept secrets from you"
"I thought about it, Grace. I wished you hadn't lie to me but I kind of get it. It's your private life"
"And it wasn't that I didn't trust you"
"I know"
"So are we still friends?"
"Yeah" Sarah smiled.
Almost 4 hours later; the girls arrived to Indiana State University in Terra Haute.
"Now what?" Marissa said as she stretched her legs.
"We'll go to his dorm room. His sister gave me the info, Blumberg Hall is that way" The girls headed to the dorm rooms buildings. That part of the campus
was full with freshman moving in.
"So what are you going to say? Are you going to declare your love for him?"
"I told you it isn't like that"
"Grace?" A voice came from behind them and the girls turned around. There it was Connor.
"Fuck you, Connor. You're a jerk!" Grace yelled at him.
"Ha! This trip was totally worth it just for that" Marissa laughed.
To be continued…
Thank you for reading.
Next chapter: Is Grace going to make it on time to the swearing in ceremony?
Here is the thing: I like to set stories in my parties. Maybe because I watched "The Party" with Peter Sellers and "Can't hardly wait" with Jennifer
Love Hewitt when I was little and loved them both very much.
Also, FUCK ME SLOWLY WITH A CHAINSAW! Makenzie Vega isn't a regular cast and Grace will a have 'presence' in the show. So, maybe phone calls to her mom every 6 episodes?

"Summer of Grace" - Chapter 14
Title: Summer of Grace
Rating: PG 13
Sumary:The Florrick household could face another scandal, and this time Grace decides she's not sticking around for it. So the teen girl goes on a road trip without her parents permission looking for answers.
Chapter 14: Babygate
Is Alicia a grandmother?

Also in fanfiction.net
The doctor explained to Peter and Lauren the situation with Ramona, it was a case eclampsia.

"Her blood pressure changed dramatically over night" the doctor told them "It affects her and the baby so will perform an emergency C-section to deliver the

baby as soon as possible, do you understand?"

"Yeah" Peter responded.

"We'll keep you update to her condition"

"Thank you"

The doctor nodded and headed for the operation room.

"Everything will be okay" Peter put his arm around Lauren's shoulders but the young woman pushed him away.

"I'm going out to smoke" She said.
At the hospital's cafeteria, the rest of Florricks were having breakfast.

"I really hope Ramona and the baby are okay" Grace said.

"I'm sure they will" Adeela told her. "We could pray for them if you want to"

"That's a good idea. There has to be a chapel in the hospital"

"I'm going to get more coffee" Jackie felt awkward hearing them talk about praying.

"Oh, I got it grandma" Zach stood up faster than Jackie and took the cup away from her. "Two sugars, right?"

"Yes, thank you Zach" Jackie had to stay on the table.

"Grandma, how was it when you had dad and aunt Adeela?" Grace asked with curiosity and also trying to add Jackie to the conversation.

"I don't remember much, I was doped both times. I remember waking up with a headache and my baby next to me, Peter with a blue blanket,

Silvia with a pink blanket and my husband giving cigars to his friends outside my room. That's all" Jackie said. "But that's just the beginning, raising them is

the hard and fun part. Silvia doesn't have any kids, but I'm sure you'll be a great mom one day, Grace"

"Children are a huge responsibility" Grace said.

"Are you saying you don't want kids?" Jackie frowned.

"No, I do. But they're a big deal"

"And there's no hurry" Adeela nudged her.

"I know" Grace smiled.
Year 2038 in Grace's home.

Grace Florrick has her morning routine before going to work. At the top of the list is a cup of coffee while watching the news.

"Mommy?" A little voice says.

"Good morning sweetie" Grace looks down at the little girl in pajamas "Why are you out of bed so early?"

"I don't feel good"

"Come here" Grace put her hand on the girl's forehead "You don't have tempe..."

The girl throws up on Grace's shoes.

"Oh God...Honey! I need some help down here"


Peter came to the cafeteria with his family and shared the news about Ramona's condition.

"Where's Lauren?" Zach asked.

"She went outside to smoke. She's having a hard time" Peter replied.

"I'll go talk to her" Zach said.

"And we're going to pray in the chapel" Grace said "Want to join us?"

"You go ahead. I'm going to get a coffee first" Peter told them.

"Okay dad" Grace and Adeela left looking for the chapel. There were just Peter and Jackie on the table.

"Mom, if something happens to Ramona or the baby I'll fall apart" Peter chocked up.

"Don't talk like that son" Jackie hugged him "You're a strong and powerful man and you have to be strong for your family"

"Yes mom"
Outside of the hospital Zach found Lauren leaning against a wall smoking nervously.



"You know there are a Christian and Muslim praying for your mom right now"

"Whatever" Lauren threw away the cigarette butt and put a new one between her lips.

"Maybe you should slow down" Zach told her.

"Maybe you should bite me"

"Okay" Zach leaned back against the wall too. "I checked twitter and only one person has posted a photo of the governor wondering what he's doing in


Lauren didn't reply, so Zach just kept her company.
In Chicago, after a business lunch Alicia ran into Finn Polmar.

"Hey you" Finn smiled "Are you leaving?"

"Yeah, I just had lunch with the Executive Director of the Chicago Justice Project, you?"

"I'm meeting a potential client but I'm early if you want to join me for a while. We could catch up"

"No. It's your meeting" Alicia stated.

"If you stay I could impress my client. Me being friends with the State Attorney and all"

"I see; is a favor for you"

"You'd have to get used to people asking you favors"

Alicia checked the time "Alright, I have time"

They sat down at the table to chat.

"So how are you feeling?" Finn asked her.

"If you're asking about the divorce, don't worry. I'm fine. I'm moving on"

"It's easier said that done"

"Yeah well…" Alicia chuckled.


"I don't believe in karma or any mysterious energy in the cosmos, but if I did, I would say that the Universe is giving me big sings to move on"

"What do you mean?"

"My kids are practically out of the house, I have new job, Peter and his new…thing. There's no going back only forwards"

"You're doing better than I did. When I got divorced I was drowning in self pity."

"Really? I wouldn't guess it"

"Yeah, it wasn't pretty. Hey here is my client" Finn stood up "A quick introduction and I let you go, promise"
2023 in Chicago.

Alicia fidgets with the table cloth, she's nervous because she's on a blind date. A tall man, greyish hair and a killer smile approaches her table.

"Alicia?" He smiles "Why do I ask? I know what you look like. Hi, I'm Luke"

"Hi Luke" Alicia smiles "I'm Alicia but you already knew that, please take a seat"

"So" Luke put the napkin on his lap.

"So" Alicia drinks from her glass of wine "I ordered a bottle"

"Good, I like this brand of wine"

"So, you work with my brother"

"We're colleagues. He seems to think we're a good match"

"We'll see"

At noon the doctor informed Peter and the rest of the family that the baby was born weighting 7.12 lb. and 20 inches of height but she was under

observation, so they could saw her through the glass of the nursery.

"We're going to run some minors test" the doctor told Peter "Just as a precaution"

"And my mom?" Laruen asked with concern.

"She's not out of danger yet. We're trying to stop her from falling into a coma. I'll inform you as soon as her status changes"

"Thank you doctor" Peter told him.

They all observed the baby.

"She's beautiful dad" Grace said. "What's her name?"

"Her name is Elizabeth, Elizabeth Florrick"

The time went slowly for the family; they sat around the waiting room expecting news. This time they refused to go home.

Zach was sitting next to Grace. "On our way here from Chicago, dad showed me the engagement ring. He was planning to marry Ramona"

"She'll pull through and they're going to get married."

"You're right" Zach smiled at the never ending optimism of his sister "Do you think is going to be a big wedding?"

"I dunno. I guess so, he's the governor" Grace told him "Do you think you'll ever get married? If you meet the right person"

"The right person?" Zach frowned.

"I was being politically correct"

"I think I want a family but I don't know if I necessary want to get married; even if I met the right girl"

"Marriages are tough. Our parents are divorced, our grand parents were divorced"

"And yet, dad is going to try again. Maybe mom too; you never know"

"Well, I hope you get married first" Grace said.


"Because with this messy family we have now, I'm sure you'll screw up your wedding first and then I'll learn from your mistakes."

"Great, I'm the Guinea pig"

Zach observes the guests names that he has to arrange to the tables for his wedding.

"Okay, your sister goes with the kids" Zach's fiancée, Andrea tells him "Your dad and his wife go in the table #1 with Grace..."

"And where do we sit my mom and her boyfriend?" Zach asks.

"And my dad and his girlfriend?" Andrea asks too. Then the engaged couple stare at the diagram for a long time.

"I give up. Let sit them in alphabetical order" Zach says.

Ten years later.

Grace has lunch with her parents to give them the good news of her engagement.

"You're engaged?" Alicia asks her daughter. "That is unexpected"

"Mom, I'm not pregnant" Grace replies.

"I wasn't implying that. It was just…quick. You've been dating for 5 months"

"We dated before and we're practically living together"

"He moved in?" Alicia asks her.

"I believe what your mother wants to say is: Congratulations Grace" Peter says.

"Yes, I'm sorry" Alicia shakes her head "I'm happy for you sweetie. Have you decided on a date?"

"Not yet, but we want it to be soon maybe next month"

"Okay" Peter and Alicia share a look.

"Okay but…what?" Grace asks them.

"We'll pay for the wedding" Peter says.

"Dad, that's not necessary. I'm an adult I can pay for my own wedding"

"But its tradition for the bride's family to pay for the wedding" Alicia comments.

"You're not a very traditional personal, mom"

"Well, we know your job doesn't pay that much" Peter adds.

"I want a small ceremony and maybe a gathering afterwards"

"I don't care if you're getting pizza and a six pack. We're paying for it" Alicia proclaims and Grace realizes her parents are eager to give her something.

"Fine, you can pay for the wedding"

"I'll pay for the liquor and the food" Peter says "I can get all the champagne you want"

"As long as it's legal, dad. I don't want to find out it was a backdoor dealing involving government money"

"Why would you think that?" Peter asked.

"Yeah, why would she ever think that?" Alicia says with sarcastic tone.

"Guys, remember, small wedding"

Grace gets the opposite, a big party that ends up on the news blog sphere. But she enjoys every minute of it.

The other Florrick siblings were also chatting.

"I'm sorry I never visit you, Adeela" Peter told his sister "I got all caught up in my own life and so focus on my goals that I almost forgot about you"

"I'm sorry I never came to see you, I wanted to visit you when you were in jail. See if I could help you"

"I could've used your advice during that time" Peter said. Then he observed Jackie and Lauren talking. "Are you and mom okay?"

"I don't know. I feel like she's happy to see me now, but I'm not sure it'll last. We're very different people"

"You once told me we had different childhoods" Peter said. "You were right; dad never took you to see him work at the courthouse. He thought you belong in

the house with mom"

"In the kitchen"

"I could justify dad and say he was a product of his time but he was a Judge, damn it. He should've treated us fairly but he didn't. He was sexist and a little

bit of a drunk"

"I give you credit for not letting him influence you" Adeela told him "And I give mom credit for putting up with him all those years"

"They were something special, weren't they? Remember the bakery sale that got out of control?"

"Of course, mom was throwing cupcakes at dad's car. God, those were epic fights" Adeele rested her head on Peter's shoulder. "I miss you Peter"

"I miss you too"

"Mr. Florrick" A doctor approached the family.

"Yes?" All the family gathered around the doctor.

"I have good news: Ramona is out of danger. Her condition is stable now"

"Thank God" Peter said.

"And your daughter is also fine. You can take her home tomorrow morning if you want to"

"Can we see my mom?" Lauren asked.

"She's weak and she should rest for today, so just one person"

Lauren looked at Peter and the governor nodded. "Go see your mother, Lauren. Tell her how happy we all are she's okay and that I'll see her tomorrow"

"Okay" Lauren followed the doctor to see Ramona.

"Hey dad, the baby's room isn't finished" Zach said. "The crib isn't built yet"

"Damn it" Peter rubbed the back of his head. "I knew I was forgetting something"

"We'll get it done dad" Grace told him.

The Florricks got the room ready for the baby girl. The next day after Ramona saw the baby, she was okay with Peter checking her out of the hospital, Zach

and Lauren took Ramona's car to bring the baby girl home.
In Chicago, after two and half days the absence of the Governor was noticed.

"Where is he, Eli?" Petra Moritz asked over the phone. "Florrick isn't in the office and he's missing meetings and public events"

"That's not truth. The Governor had a lengthy talk with the Union leaders yesterday"

"Over the phone. Lieutenant governor Clara Smith was the only one of the room. Come on, Eli. No one has seen him since Tuesday. Is he in rehab?"

"The Governor isn't in rehab; you're being ridiculous"

"You're giving me no option but to speculate Eli. Just like when Putin disappeared last March"

"How dare you to compare Peter Florrick a governor in a democratic nation with a megalomaniac from an oligarchic state?" Eli said with an angry tone but

then he back down "Peter is a little bit under the weather that's all"

"Eli, I don't believe you" Petra said.

"Then don't believe me. Goodbye" Eli hung up the phone and pondered for a moment "Nora!"

"You don't have to yell" The assistant walked in to the office. "What is it?"

"Besides the photo on twitter, have you found anything else about Peter?"

"A blog post about Zach pop out" Nora read it on her tablet "Did the Governor of Illinois become a grandfather? Zach Florrick was spotted leaving a hospital

in Peoria with a baby and an unidentified red haired woman"

"Is there a picture?"

"Yes, Eli" Nora showed him the photo of Zach opening the car door for Lauren carrying the baby "And that's Lauren Lytton. I recognize her"

"Is she?" Eli narrowed his eyes "Nah, I don't think so"

"Yes, she is" Nora put her hands on her hips. "One time I would like the be in the loop. I think that after all these years I earned it"

"Nora, there's no turning back if I tell you the truth"

"Would you please stop being so melodramatic?"

"Fine, Peter had a baby with Ramona Lytton and I'm trying to hide it until after Alicia takes office"


"You can't tell a soul" The assistant nodded in understanding.

"Now, give me the name of the website again" Eli ordered her.
In Peoria, Peter was talking over the phone with Ramona.

"She's right here home and safe" He said as he watched over the baby on the crib "She's an angel, she's not giving us any trouble"

"Two more days and I could hold her properly" Ramona replied.

"Hey, uh, I got another phone call. I have to answer"

"Bye Peter"

"Bye" Peter changed phone calls "Eli, I'm a dad"

"Fantastic, Peter. Now I need you here tonight at the dinner with Governor Dayton"

"Isn't Clara going?"

"It has to be you, Peter. You ask me to delay this 'Babygate' so come back to Chicago or expect a dozen reporters in Peoria looking for you"

"Alright, I'm going" Peter hung up the phone. He went to the living room where the Zach, Grace and Adeela were.

"Kids, I need to go back to Chicago right now"

"Cool, can I go with you?" Zach asked

"Sure son, Grace what about you?"

"I want to wait until Ramona comes home; I haven't meet her"

"Alright, look out for your little sister for me, okay?"

"Okay dad" Grace nodded.

"That reminds me" Zach took a Cubs onesie from his backpack "My gift for Elizabeth"

"Whoa, whoa" Grace raised her hands in protest "You can't put a Cubs onesie on her."

"What? I got it from my internship" Zach held up the blue onesie with the red 'C' on the center "I think it's cute"

"I don't care. She's going to root for the Sox"

"Why would she be a White Sox fan?" Zach asked.

"Because they're the best team in Chicago"

"No, they're not. Cubs have a .556 percentage while the Sox have .438 and dropping. They're the worst team in their division"

"You don't get it" Grace shook hear head. Peter and Adeela only stayed out of the argument.

"What's to get? It's the facts. When was the last time they had a winning season?"

"When was the last time the Cubs won the World Series?"

"Come on" Zach exclaimed.

"That's right, more than 100 years ago. But sure, blame it on curse from a goat" Grace turned to Peter "I'm gonna get Liz a Southpaw plushy. She's going to

love it"

"Liz?" Peter raised his eyebrows.

"Oh...don't you want me to call her Liz?"

"Liz is perfect."

"Peter I have to leave too" Adeela said. "I could use a ride to the airport"

"Stay a little bit longer" Grace pleaded.

"School starts next week. I need to prepare my classes, have meetings with parents" Adeela smiled "But I want to stay closer to all of you"

"Would you come to Chicago for Thanksgiving?" Peter asked her.

"Of course, I'd love that. Now I have to say goodbye to mom"
Jackie was in the kitchen preparing the meal of the day. The elderly woman was humming a song that send Adeela back on time. She remembered how

beautiful and perfect Jackie seemed back then, for a while; she wanted to be just like her mom.

"Mom, I'm going back home to Moorhead"

"So soon, dear?" Jackie cleaned her hands with a towel.

"It's for work"

"Oh yes, you're a teacher. I bet you're a students can't wait to see you again"

"I do my best like you and dad taught me" Adeela hugged her mother "Goodbye mom"

"Goodbye Adeela" Jackie whispered.
Meanwhile in Chicago, Alicia was writing her speech for the ceremony and Marissa was helping her reply to emails and calls.

"No comments. Thank you" Marissa said.

"Was the reporter asking about my divorce again?" Alicia continued to type on her laptop.

"No, uh, they were asking about your grandson"

"My what?" Alicia took off her glasses.

"There are reports that Zach is in Rockford because his girlfriend had a baby and Peter is with them" Marissa was confused "It doesn't make sense"

"You're right. It doesn't make sense, they're not in Rockford" Alicia put her glasses on and did an online search for the article.

"That's the one" Marissa pointed out. Alicia skimmed through the article then she noticed how many times the article was shared on twitter.

"This is a disinformation campaign. I'm guessing your father is behind it" the lawyer said.

"My dad? To what end?"

"Sending people on the wrong direction, a cover up"

"That's a scary thought. The government feeding wrong information to the population"

"It's what they do"

"You're a part of the government now"

"Not yet"

"Back to the baby; I know who that is" Marissa enlarged the photo on the article. "That's Lauren the 'Pantyless intern' from Peter's office, A.K.A. Ramona's

daughter. So what's going on?"

"Call your dad and ask him. I have a speech to write and no time for this nonsense" Alicia took her laptop to her room.

"They're smearing your son's reputation"
That night Peter arrived on time and all dressed up for his dinner with Governor Dayton.

"Good, you're here" Eli leaded Peter to the dinning room.

"I wouldn't let you down" the governor replied as he fixed his tie.

"Here are your talking points: ethanol fuel, sweet corn, and income tax" Eli noticed Peter was just smiling "Peter, are you paying attention?"

"I got it, Eli: ethanol fuel, sweet corn, and taxes…Hey, want to know the baby's name?" Peter smile got even bigger.

"Sorry, I forgot to ask. What's the name of the girl?"


"Funny, that was my..."

"Your mother's name" Peter finished the sentence for him "I know Eli; that's why I picked it. You wanted to name Marissa that, but Vanessa got the final


"I think Elizabeth is a beautiful name" Eli smiled too.

"Eli, would you be Elizabeth's godfather? It would mean so much to me"

"Peter..." Eli chocked up

"You're already protecting her"

"I will Peter" Eli cleared his throat "I'll be Elizabeth's godfather"
Across town Zach arrived home at the same time Marissa was leaving the apartment.

"Hey" Zach said.

"Hey Zach" Marissa smirked "So how's the baby?"

"She's fine" Zach answered assuming Marissa knew the full situation.

"And the mom?"

"Ramona is still in the hospital"

"Hey!" Alicia yelled "You were on your way out, Marissa"

"Is Peter's baby? Oh my God, of course" The assistant laughed.

"You didn't know?" Zach asked.

"No she didn't know" Alicia told him "Bye Marissa"

"See you boss" Marissa closed the door.

"Welcome back Zach. Is just you?"

"Yeah, Grace stayed with Jackie and Lauren to take care of Liz" Zach cleared his throat "The baby is Elizabeth we're calling her Liz"

"Alright" Alicia crossed her arms; Zach read his mother's body language.

"Hey, I meet aunt Adeela. She's not that odd. Although she speaks funny but I think it's because she's a teacher"

"I'm happy to know you got to meet your aunt"

Zach went to the kitchen to drink some water, he got a bottle of water and opened it "Wait, if Marissa didn't know about my new sister, why did she asking

me how's the baby?"

"There's a photo of you with the baby and the press thinks you're the father and Lauren is the mother"

Zach spitted his water "What? That explains the weird text messages I got from my friends"

"Do you want to do something about it? It's your public persona"

"No. I can't reveal dad's secret" Zach shrugged. "I can hold on for a few days and once it hits the news no one is going to care about me"

"You're a good son"
Saturday morning in Peoria, Jackie and Grace are taking care of Liz while waiting for Ramona to be release from the hospital.

"Elizabeth's hungry" Jackie said as she held the baby in her arms. "Grace!"

"I'm going" Grace said from the kitchen. The teen girl was very concern with preparing Liz's bottle.


"Here" Grace entered the room with the bottle ready.

"Thank you" Jackie took the bottle "Do you want to try it?"

Grace stared at the newborn "Alright" She sat down and Jackie placed the baby in Grace's arms.

"It's not that hard, is it?"

"No" Grace replied.

"I'm proud of you Grace for understanding how the importance of family" Jackie said.

"I was meaning to tell you, it was nice to you to reconcile with Aunt Adeela"

"Like I said, family is important and the Florrick family is a legacy"

"Okay" Grace shook hear head not taking very seriously her grandmother's words.

"I'm not joking Grace. Zach, Elizabeth and you are going to high places"

"Alright grandma" Grace observed her little sister "I now you can't understand me yet but you were born into a very unique, slightly complicated family. It's

going to be hard sometimes but don't worry Liz, I got your back"
11 years later.

Liz Florrick is surfing the web on her tablet when someone knocks on her bedroom door.

"I'll be right there, mom!"

"It's me" Grace says loud and clear. She knows Liz recognizes her voice.

"Grace!" The 11 year old girl rushes to open the door. "You're here"

"You knew I was coming for Thanksgiving. I get here and dad tells me you're lockup in your room"

"Come in" Liz pulls Grace from her hand "I want to show you something"

"They said you were in a bad mood"

"No, I'm fine" Liz sits on her bed "Look I made a video in school"

"Okay... you filmed this?"

"Yeah. That's my friend Penny, Debbie and Candy, oh ignore her. She's not my friend anymore"


"Because" Liz shrugged.

"Are you okay, lil' sis?" Grace tucks one of Liz's curls behind her ear.

"Grace...am I bastard?"

"Did someone call you that?" Grace asks her.

"Candy called me that"

"Listen, bastard is an old term that people use with the intention to be hurtful"

"Is like swearing?"

"Kind of. But you should ignore her because I bet Candy doesn't even know what she's saying"

"I looked it up. You're a bastard when you are born and your parents aren't married" Liz says "Mom and dad weren't married when I was born. I've seen the

photos of their wedding and I was baby then"

"Liz, it doesn't matter. Your parents love you and care for you. You don't have anything to be ashamed off, okay?"


"Now let's go downstairs dinner is almost ready"

"Would you sit next to me?"

"Yes, Liz"

"I'm here" Veronica joyfully said as she entered Alicia's apartment.

"Welcome back to Chicago, grandma" Zach received a hug from Veronica. "I heard Miami is great"

"It is. So warm, so much fun, so many cute guys"

"Enough about Miami" Owen was behind Veronica carrying her suitcase. "I'm jealous alright"

"Hi Uncle Owen"

"Hi" Owen stared at his nephew "So, you're a dad now?"

"No. It's just a big misunderstanding" Zach answered.

"What is it?" Veronica asked with curiosity.

"It's Chicago's 'Babygate' mom" Owen drags the suitcase to the living room. "The press thinks Zach had a baby with some girl and Peter tried to hush it"

"Am I great grandmother, Zach?"

"No, grandma"

"Then whose baby was that?" Owen asked him.

"Sorry, I can't tell you" Zach crossed his arms.

"You can't tell us?" Owen frowned.

"Uh…Grace told me the same thing" Veronica said.

Alicia arrived to her apartment and saw her family there.

"Mom, hi."

"Hello sweetie. Where were you?"

"I was at the ceremony rehearsal" Alicia saw the big suitcase "Are you staying here?"

"I just bought a condo, I don't have money for a hotel room"

"And my apartment only has one room" Owen quickly said.

"Don't panic, I'm leaving next Tuesday" Veronica told Alicia. "My suitcase is full because I brought gifts. Yours first, Zach"

"Sweet" Zach helped Veronica to open the suitcase.

"How are you doing, grandma?" Owen nudged Alicia.

"Don't start" Alicia said.
Meanwhile in Peoria Ramona was home and reunited with her baby. She was still weak and resting, so Grace was surprised to see her out of her room.

"Hey, do you need anything?" Grace asked her.

"Thank you, I'm fine" Ramona took her time sitting down on the couch. "I got the chance to talk with Zach, but I haven't talk to you. I appreciate you came

here from Miami and that you stayed here with Elizabeth"

"No problem. I'm happy I have a sister"

"I know it isn't easy situation for anyone. You could've hated me and called me a home wrecker"

"I don't think you're a home wrecker. I didn't think Amber the prostitute was a home wrecker"

"Uh" Ramona exclaimed.

"Not that I'm comparing you with a prostitute...although there is nothing wrong with being a sex worker if you're an adult and is your choice. You know?"

"Yeah, sure" Ramona nodded "Back to what I was trying to say…Grace I'm hoping we can have a good relationship, I'm open to it"

"Me too...So I wanted to ask you something"

"Go ahead"

"Were you and my mom friends?"

"Uhm...I think so. I met your mom when she was pregnant with you"


"Yes, we have a lot on common back then" Ramona smiled "We were lawyers, young moms and we liked to hang out together. Then I moved away; I said

that I would call her and Alicia said she'd visit me but it never happened. We continued with our lives"

"So it just ended?"

Ramona shrugged.

"Could you be friends again with her?"

Ramona snorted "Uh…Grace"

"I know, it's weird but you were friends before" Grace said "And it would keep dad on his toes"

"That's a point to consider." Ramona smiled. "Listen, I'll be friendly and open with your mom too. I can't promise you anything else"

"I don't need you to promise me anything, just give it a shot…That remind me I got to call my mom" Grace stood up from the couch "It was a nice talk"
Alicia, Owen, Zach and Veronica spend time together with a board game.

"Q-U-E-R-U-L-O-U-S" Alicia put the scrabble's tiles on the board.

"Oh come on, you're cheating. You didn't have those letters" Owen complained.

"I used Zach's word." Alicia pointed at the board.

"Querulous? That word doesn't exist. Use it in a sentence"

"Okay: 'Owen is being querulous because he's a sore loser.' That's my sentence"

"Here we go again. Their sibling rivalry surfaces with board games" Veronica told Zach. "I had to break up fights over monopoly games"

Alicia's phone rang, she saw the number ID. "Add the points and shut up, Owen. Grace is calling"

"Jeez" Owen lowered his head and wrote down the points for Alicia.


"Hi mom! How are you?"

"I'm happy to hear your voice again"

"Yeah, I'm sorry I didn't call you after the divorce was official"

"It's okay, I'm okay, Grace. When are you coming home?"

"I should be there tomorrow morning at 10. I have a ticket for the 7 am bus"

"The bus? You're taking the bus?" Alicia raised her voice and everybody on the table took notice. The lawyer decided to continue the call from the kitchen.

"Why are you taking the bus?"

"I like the bus. Look at the scenery, observe the different people and it's a relative short distance, I'll be fine."

"One of your dad's drivers can be there tomorrow morning to pick you up. I can send your brother for you"

"No, I'm fine." Grace said vehemently.

Alicia rubbed her right temple "Would you please put your dad on the phone?"

"Dad's not here. He's in Springfield"

"Then who's with you?"

"Jackie and Lauren went to the grocery store, so right now, just Ramona and the baby"

Alicia stayed quite for a moment.

"Mom, are you there?"

"Would you please put Ramona on the phone?" Alicia took a deep breath and waited to hear the blonde's voice on the phone.


"Ramona, hello! Congratulations for the baby. I heard is a girl" Alicia rolled her eyes at how obviously fake she sounded.

"Thank you"

"And you're out of the hospital, that's good" Alicia returned to her normal tone.

"I feel very fortunate; I almost died twice in one year."

"Right, so…Grace wants to take the bus to Chicago tomorrow"

"She does?"

"Yeah, and it's incredible dangerous and she's crazy for doing it"

"I agree with you"

"Ramona, do me a favor and convince her it's a bad idea" Alicia talked to Ramona with certain familiarly that the awkwardness fade away.

"Okay, Alicia"

"And if you can't convince her, make sure she gets on the right bus and there isn't any weirdos sitting next to her"

"Will do"


"You're welcome"

"Hopefully your daughter won't be as stubborn as Grace" Alicia said.

2029 at Grace's home.

Around midnight, Grace opens the door of her home and Liz marches in.

"Liz, it's late. What are you doing here?"

"I ran away from home!" The teen girl throws her back on a couch. "They can't control me! I'm not coming back this time, I mean it"

"Oh, okay" Grace yawns "I'll get you blankets and a pillow"


The next morning Grace got on the bus, ignoring the advice of her mother and Ramona. She couldn't explain them she wanted to feel like a regular person

for a while. After a couple of hours Grace saw Chicago's skyline on the horizon and she knew she was home. Her cell phone beep indicating she got a text

message, it was her friend Sarah.

>>>I arrived yesterday. What r u up to? Is it truth about your brother? C U soon.

Grace was happy to hear from Sarah, but she was thinking about a friend she lost contact with.

To be continued…

Thank you for reading.

Next chapter: Grace arrives to Chicago, wrestling on the streets and a party!

"Summer of Grace" - Chapter 13
Title: Summer of Grace
Rating: PG 13
Sumary:The Florrick household could face another scandal, and this time Grace decides she's not sticking around for it. So the teen girl goes on a road trip without her parents permission looking for answers.
Chapter 13: Peoria, IL
Alicia has mix feelings about Peter becoming a dad again. Also, a look back at the births of Zach and Grace.

Also in fanfiction.net
Tuesday morning at the offices of the Governor, Peter Florrick was having a busy day.

"I need a review of this new project" Peter told a person from his cabinet over the phone. "Thank you. Bye"

"I need your signature here, sir" Nora gave him a paper.

"Okay" Peter signed it and gave it back to Nora, who left the office in a hurry and then Eli came in.

"I was on the phone with Allen, Peter. You talk with the Union leader was postpone. They're stalling"

"I know"

"And I decline the interview with morning show again. They just want scoop on your divorce"

"I don't know what they want to hear from me…Actually, I'm sure they want to hear me say I cheated again"

"Bunch of sensationalist jamokes"

A phone started to ring but it wasn't any of their cell phones.

"Where is that coming from?" Eli asked.

"Oh that's mine!" Peter took out a cell phone from a desk drawer.

"What's that phone for? I never seen you use that phone" Eli was suddenly worried about a possibly clandestine line to the governor.

"It's my phone for Ramona...hello?"

"Peter hi. I just want to let you know that I'm in labor" Ramona said with a calm tone.

"Right now?! I'm on my way"

"You don't have to. Really, it's okay. It could take hours"

"Nonsense I'm going right now" Peter hung up.

"What is it?" Eli raised an eyebrow.

"Ramona is going into labor" Peter smiled "I'm going to be a dad again"

"Oh, congratulations are in order I suppose" Eli smiled back.

"Thanks. I have to go to Peoria, but the meetings..."

"Go Peter. I'll handle the office" Eli said "I'll come up with an excuse"

"You're the best Eli" Peter hugged Eli "And I mean it"

Meanwhile in Alicia's apartment Zach was getting ready for his return to Georgetown.

"It was my last day at Wringley Field and they gave all these free merchandise from past giveaways" Zach had t-shirts and hats from the Cubs in the living


"What are you going to do with them?"

"I'll give them to my friends" Zach shrugged. "Do you want to keep something?"

"I'm good" Alicia sat next to her son "I loved having you here for the summer. It doesn't make up for all the time we lost last year but it's a start"

"This year I'll come home for Thanksgiving and maybe I'll actually get to see my sister"

"Grace will be here for the ceremony"

"I hope so. I'm leaving right after it ends" Zach's cell phone rang.

"Its dad...Hi dad...now?...I don't know, hold on a moment..." Zach covered the phone "Uh, mom?"

"Is something wrong?"

"No, uh, Ramona is in the hospital, the baby is coming"

"Oh" Alicia felt a little tug in her heart.

"Dad wants to know if I want to go"

"Do you?"

"Well…Yeah, I do" Zach tilted his head.

"Then go. It's okay; I'm okay"

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure. Go meet your new sibling"

"It's a girl"

"Go meet your sister then."

"Okay. Dad?...Yes, I'm going with you. Alright, see you" Zach hung up the phone "He's picking me up in 15 minutes. I'll pack some clothes just in case and

maybe a gift"

While Zach went to get his back pack, Alicia went to the kitchen and called Eli.

"Hello Alicia"

"So…I just got the news about Ramona"

Eli detected a special tone in Alicia's voice and h anticipated her inquiry. "Don't worry Alicia; the Governor won't announce his new fatherhood this week.

We'll wait after your ceremony"

"Thank you, Eli. Although, I doubt you can keep it a secret for much longer"

"No one has found out about the baby so far"

"Alright...tell Peter congrats"

"I will. Bye"

Eli hung up the phone and saw Nora was waiting for him.

"Comesky is on hold for the Governor, what do I tell him?"

"Nora, you're about to witness why I'm the best at what I do" Eli smirked.

"You mean lying?"

"Creative talking, Nora. Put Comesky through" Eli sat down on the governor's chair. "I got this"

Meanwhile in Miami Grace was heading to the pool when she got a call from her father.

"Hi Dad"

"Grace, I have news: Ramona is in labor"


"Your sister is coming. I'm on my way to Peoria and I'm going to keep you updated"

"I want to be there"

"You don't have to." Peter said

"I want meet my baby sister as soon as possible"

"Grace, you don't have much experience with newborns...they don't do much. They sleep and eat. I'll send you a photo of her"

"I'll be there for you and Ramona, okay? I'm gonna try to catch a flight today"

"If you can't make it, is okay. We'll see you next week. I got to go, bye Grace"

"Bye dad" Grace returned to the apartment "Grandma, I have to go back to home!"

"Now? I'm preparing margaritas" Veronica filled up the blender with liquor. "We're going back this Saturday"

"But I need to come back right now for...a thing that is important to me"

"A thing?"

"I can't tell you. It's a family matter"

"I'm family"

"My dad's side of the family"

"Is Jackie finally kicking the bucket?"


"I'm kidding. I'm fond of the old hag" Veronica turned on the blender and Grace had to wait.

"Listen, it's a special event that I've never experienced. It is really important to me"

"Okay, pack your things" Veronica drank up a margarita "We're going to the airport"

Veronica drove Grace to the airport; they were able to change her ticket for a flight to Peoria with a layover in Dallas.

"Thank you for everything, grandma" Grace hugged Veronica.

"You're welcome. Thank you for spending time with me. Be careful"

"I will. See you Monday at mom's ceremony"

"See you then Grace"

In Chicago Peter went to see his mother, Lauren was with Jackie in the apartment.

"Did you get the call?" Lauren said as soon as she saw him "Are you going? There is no hurry, it could take hours"

"Yes Lauren, I'm going to be there when the baby is born" Peter entered the apartment ignoring what Lauren just told him "How is my mom doing?"

"Jackie is doing fine. She is taking all her meds and she's on a great mood"

"Lauren, who was at the door? Oh Peter, hello son"

"Hello mother"

"Lauren and I were making paper craft for my canasta club"

"That's great" Peter noticed how relax and happy Jackie was. "Mom, remember I told you I meet someone"

"Ramona? Lauren told me all about her. She even showed me a photo of her I think she's a cutie pie"

"A cutie pie?" Peter frowned and looked at Lauren; she just smiled "Good, you know about her. Anyway I have bigger news: I'm going to be a father


"Lauren told me that too" Jackie said "I can't believe you were afraid to tell me. Is it because your baby is going to be born out of wedlock? I'm not that old


"Alright…well Ramona is in labor right now"

"Oh my God. Who is with her?" Jackie asked.

"A friend. I'm going to Peoria and I want you to come with me" Peter said.

"Of course Peter...I need to get my purse and...Darn it, I didn't finish knitting the blanket. I can't go empty handed"

"Mom its okay" Peter said with a smile. "I'm just happy that you're happy about it"

"Of course I'm happy Peter. I always knew you had the stamina to make another baby" Jackie kissed him on the cheek and then went to her room for her


"She is so much fun" Lauren chuckled "I love her my new Nana"

Alone in her apartment, Alicia got sentimental and got out Zach's baby album.

"Aw" Alicia loved the first photo of Zach; she thought he was the cutest baby in the world. "This is a bad idea. I'm gonna end up crying"

Alicia closed the album and then she called Owen.

"Hi sis"

"Hi Owen; what are you doing right now?"

"I'm preparing my classes for the semester"

"Can you postpone it and come over?"

"Sure. I can wing them later" Owen told her.

Mid 90's

Alicia Florrick was in her first year of marriage and she was also expecting her first child. Her due date was that week and all the family was excited to meet

the new member.

"Are you sure you don't want me to stay?" Peter asked her.

"Go to work. I'm fine. My dad is coming to keep me company"

"Alright" Peter kissed her "Call me if anything happens"

"I will. Bye Peter"

Peter didn't move "I could call in sick and…"

"Go" Alicia pushed him out the door. "I love you"

"I love both of you" Peter pointed at her belly.

Half hour later, Mr. Cavanaugh was in the apartment.

"How are you feeling, sweetie?"

"I'm tired and I want this baby out"

Mr. Cavanaugh laughed. "Did you hear that grandson? Come out already"

"Yeah come out already" Alicia sighed. "Daddy, would please prepare me something?"

"Anything for my girl"

Alicia's dad prepared her a milkshake, because she wasn't supposed to eat solid food at that point.

"Thanks dad"

"You're welcome"

They sat down to watch daytime TV when there was a knock on the door.

"That must be my mother in law" Alicia said.

"Okay" Alicia's dad opened the door. "Mrs. Florrick"

"Good morning, Mr. Cavanaugh"

"How can you be that elegant this early in the day?" Mr. Cavanaugh said.

"Its matter of dedication"

"Please come in" After a rocky start for the families with a speedy wedding, Mr. Cavanaugh was trying his best to be on Jackie's good side.

"And how is our mom to be feeling today?" Jackie smiled to Alicia.

"I feel…Oohh" Alicia yelled. "Oh God!"

Mr. Cavanaugh and Jackie rushed to aid her.

"Are you okay?"

"I think it was a contraction" Alicia breathed deeply "I'm fine now"

"Do you want to go to the hospital? Do we call the doctor?"

"No, Jackie. It's just the first one. All the books I read indicated that you should go to the hospital when the contractions get closer. Also, I have my to do


"Sweetie, when your mom had Owen and you she was pretty quick " Mr. Cavanaugh told her "The whole thing was done in 30 minutes"

"Dad, every woman is different and...Oh...let's go the hospital. NOW!"

Less than hour later Alicia had her baby son in her arms. All the pain was gone, she was in total bliss.

"He's a beautiful boy. He reminds me of Peter" Jackie said.

"I agree with you Mrs. Florrick, he's a beautiful baby" Mr. Cavanaugh was getting the camera ready.

"Hey" Peter entered the room "I'm here, I'm so sorry I missed it. My assistant didn't give me the message on time and I…"

"It doesn't matter. Come here and meet your son" Alicia told him.

Peter approached the bed. "That's my son"


"Wow. I'm a dad" Peter took the baby in his arms.

"Congratulations, Peter" Mr. Cavanaugh said.

"Oh man" Peter had tears in his eyes. "I'm so happy"

"It's okay, Peter" Alicia rubbed his arm.

"Babe, next time I won't miss it. I promise"

"Ha! Who says there'll be a next time?"

"Come on Alicia. I want more grandchildren" Mr. Cavanaugh said. "I want to spoil them and take them to Disneyland"

"Dad, just take the photo already"

"Oh, right. Everybody smiles" Less than a year later, Mr. Cavanaugh died of sudden heart attack.

Alicia was devastated for the death of her father, but she had to be strong for her family. In a small funeral with family and friends Alicia gave the eulogy;

Veronica and Owen couldn't do it. Alicia didn't get any comfort in hearing everybody in the funeral praised her father. It was unfair; he was still young.

Back at their apartment, Peter wasn't sure what to say to Alicia. She was sitting on the couch looking at nothing.

"Are you okay?" Peter sat down next to her.

"No" Alicia whispered.

"Come here" Peter hug her and rubbed her back "It'll be okay"

"I need to sleep"

"Want some tea?"

"No" Alicia kissed him deeply. "I want you"

"Right now? Are you sure?"

"Yeah" They didn't bother to go to the bedroom and that night Grace was conceived.

Alicia second pregnancy was different from the first. She was living in Highland Park, she had given up any plan of coming back to work and she was enjoying

being a full time mom. The lost of her father and then Peter's losing his dad too, put things on perspective for them.

"Zach, don't bite that!" Alicia hurried to separate the toddler from the ball. "It's dirty"

"Ball!" Zach yelled.

"Alicia, I got him. Go back to rest" Jackie said. The mother in law was there to help Alicia in case something happened. Peter had stayed at home 4 days

waiting for the baby, but on the 5th day he had to return to work.

"Thank you, Jackie" Alicia meant it. She was so tired of being pregnant. She didn't understood women who said it was a great experience, it wasn't for her.

She was gassy, moody, and slow. "Oh...oh"

"Alicia, are you okay?"

"I'm…" Alicia touched her belly "Call Peter, I'll call Owen and we're going to the hospital"

"Dear, I can drive"

"Jackie" Alicia raised a finger "I have a plan, we're following my plan, okay? You stay here with Zach and Owen drives me to the hospital"


Once again Alicia was in labor for less than an hour and once again Peter missed it.

"Look who I found out there" Owen entered the room with Peter behind him.

"Babe, I'm so sorry. There was a crash on the highway because of the snow and…"

"You're here now" Alicia smiled "Come meet the most beautiful baby girl in the world"

"Newborns are ugly" Owen murmured.

"I heard that" Alicia told him.

"I don't care what you said Owen, she's beautiful" Peter held her in his arms "Hello, uh Grace or Abigail?"

"Grace" Alicia said "It suits her better"

At noon, Peter and company arrived to the hospital in Peoria.

"Oh boy, you are all here" Ramona said to them.

"And you're okay, apparently" Peter said.

Ramona was in the hospital's gown but she was out of bed and very relaxed. "Guys I really appreciate you came here but, it takes me a long, long time to

give birth. I was in labor for 36 hours with Lauren and 25 hours with Michael"

"I tried to tell him, mommy" Lauren said.

"I was going to wait at home until the last minute but the doctor wants me in observation because…I'm old" Ramona shrugged.

"You're not old" Jackie said "I'm Jackie Florrick by the way. Nice finally meeting you"

"Nice meeting you too" Ramona shook Jackie's hand.

"So what do we do now?" Zach asked.

"Well…you could wait in my house" Ramona offered them.

Meanwhile in Alicia's apartment the siblings were having wine and pop corn.

"I never heard of this combination" Alicia said "I like it"

"Yeah, totally my idea" Owen grabbed some pop corns. "So, why are you blue?"

"What makes you think I'm sad?"

"You have your sad face"

"I'm not sad I'm just…contemplative. I've been thinking about relationships, when to forgive and when to move on" Alicia told him.

"Is this is about your divorce?"

"Not really. I'm okay with that. Actually, I've been thinking about dad"


"I was thinking that until the last day of his life he was in love with mom"

"Probably" Owen said.

"I found it sad at first, he was in love with mom and she wasn't anymore. But if you think about it, dad was in love until he died. Even if it hurt him a bit; he

had this constant feeling of love"

"Yeah, it's a nice idea" Owen told her "You know I have a fuzzy memory of mom kissing another man"

"What are you talking about?"

"I was 12, maybe, mom was already working at the market because I remember walking from school to the store to see her and she was kissing another

man on the parking lot"

"You're crazy"

"I'm serious, I remember mom and dad had a weird vibe going on, something happened between them and they never told us"

"You're making it up"

"You remember the fights, don't you?"

"Of course"

"Well, what do you think they were fighting about?"

"Come on" Alicia was incredulous.

"You don't remember because you were to busy dating Robbie"

"Oh God, why did you bring him up?" Alicia exclaimed with annoyance. "I never want to think about him again""

"Still bothers you, doesn't it? Your first boyfriend turned out to be a complete jerk"

"Yeah, but I'm working on letting go of things"

"Okay, I have a test for you: On a scale of 1 to 10, how afraid are you that the same thing could happen to Grace?"

"Eleven" Alicia answered.

Around 7 pm that night Grace arrived to the Peoria Airport. She was told someone would come to get her, she was expecting a driver not her brother.

"Grace, over here!"

"Zach!" Grace ran to hugged him "I can't believe I actually missed you"

Zach chuckles "Me too"

They realized they hugged and now they were kind of embarrassed.

"So…Am I on time? Was the baby born yet?" Grace asked.

"You're on time. This baby is taking her sweet time"


"Yeah. Hey, you're tan"

"I spend so much time at the beach. Miami was so amazing"

"Man, you were on the beach while I was working"

"Yeah, but for the Cubs" Grace said with disdain. "So where is everybody now?"

"At Ramona's house. Dad is spending the night at the hospital"

In the small house, the sleeping arrangements were made. Jackie took the main bedroom, Lauren and Grace would share the other room (the unfinished

nursery) and Zach would sleep on the couch.

"Would you like some cookies? I could bake some for you" Jackie asked her grandchildren and Lauren. "It would keep us busy"

"Yeah, I'll help you Jackie" Lauren raised her hand. "You bake the best cookies"

"They are really keen to each other, uh?" Grace said.

"Apparently" Zach replied "Lauren is like her companion now"

The door bell rang, they had a visitor.

"Are we expecting someone?" Zach asked.

"I dunno"

"Ask who it is!" Lauren yelled from the kitchen. "Maybe the paparazzis found out!"

"Okay…Who is it?" Zach said loud and clear.

"I'm Adeela, I'm Peter's sister"

"Aunt Adeela!" Grace rushed to the door to welcome her. "Come in"

"Grace, I'm happy to see you again"

"I'm happy you could make it"

"Thank you for letting me know what was going on" Adeela looked at Zach. "And you must be Zach"

"Hi" Zach shook her hand "Nice to meet you"

"You're a man now. Last time I saw you were a toddler"

A loud noise was heard, Jackie had dropped a tray on the floor when she saw Adeela in the living room.

"Mother, hello. Grace informed about the baby and I decided to take this joyful occasion as an opportunity to make peace with you and Peter"

"I..." Jackie turned around, went to the master bedroom and locked the door.

"Well, she's taking it better than I expected it" Adeela said.

"What were you expecting?" Zach asked.

"Yelling and cursing"

"What happened?" Lauren came out of the kitchen with an apron and a spatula.

"We're experiencing some Florrick drama" Grace said. "No that we need more. Grandma looked herself in the room"

"I'll talk to her" Adeela told them. She knocked on the door. "Mom, are you okay?"

They were all quiet expecting an answer, but there was no response from Jackie.

"Let me try" Lauren said "Jackie? Can you let me in?"

Jackie unlocked the door and let Lauren in. Once again outside the room Grace, Zach and Adeela were all quiet, they could only heard murmurs.

"Okay" Lauren came out "Jackie says that Silvia has 5 minutes"

"5 minutes?"

"Yeah. Go ahead"

Adeela carefully entered the room; Jackie was sitting on the bed with her hands on her lap, looking at the other direction.

"You look good, mom"

"Thank you" Jackie didn't turn around.

Adeela sat down too. "I got every Christmas card you sent me for the last 19 years. I'm Muslim; you know I don't celebrate Christmas so I was offended at

first. Until I realize it was your way to know I was safe. As long as those Christmas card were delivered, you knew I had a place to call home. I'm so sorry it

got to this point, mom."

"I'm sorry too" Jackie said very softly.

"Mom, we can still fix this. Let's put it all behind us" Adeela touched Jackie´s shoulder "Please"

"I only wanted what was best for you" Jackie teared up.

"I know mom, I know" Adeela held her mom again after many years.

At the hospital, the doctor was checking on Ramona.

"Well, you're BP its fine and the baby is in the right position so, maybe in a few hours" the doctor informed her.


"So, try to get some sleep and I'll see you in two hours"


"Thank you doctor" Peter said as the doctor left the room.

"Go home Peter, you don't have to sleep on a chair tonight"

"I'm not going anywhere" The governor sat down. He had already taken off his jacket and tie to be comfortable. Outside of the room, two bodyguards in

civilian clothes. "I'm not going to miss it"

"If I'm not mistaken, you missed Grace's birth" Ramona told him and Peter was surprised she knew. "We were friends, remember? You and Jeremy went to

work in the morning and Alicia and I used to chat while our kids play together"

"Right, well, I missed Zach's birth too. I don't want to repeat mistakes. Jeremy told me he went bowling when you were in labor, right?"

"Yes, when Lauren was born. When Michael was born, he took Lauren to a matinee" Ramona smiled "We have baggage"

"We do"

"Does Alicia hate me?"

"I don't think so. Does Jeremy hate me?"

"He doesn't know you're the father yet. But soon the entire country will know about it"

"It's going to be fine"

"Really? You've been checking up your phone every 10 minutes. How many meetings are you missing for being here?"

"Eli is holding the fort for me"

"They're gonna think you're like Mark Sandford, he went missing and it turned out he had a mistress in Argentina"

"But you're not my mistress" Peter showed Ramona an engagement ring "We're getting married"

"Peter, what are you doing? It's too soon"

"Too soon? We're having a baby"

"A little baby girl who'll need constant care, I won't have time to plan a wedding. And you've been divorce for like a week. We still need to figure out so

many things, there's no hurry"

"I understand" Peter kissed her "Love you"

"Love you too"

Then Peter got a text message and his jaw dropped.

"What is it?" Ramona asked "Is it from Eli? Did the press found out?"

"No, it's from Grace. My sister is here in Peoria"

"You have a sister?!"

"Yeah, I haven't seen her in years, it's a long story. I should…"

"Go Peter"

In Chicago, Alicia and Owen were opening their third bottle of wine. They were tipsy.

"Owen, don't be gross. I don't want to watch your boyfriend's porn" Alicia pushed away Owen's smart phone.

"You said you wanted to see what he looked like"

"With his clothes on!" Alicia replied "Put that away"


"Good thing the kids aren't home"

"Where is Zach?"

"I told you he is staying with Peter because…"Alicia almost said it "Never mind"

"What? What were you going to say?"

"Nothing" Alicia closed her lips tight.

"You have a secret" Owen said.

"It's not my secret to tell. Sorry"

"If it's about politics I don't care"

"Oh, it's definitely going to be in the political pages but for the wrong reasons"

Peter arrived to the house and he didn't hesitate to come in. The family was sitting at the dinner table enjoying the home made cookies, the place smelled

like vanilla. Adeela stood up and walked a few steps towards Peter.

"Hello big brother"

"Oh my God" Peter smiled "It's been so long"

"I know" The siblings hug.

"You haven't changed a bit. You look beautiful" Peter told her.

"And you're charming as always"

"I'm so happy my children are here" Jackie said.

"Is she okay?" Peter whispered to Adeela.

"Seems like it. I'm not pushing it"

"Hey dad, look who finally reappeared too" Zach pointed a Grace.

"There's my princess" Peter hugged her.

"Hi dad. I've missed you"

"If I weren't so happy right now, you'd be in so much trouble young lady. Don't ever leave like that again"

"Okay dad"

Instead of going to a hotel, the governor decided to stay at Ramona's home. He slept on the floor next to the sofa and Zach. Around 5 am he got a call from

the hospital and returned to Ramona's side.

The next morning in Chicago, Alicia and Owen waked up with a hang over.

"I thought wine didn't give you hang over" Owen complained as he prepared a cup of coffee.

"Sake doesn't give you hang over" Alicia replied.

"Next time we'll drink sake"

"Oh, I have breakfast meeting and I'm already late" Alicia checked her phone and read a message from Zach telling her Ramona had complications and

mother and baby were in danger. They were going to stay in Peoria longer than they expected.

"Everything okay?" Owen asked her.

"Yeah, Zach is gonna stay with Peter for while longer" Alicia told him.

17 years, 5 months and 13 days ago.

Alicia welcomed Ramona into her home to meet the new born baby.

"She's so pretty" Ramona said "You wanted a girl, right?"

"Yeah, I love my boy but I'm so happy I had a girl" Alicia rested her arms on the crib.

"How are the boys dealing with the baby?"

"Zach is a little bit jealous that I'm not paying 100% of attention to him"

"Laruen was the same with Mike. They got over it soon"

"I hope so" Alicia said "And Peter still feels guilty for missing the birth"

"So, are you done? No more babies for you?"

"I'm happy with just two kids. The perfect amount" Alicia answered "Do you want a third?"

"I dunno" Ramona shrugged. "I kind of want another baby. I shouldn't wait to long…Hey, it looks like someone is hungry"

Grace woke up and started to make little noises.

"Yeah, she's going to cry in a minute" Alicia took Grace in her arms.

"I'm gonna go, but call me if you need anything, okay?"

"Thanks Ramona"

To be continued…

Thank you for reading.

English is not my first language. Spanish is my native language.

Next chapter: The baby is born! More brother and sister bonding! And flash-forwards (?)!

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